Vibrational Coherence

The Prevention of Ascension –

Birds of a feather flock together. Because we exist in the same space we must be vibrating at the same frequency. We can only experience things of similar frequency, but what about things of the same frequency that are slightly out of phase? Is it possible to be slightly out of phase and not see something or someone that is occupying the same space?

Phase difference is the difference, expressed in electrical degrees or time, between two waves having the same frequency and referenced to the same point in time.[1] Two oscillators that have the same frequency and different phases have a phase difference, and the oscillators are said to be out of phase with each other. The amount by which such oscillators are out of step with each other can be expressed in degrees from 0° to 360°, or in radians from 0 to 2π. If the phase difference is 180 degrees (π radians), then the two oscillators are said to be in antiphase. If two interacting waves meet at a point where they are in antiphase, then destructive interference will occur. It is common for waves of electromagnetic (light, RF), acoustic (sound) or other energy to become superposed in their transmission medium. When that happens, the phase difference determines whether they reinforce or weaken each other. Complete cancellation is possible for waves with equal amplitudes.


This page has been broadcasted over a satellite network and out into space. This page and the information contained within it existed in a variety of digital forms and frequencies. Is it possible that this web page can exist on many different dimensions of time and space to be seen by beings of different vibrational frequencies? Crop circles might come to mind whenever I think about how this might be possible.


During the time when the Nameless were using their technology to drain my life force from me, the following day I went out to the market. I noticed that the neighborhood I lived in was different. There were sketchy people standing on the corners as if they were dealing in stolen goods. Most of the people I saw looked as if they were suffering from some kind of substance abuse. Everything looked as if it were run down. The vibrational level of my immediate environment was the lowest I had ever experienced. Just a few days before everything seemed normal, comfortable and pleasing.

The following days I was able to regain my energy and return to my normal state of being. I also saw an improvement in my immediate environment. The people I saw were healthier and the sketchy dealers were nowhere to be seen. The neighborhood was cleaner and clearer. I had always noticed the changes in my environment were a direct response to my thoughts and actions. These were the clues or breadcrumbs that sustained my curiosity and ultimately lead my psychedelic trip through the void and the resulting revelations.

Where the Nameless able to alter my vibrational frequency enough to change my conscious experience or put me out of phase with my perceived normal conscious reality? (Normal conscious reality? Is there such a thing?).

Altering States of Consciousness

My use of the energy device that I have found along the way, as well as alchemical, meditation and pranayama techniques has allowed me to move through varying vibrational states. My weekly trips into natural spaces also helps to positively alter my vibrational state. The type of people I meet depends upon the level of vibrational energy I am able to sustain. Each vibrational energy level is occupied by corresponding types of people.

Vibrational coherence is the ruling paradigm of consciousness, or at least my own consciousness. There is one puzzling aspect of what I am able to experience, the terrain remains the same. If I see that my energy level is low and I go into an area that I know is usually occupied by people of higher states of energy, I notice that they are not present. I often wondered why this is so. In my ebook I attempted to explain this by stating that we all exist in a cloud (or bubble) and these clouds of consciousness allow us only to experience people of like vibrational energy. Dissimilar energy vibrational states would repelled each other, but all existing on the same plane of existence or dimension. I am having second thoughts about my initial hypothesis.

I am now leaning toward the possibility that everything is occurring in the same space and time. The size of the space is irrelevant, because consciousness accommodates and provides enough space to allow for the environment no matter what it is; ie a street corner, a city, a planet, galaxy or universe and also existing in infinite levels (layers or dimensions) of frequencies. Time is irrelevant because it is more of a conscious manifestation of humankind. 


Science is using string theory to describe the universe or multiverse. In string theory thin membranes separate one dimension from the next. It is the vibrational frequency of a dimension that is the container of the universe of like vibration. I am wondering if the vibrational frequency of an object or being in its home dimension, that gets out of phase, is able to shift into another dimension. The possibility of existing in two or more dimensions at the same time would begin to explain what I am experiencing as well as various paranormal phenomena.

What I am beginning to believe, is that there are infinite levels of vibrational states within consciousness (layers of consciousness). We are shifting through these vibrational states unknowingly. In order to shift from one dimension to another, it is necessary to change your vibrational state. There are many things that can do this. Psychedelics, meditation, addiction, well-being, illness, thoughts, nature, electromagnetic interference (cell phone towers, HAARP), etc. can alter your vibrational state in either direction. Vibrational coherence of consciousness moves you into the appropriate dimensional space for your current vibrational state.

What I am also beginning to believe is that it is possible to consciously change your vibrational state and move into other dimensional layers of consciousness. Meditation proves that this is possible on a small scale, but what limits us is that we are only aware of one dimension or layer. It would be difficult to move into a another layer or dimension if you do not know it existed, unless you did it by accident.

If you want to experience a completely different dimension you could use a very powerful psychedelic called salvia divinorum. Salvia experiences can shift the user into a two dimensional space time experience. It is an uncomfortable experience, but it serves the purpose of expanding consciousness. Other psychedelics can expand consciousness by giving users not only an altered state, but also an alternative to their current state within consciousness.

Consciously moving from one level to the next would be easier in a natural environment. Shaman used caves as sacred places to commune with other states of consciousness. Were they unknowingly shielding themselves from some kind of interference? Or where they knowingly isolating a particular vibrational frequency appropriate to initiate a conscious phase shift?

Where is Here?

When I exited the void and returned to this current state or realm of consciousness, here. I noticed people observing me. I called these people time traveling tourists. I still see them now and again from time to time, but not on the scale immediately after that eventful morning. Stories of beings moving from one dimension to the next defying our perceived physical laws is nothing new. I know that there is a lot more happening than we allow ourselves to see. It is a scary notion, so its easier to bury our minds in the comfort of our limited conscious experiences.

There is also a possibility that I did not return to my home dimension. I feel that I am out of phase and this could be a valid explanation for what I am experiencing. But, there is on thing that is constant, and that is consciousness. I am finding that there is only one vibrational state that matters and that is to be in tune with the source frequency or phase of consciousness.

Pay attention to the vibrational state you are currently in. Also understand that what you are currently experiencing is just one of an infinite assortment of vibrational states, dimensions and universes contained within consciousness. When you venture off to discover new realms always follow that positive guiding emotion of contentment and well-being. It is the only concept of “here” that is relevant.

This post was much longer than I intended. Believe it or not, I never intend to write so much, but it inevitably flows out on its own. Consider this a short version…

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