Journal: Higher Love

Self discovery was never easy for me. I believe that is true for many of us. What need would there be for spirituality if this were not true. I have struggled with self discovery, it has been the most important part of my life. I have even denied my self of many aspects of life and living in order to bring about this self discovery. Seems like one of the many contradictions that infest my psyche. A denial of the very thing I am attempting to understand.

I now believe that the cold entity that I described in a previous post is my higher self, my unconscious self; that elusive part of that thing called spirituality. I am struggling to describe my emotions at this time. I am also having difficulty believing, although I am grateful and relieved. I am feeling a little bit like Neo, just before he threw up after exiting the simulation where Morpheus described what the real world was like. “Sometimes the mind has a difficult time letting go”.

The entity (my self) has identified itself, it’s purpose and has performed tasks that I have been familiar with throughout my life. The manner in which it has revealed itself to me was done in a way that was easy for me. I admit that I thought it would have been different, like many of the stories we tell in this society. But, it was more akin to how a parent would approach a long lost child.

More to come…


Journal: In The Beginning…

Moon last quarter 22.1 days, Sagittarius – Fire. Time 06:45, planet hours: Mars.

As I try and wrap my head around the infinite, I find my intellect being drawn to it, focused upon it. I often tell myself that “in the beginning there was consciousness”, but as I stated this morning it I knew that it could no longer be correct. Within the entirety of an infinite consciousness a “beginning” cannot exist.

It forever is, it forever was, and forever will be…

Journal: How Do I know I Am Me?

In our conscious lives we have a system of collecting information pertaining to identification; identity. That information is something you can carry with you in case you have to prove you are who you say you are. Does a system exist in the greater unconsciousness that is used to identify my formless self?

Is identity necessary in the whole of consciousness? Without identity, we would literally be one…

As it is above, so it is below.

Journal: Enlightenment 1.1


Meditation is not something that I do anymore, it is something that happens to me. Differing states of mind are natural whether they are induced or influenced by many different internal and external stimuli (built in comparative analysis of our conscious states). Sometimes I struggle to sustain a shallow state of mindlessness and sometimes deep meditative states wash over me at anytime or anyplace. And, when these deep states occur there is usually a message associated with that meditative occurrence.

Today was one of those days in which a deep meditative state occurred. The message concerned my relationship with the concept of enlightenment. Previous notions of enlightenment were overly simplified. One cannot understand what enlightenment is if they are not enlightened, just as people that are blind from birth are unable to understand the concept of color.

What I had hoped for was some sort of rapture. A definitive point in time when I would cross the threshold from the darkness into the light. I was hoping to have an Eckhart Tolle moment of realization, but for me that was not the case. Today I was given and opportunity to see where I was. I was given a snapshot of my relationship with enlightenment.

At this time enlightenment is a never ending process of conscious evolution. In a way enlightenment no longer exists as a definitive state of mind. The battles I fought in pursuit of enlightenment were part of the process. The process, as I now understand it, was never about attaining anything, but more about returning to my innate state of being. If one is seeking purpose then that purpose is the perpetual expansion of consciousness.

We have words that describe a concept of ‘no beginning’ and ‘no end’. One word is infinite. It is difficult to grasp the meaning of the infinite. Even our physicists purport that there exists a beginning to our universe, conceptualized as the “big bang”. In our materialistic world view we experience beginnings and endings, creation and decay, life and death so it is difficult to understand that which is infinite. Today I was given a snapshot of my life and what was a scarred and battered past I am now able to see an infinite expanse of possibilities (conscious immortality).

I have been frustrated and sometimes infuriated with those around me. How can you not see what is right in front of you? “I must be surrounded by idiots” (mostly thought, but rarely spoken). That frustration has prompted self isolation. Lately I have wanted to end my self imposed isolation, but do so gradually so that I won’t be perceived as bipolar. Enlightenment was once described to me as trying to swallow a red hot iron ball, but I never allowed myself to consider the psychological fortitude that was going to be necessary. The analogy of the iron ball was taken literally, not as a metaphor for the painful mental, and eventual, conscious transition(s).

