Consciousness – Ver. 1

The Prevention of Ascension –

Anyone that had ever taken the time to define consciousness, was for the most part, wrong. They were also right and somewhere in the middle. Consciousness cannot not be defined universally. I mean to say that it there is not one single answer (I realize that I am trying to explain, and ultimately define, consciousness – the perplexing fuzzy nature of consciousness). All answers are right, and wrong.

Religion is a means to describe and understand consciousness. Most religions define consciousness as God or Gods. There are so many different religious beliefs and manifestations of those beliefs that have come and gone probably far too many to know or be able to record. The many faces of mythology are proof that consciousness is multi infinitely faceted. Not all religions agree, but anyone can see a single thread that weaves them all together. What is consciousness? What if it was up to you to decide.

If I would say that you are the center of the universe, this would be an understatement on a very grand scale. It does not matter if you are sitting in your room, standing on a mountain or at the center of a galaxy, you are at the center of consciousness. It can be no other way. You view everything from a single point in consciousness, your consciousness (your very own private Idaho). This is true for you and everyone else. Nothing new here concerning the self centered philosophies of old. This is one of my personal facets of what consciousness means to me. I am sure it will change over time or become irrelevant.

There have been many times when I have attempted to define consciousness. Pages of words that regurgitate the words of those that have come before me. When I read the drafts, journals and notes of my own attempts I see that they are very different form each other. I do not see a single thread that weaves them all together. Some of them no longer connect with me. I am beginning to see why.

Consciousness is a moving target. Consciousness is a metaphor, an apparition of the past present and future states of being existing in the moment. As I sit here again trying to put my feelings into words, I have a image in my mind of a child being tended to by its parents. I am a child of consciousness? I now get an image of cells dividing, expanding and again dividing. Anything is possible and everything is a valid representation of consciousness.

Before I posted this I was struck by the thought that any attempt to define consciousness also limits consciousness. A label or container that confines a concept. I can see why many people have used the terms infinite and formless as a means to describe consciousness.  They still do not do it justice.

I posted this against my better judgement. I want to see how these words effect my consciousness and how they manifest themselves within my conscious experiences…

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