Journal: Foreign Affairs

Moon waning crescent 28.3 days, Cancer – Water. Time 01:30, planet hours: Mars.

I am feeling a bit gnostic today. My conscious environment is starting to feel foreign to me, in a kind of artificial and somewhat superficial manner.

Something flittering in the distance just within the limits of sight and consciousness has my attention, but it won’t let me see what it is.

Journal: Location…

Moon waning crescent 23.9 days, Taurus – Earth. Time 23:03, planet hours: Jupiter.

I was engaged in a self talk session a few moments ago. It occurred to me that I susceptible to the thoughts and feelings of others in an indirect manner. I believe it people who have this ability are called empaths, but I do not consider myself one. I am probably sensitive to the emotional energy of people in my immediate conscious environment. An overload of background noise…

This helps to explain why I enjoy isolated places. Afternoon bike rides to the top of a mountain during the middle of the week were always worth the struggle to get there so I can take in the silence. When I rode with someone it wasn’t as rewarding and I never understood why until now. The silence and possibly the absence of thoughts (emotional energy) was what drove me to isolated areas.

The feeling of a kind of emotional relief or the absence of emotional energy, other than my own, is very satisfying and uplifting. I cannot find that satisfaction in populated areas. This has never been more evident in my life than at this moment. Meditation offers some relief, but it never compares to complete isolation.

Location, location, location…

Journal: Intentive Action

Moon waning gibbous 17.2 days, Aquarius – Air. Time 16:35, planet hours: Mars.

Changes in your conscious and unconscious realities can be similar to a change in the weather, those subtle shifts in the wind, that chill in the air, high crystalline clouds, etc. Shifts in the activity levels (resonance) of the un/conscious environment may be an increase or decrease in energetic influences that speak to your intuition. These signs are dependant on your own unique relationship with consciousness, your higher self, and how they are interpreted by your current conscious state of mind.

Our natural world is the physical manifestation of consciousness and if there was one element that could represent consciousness in its physical form it would be Hydrogen (thought to be the most abundant element in the known universe) and its related compound water (H2O). Water may very well be the medium to which consciousness propagates. Changes in the weather of consciousness are constant and influenced by the positions of the moon, and there is no greater body that has a unique influence upon water than the moon. Because we are 70% (brain is 73% water) water, we are well equipped to sense those changes and also able to influence them.


Thoughts can influence water, as demonstrated by Dr. Masaru Emoto. And, thoughts are the means by which we influence the law of attraction,
a fundamental law of consciousness. Thoughts act upon the fluid environment of consciousness. In our current conscious reality, thoughts are not considered an act itself even though all acts are preceded by thoughts. This serves the laws that govern our social construct because we do not associate thoughts as criminal unless it is accompanied by an unlawful action. But, thoughts act upon the whole of consciousness ultimately influencing all that reside within consciousness or a specific realm within consciousness. Each thought sends a ripple throughout the pool of consciousness.

It is by will alone that I set my mind in motion…

All things begin as thoughts and are manifested within consciousness with the specific intention of will for the purpose of expanding the whole of consciousness. If what I have expressed is valid then all thoughts are “intentive actions” that act upon consciousness directly. Our conscious lives are relegated to this physical construct, but our will resides upon a higher plane of consciousness and acts upon this physical reality.

Something unexpected is happening. My state of mind is changing. I am losing interest in most things and distraction is losing its audience to an ever growing spate of ??clarity?? (something I am unable to fully describe yet). It feels familiar like my higher self and somewhat unrecognizable or new.

I have been confused on many instances when a thought manifests in my conscious reality. Sometimes, I am unable to determine if the thought caused the manifestation or if a coming conscious event (intuitively) triggered the thought, this dilemma has become more evident. My current focus is to sustain this state of mind and to approach my thought process with greater respect and responsibility, while keeping track of the lunar cycles and the evolving climate of consciousness. Attention is critical. Thoughts are things…

Journal: Losing Interest

Moon waning gibbous 13.7 days, Capricorn – Earth. Time 20:35, planet hours: Luna.

Things that I used to find interesting are no longer so. My attention span for most things is diminishing also. I attribute these changes to my evolving relationship with consciousness.

This is kind of surprising, I thought that I would become more Zen-like, more like the peaceful caring monk I read about in the many philosophical books of my not so distant past. But, I have become impatient and disinterested with the mundane. What I am beginning to suspect is that my conscious reality has always been overly saturated with distractive elements and now I am no longer able to give those distractions my attention.

In Bloom

He’s the one
Who like all our pretty songs
And he likes to sing along
And he likes to shoot his gun

But he don’t know what it means, Don’t know what it means, And I say yeah…


Journal: What Matters?

Moon waxing gibbous 13.7 days, Sagittarius – Fire. Time 21:45, planet hours: Jupiter.

From  the perspective of conscious immortality, there are pitfalls. I know that I am an immortal conscious being, but in my current physical state there are perceived limitations prior to mastering consciousness. Time is not on my side within this conscious simulation. During the waxing and waning of the moon I cycle through similar emotional states.

I can see the infinite within the finite. There are no limits within the confines of consciousness. Abraham was right, there is so much in abundance and it is fitting because the unbridled expansion of consciousness requires it. My role is defined and as every bit in constant flux. It is all a fascinating bit of theater. Everything singing its own song, all in the same key, not always in my prefered pitch.

Acceptance is a wedge that pries at my attachments and well honed habits. I struggle to care. If it is all a dream then why should I care at all? Everything is temporary. It always has been and forever will be. The chaos is just a facade of what we are unable to understand, all while never knowing we sing the same song

What matters? Everything and nothing, soon to be replaced by some other thing even though they all now seem to be the same thing. Consciousness wastes nothing.

3 6 9

Journal: Trials

Moon waxing crescent 3.8 days, Taurus – Earth. Time 00:16, planet hours: Mars.

It is difficult to interpret and understand the conscious universe. The depth and breadth of consciousness is infinite, manifesting before our eyes, never the same, existing within the moment, then to sublimate into something else.

I am left feeling that I missed an opportunity to learn something new. Was today a trial run towards acceptance? I bore witness to a level of consciousness that I have tried to avoid in the past. I can sense it before it comes, but I cannot avoid it or change it. How does one accept something that is undesirable?