I am certain that my current concept will not persist, it will continue to evolve and expand. The process of enlightenment is to set in motion that which is stagnant. Our existence is not about beginning and endings, it is about transitions. Perpetual conscious evolution awaits. Transient enlightened states are my new normal. My constant state of frustration is being undermined by happiness. I sometimes find myself pushing back against these persistent eruptions of happiness fearing that they may foretell an inevitable slide into insanity. I have been fighting so long that I have forgotten how to allow the very thing I have been fighting for.

I sit here now finding it hard to stop grinning, ready to take another step…

Who is Elisa Lam?

The Prevention of Ascension –

Daily Journal

I came across this video from a Targeted Individual Facebook group. Most of the attacks I describe on this site and in my ebook are mentioned in this video. There seems to be a lot of people being experimented on and controlled with weapons and a means of influencing the thoughts of people with microwave technology.

The above video has offered proof that what I have been experiencing is not a result of my lack of sanity. What I have endured and still endure is a real effort to silence what I have discovered. Even though I remained silent for a bout a year the microwave electromagnetic radiation did not. During that year, I continued to experiment with methods to increase my bioelectric and spiritual energy and they ensured that anything I did to raise my energy levels they countered with these weapons.

For me there is still unanswered questions I have concerning those I refer to as the Nameless. They seem to be at the center of this in my experiences. My relationship with these people is tangled. I recently stumbled across a few of them and in response to this they sent another stalking perp with a handler to try and scare me again. These are the same people I can sense when they are near me. They can sense me also, and often try to run off while hiding their face from me. What happens to them when I see their face? It is a strange aspect of my experiences. It seems like I am able to expose them, but to whom?

A lot of this is beginning to unravel for myself and others. When I hear the testimonials of victims I shutter in recognition of what they have to endure. I recall my own experiences and the hell they put me through, but what saddens me the most is that there is a group of people willing to do this to another person. There is someone (something) sitting at the controls and aiming a microwave weapon at them to torture them and to control them. Considering the amount of people reporting some kind of control or torture there must be thousands of people operating this technology. Who would do such a thing? Who would work at a job that tortures people on a daily basis? I never thought that it would be possible for a human being to do such a thing to another human being. The thought sickens me. What state of mind must a person be in to participate in torturing targeted individuals? A very sick mind…

One characteristic I have noticed. Whenever I had been mistaken by one of the minions of the Nameless, to be one of the Nameless, they have offered to help me. I have been helped in stores by people that did not work at the store. It was as if I they were programmed to respond. Women have stood next to me with their heads slightly lowered waiting subserviently to be acknowledged by me. I have run into many store cashiers that had suddenly become strangely confused and disoriented when I am purchasing goods. It makes me wonder if these people are mind controlled slaves for the Nameless. I have often hinted at this sort of thing, but the above evidence presented in the video might be used to create these mindless slaves. This is even a bit too much for even me to want to believe.

I have faith that this sort of thing cannot continue. I believe that consciousness cannot sustain such evil and unchecked malevolence. Karma is a law of consciousness that cannot be ignored or avoided. It is the force of karma that has allowed this information to be disseminated and once more people become aware of this the more these people and their organization will be revealed. Once it is out in the open the people of the world no longer allow it, and better yet consciousness will not be able to sustain such evil.

Watch the video (there are two parts) and visit the site. Tell other people about this strange thing called targeted individuals and gang stalking. Help us spread the word about this tragic era of torture and mind control we have entered unknowingly.


"Forgive them for they do not know what they do"

The Prevention of Ascension –

Daily Journal

This is might be a valid reason for all that I am experiencing. I will have to take a look at what Carissa Conti has to say about my experiences and possibly be prepared for what might still be coming.

I have asked for guidance and it seems to have arrived. I did not expect it in this form and noting the date of Herr A’s comment it was presented to me almost a year ago. Obviously, I was not ready to hear nor heed its message. I will do some reading and research to see if this is what I am experiencing.

What lead to this has been noted in my Daily Journal. The strange and menacing behavior may be explained by the above comment. The character of these people are animated similar to a cartoon charter. Possession? I don’t know if I am now influenced by the comment, but it kind of makes sense.

More on this on the next post…

Daily Journal

I have placed my online journal on Google Docs. The journal can be viewed here for anyone interested in following my madness a bit more intimately.

I am getting into the habit of updating my journal via my iPhone during the day. Most of the thoughts are the inspiration for a blog post here. I do this mainly to track my progress or my mental decline. We’ll see how this goes.

