Where Is Here?

Greetings! Welcome to my altered conscious universe…

It has been 7 years since my journey came to an interesting crossroad. I was/am a target by an organization that actively uses electronic weapons to alter behavior (this notion has recently evolved 03.15.2018). The most interesting aspect for me is that they were selectively altering emotional states. This became evident after reading a series of books by Esther and Jerry Hicks. As I applied various steps to use my emotions as a guide, I was able to attain and maintain states of happiness. When I was happy, I could feel the electromagnetic radiation being used to alter my emotional state to one of frustration and worry. The radiation was being used as I slept to alter the mood and even content of my dreams. I would sometime awaken feeling sad and hopeless while there was no reason to feel that way at all. As described by Abraham (through Esther), consciousness will provide more of whatever you are focused upon.

I still have difficulty understanding everything that had happened, an ever evolving narrative. Along the way I have developed various tools (devices) to counter the harm that the organization used to cause emotional and physical harm. My journey started out seeking knowledge or the acquisition of certain fundamental truths. I was always interested in Shamanism and Alchemy and it seems that I have been given an opportunity to create a conscious environment where they exist or I exist in that capacity. I have experiences that are still difficult to explain, but since they occur frequently they are becoming part of my daily life. That which is mysterious has become easily explained or recognized as the manner in which consciousness functions. There is only one direction for me (or any of us for that matter) and that is forward. I have come to realize that this existence (my perception of consciousness) is dependent upon my emotions, thoughts and actions (decisions). If you take a moment and pay close attention consciousness is unfolding and expanding with each conscious intent of those beings within.

If you are looking for http://www.i-am-xam.com you will find its content here. The site domain was discontinued and its content migrated to this domain.