The Others

a21db-img_7483.jpgThere has been some activity from those I call The Others. I have no idea what their agenda may be. I started to see them in the places I usually go since I started to resume posting on this blog. They are friendly and usually reach out to me in some way. I am unable to discern them from the Nameless on most occasions since I am in a constant state of mistrust.

I encountered one of them in a Mall (another prior to this event in a local hardware store), but perceived them as one of the Nameless. I was in an altered state of mind that day. I felt a little light headed and agitated. This feeling subsided once I returned home. I cannot be sure if the Nameless were responsible for this feeling, but it did serve to alter my perception of the ‘Other’ person that was sitting nearby (the details of my encounter is intentionally vague to protect  the identity of the person I saw – not understanding their relationship with the Nameless).

They look as if they took certain positive physical characteristics from other people and manifested those physical characteristics in their own body. Or, I am unable to view them as they really are, due to my mind’s limited frame of reference. It is difficult to explain what I see and interpret. There is something distinct about their appearance that is difficult to to understand.

I had noticed them in Hawaii before I moved to California, but I was in a state of survival and fear at that time. I could not welcome anyone into my life after recently experiencing the onslaught from the Nameless thugs. I can still see their faces and what they were wearing on that day near the health food store near S. King and University Ave. I could see the compassion in their eyes. Intention and emotion conveyed by the eyes cannot be faked. I am sorry I missed that opportunity.

I do not know if they are trying to help me or if they are being entertained, by my actions or delusional state of mind. I thought that it might be necessary to post this encounter just in case they are reading this blog (I feel insane, right now, completely insane…). I need to convey to them that I am aware of their efforts, but require a level of assurance of their intentions.

NOTE: This post was published mysteriously. I had not intention of publishing this post yet. For those of you that visit this blog regularly (thank you), you noticed that this initially was a partial draft.

Life is But A Dream

Seven pointed star that jumped out at me while channel surfing – Game of Thrones
A sacred symbol in Wicca and Alchemy – Sacred Geometry

The Prevention of Ascension –

Daily Journal

I am shifting between levels of consciousness. I have mentioned this before, but these shifts are no longer subtle or easy to dismiss. I witness events and then the following day(s) I am unable to verify that they actually happened. I ask a person involved in the event about an event and they stated that they did’t know what I am talking about. Or, I have an experience I cannot physically verify the following days. This could be a sign of my increased insanity, my life would be easier if I was, but the fact that I am aware of this and attentive to these experiences is a good sign. My interest is how I may be able to use or integrate this quantum weirdness and its meaning? I am experimenting with my life consciously, some may say recklessly, since I believe that I have nothing to lose. After all, sanity is actually an agreed upon acceptable level of behavior set by a society that is far from sane.

Dreams have taken on a realistic character and I wonder if I am dreaming these instances where and I am unable to verify them when I am awake. This could possibly be the merging of my conscious and subconscious mind. Sleep seems to be some kind of interrupt between levels of consciousness or the conscious and subconscious. Waking up day to day is no longer the same mundane experience, each day is different, as if I have more choices (increased ability to manifest and create my reality). If I fall asleep during the day (nap) I can sense that something has changed after I wake up. It is not always clear to me what has changed, but I notice a change in what I focus upon. This has increased as I devote more tim and consistency to meditation. My meditation sessions have changed with greater focus, purpose and ease.
I seem to be entering a change in my life. It is very similar to dreaming. I am observing my waking life as if I am dreaming. The best way to describe this is to say I am detached from it as if I was part of the audience. I am caught between simultaneously participating and observing in this dream of my life. It is a strange feeling, but also comfortable in that it feels right, almost normal.

Nature responds to me. I sit in a parking lot waiting for an appointment and I am overcome with contentment. I feel compelled to look at a nearby tree and as I focus my gaze upon the tree I notice that it is shimmering in the sun light. It feels like I am picking up the vibration and resonating with it. The contentment grows and I thank the tree (nature) for the experience.

There is a large hill that I pass by on a certain road while cycling. The hill has a certain vibration or energy about it. I stop and take time to soak up this energy. As I focus my gaze upon the hillside I feel the contentment that I feel while in nature, something I have experienced in the past while living near the Santa Cruz mountain range. There is a strange feeling that a doorway or portal is opening, as if I was being invited. I don’t know if it is a feeling or just a desire, my desire to escape this reality.

I am starting to believe that nature is the physical manifestation of consciousness. This is difficult to explain. When we dream while sleeping we create a construct in order for us to interact with the dream. There are the basic characteristics in order for us to function, ground, light, tactile senses, sound, etc. While we are awake, nature is the same thing. Nature is the physical aspect of the dream, but it is conscious and interactive  when presented with the correct state of mind.

The Nameless seem to be aware of this change and have been active in suppressing this change with their electromagnetic radiation. One thing I did notice is that I am recovering faster. The latest volley of radiation was at the levels of when I lived in Hawaii. Just recently the satellite TV signal dropped at the onset of the attack. I was almost incapacitated, but never an ounce of fear entered my mind. I just entered my faraday cage and fell asleep. The following day I usually feel fatigued, but I rode to Grant Ranch taking Quimby Rd. back home, not an easy task. 

There are days when the Nameless do not interfere with my life. They are not present. Their slaves are not overt in their activities. My life is normal (whatever that means). There are also days when I feel I have ascended to a higher state of consciousness, life is crisp, clean, smooth and flowing. I see some of the Nameless (we are attracted to one another). I interact with them and then they notice something about me that is different. Fear and surprise is usually the response I get and they watch me closely until either party leaves. The following day I notice a change (as noted above – shifting levels of consciousness) and the level of radiation is higher as if I was a flame that they were trying to extinguish. I then notice that I am back at a familiar level one that is full of their slaves and absent of those with higher levels of consciousness, dark and dreary. I feel like a stone skipping across a lake. Sometimes I can sustain the skip, sometimes I sink.

My current experiments concern my vulnerability when I am asleep. They have been successful in influencing me while I sleep. Since I have been making changes in where I sleep I have been waking up refreshed without a depressed state of mind. I seem to be able to protect myself from most of their effort to influence my waking dream state. Consciousness seems to be more malleable than I thought possible. Once you begin an awakened relationship with consciousness, consciousness responds. Being attentive and patient during my waking state is necessary to witness all that consciousness is conveying. Things pop out and others fade into the background. Consciousness communicates directly in this manner once it has your attention it will stream a series of events together. I am not too adept in interpretation at this time, but I am learning.

Images, stories, articles, people, locations jump out at me. I can search for  something online and be lead to a specific site with a subject that is too compelling to ignore. If I do ignore it, I find myself back at the site. The little television I watch I end up catching the same movie at the same scene until I acknowledge the message (or what I believe to be the message). It’s actually pretty annoying until I figure out the message. I have recently come to understand that people who are clairvoyant have these experiences. I don’t consider myself to be clairvoyant.

NOTE: One of the things that popped out was a video on extraterrestrial disclosure. I have no evidence that extraterrestrials exist and I have never seen one. I perceive The Nameless to be human with a higher state of consciousness. Many of their malevolence and petty characteristics are evidence of their humanity. I have not seen any evidence that they are highly evolved, if so they would not be malevolent.

When malevolence is part of the social construct of a society you get this reality (poverty, war, suffering). When benevolence is the only paradigm within a social construct the possibilities are endless. The conscious trajectories of each social construct completely differ in speed (evolution) and direction (purpose) that they may never cross paths in the infinite space within the whole of consciousness. 

I am skeptical all of UFO’s (this will persist until I see one myself), although I did claim in my ebook that the initial attacks were from some kind of aerial vehicle. Other beings on other planets and levels of consciousness is something that I believe, but have no evidence to support this, yet.
What is the message in this video? I don’t know yet. I’ll try and post these pop out messages from my conscious experiences here so you can help me interpret what might be happening.

Chess Match

The game I am playing with the Nameless gets a little to intense at times. I get caught up (distracted) with them and lose sight of what I intend to accomplish (ascend beyond their kind). The previous post was an indication of this. I was provoking them and they were responding. As things escalated I needed to take a step back and assess how my thoughts and actions were effecting my reality (my attention to them retains them within my conscious reality). I am back at it again (posting and provoking), so the Nameless need to call their spook to gas up that motorcycle and follow me on my bike rides up the mountain again. It is interesting how they are able to introduce characters into my waking dreamworld and effect my actions and thoughts, fascinating to say the least…


Been working on reestablishing some accounts associated with my sites. It looks like my Facebook site as well as the site I use for’s email has been infiltrated. No known damage, but I could have lost some email from the past few weeks, after I started posting again. This is the second time this has happened, that I know of. I must be doing something right.

If you attempted to contact me and received a reply send it again, it might not have been me. If you did not get a reply from a previous email, send it again also.


The Prevention of Ascension –

I have a secret that I have been avoiding to post. When I first arrived back in California I had an urge to test the law of attraction, or manifesting my thoughts and desires in my reality through conscious intent. When I would go to purchase a ticket the Nameless were not to far behind. I assumed that they did not want a person like me playing the lottery in California because if I won they would have a problem controlling me. I have plans to travel and stay mobile to make it difficult for them to try to control and influence me.

The interesting part of this observation is that as soon as I purchased a ticket one of their minions would enter the store after I left. I did not go back into the store to see what they were doing, but it was too consistent. They started to intimidate me by waiting outside the store staring at me. I eventually lost interest in playing the lottery because I was unable to win anything and I had a feeling it was somehow being fixed by them. 
As large a presence the Nameless have in this reality I could see that they would use something like the state lottery to enrich their organization. If you are new to this blog and have not read the past posts, those I refer to as the Nameless have the ability to hear the thoughts of others as well as prescience. It would not be too difficult if the winners were their many minions giving the prize money to the organization or purchasing goods and services from their extensive network of business. 

When Powerball came to California something interesting happened. I played one time using the kiosks or vending machines instead of going to a store and purchasing the ticket from a cashier. As I purchased a ticket there was someone behind me, slightly off to one side as if the were looking at the numbers I was selecting. 
I purchased some tickets at a later date, and suspecting that someone will be standing behind me, I selected numbers randomly as fast as I could, my own version of the quick pick, without knowing what numbers I was selecting. I finished with the first ticket I turned to see a woman standing behind me as the other person did the first time. She had a confused look on her face as if  she was having difficulty keeping up. I repeated the process a couple of other times as fast as I could and took my tickets and turned to walk away. A cast a glance in her direction and she looked down at the floor. 
Powerball is a multistage lottery and the Nameless might not have the ability to control the prizes even if they might have a high success rate using prescience (they might not have 100% accuracy using prescience) there are far too many players to secure sole winning tickets. 
If I win any sum of money I will post it here. Imagine if the Nameless with their abilities of prescience have been winning the lottery for some time. Talk about easy money. 
Etheric Energy Device

One of the warnings I received pertaining to the device I use is that it has the capacity to enhance the ability to manifest thoughts in reality. The warning came from the person that created the device after using several devices at the junction points of a tetrahedron he constructed. The tone of that warning was somewhat ominous. 
The device I am using has aided me in the ability to manifest my thoughts in this reality (enhancing the abilities I had acquired from the void and from the use of white powdered gold) but, this ability has been limited by the Nameless when they use their own electromagnetic devices on me in the past on many occasions.
NOTE: I had written this post as a draft at first and did not post immediately. The Nameless came out of the woodwork last night and did their best to keep me occupied. Their attacks lasted until after the Powerball numbers were made available and then all of a sudden the attacks stopped. I guess they were trying to prevent me from trying to manifest a winning ticket. I did not try, I still haven’t looked at the numbers of my last ticket purchase, maybe I should. 
I will edit and update this post at a later time, I just wanted to get this out as fast as possible. The Nameless do not seem to be happy about my lottery activity. This needs more attention. 
More to come.

The Following Day

The day of the Powerball draw was interesting. My neighbors were home, not usual, and they were keeping tabs on me, even the neighbors that just moved in. There was a lot of foot traffic in front of the house as I was working on some projects. The entire day was a bit odd to say the least.

Today the neighbors are all away from home and it is pretty quiet, normal. The electromagnetic activity is lower, but still persistent. I am looking forward to the next draw to see if it will all happen again. The minions of the Nameless are pretty consistent in their behavior. They either can’t resist or they aren’t capable of realizing how obvious they are. This makes me wonder if they are a bunch of mindless zombies playing some sort of game.

More Fear

The long dark emptiness of the void

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

The “Litany Against Fear” is from the novel by Frank Herbert’s Dune series. Still one of the most important works of science fiction to date.

On the morning of my journey through the void, my very own spiritual resurrection. The fear was so overwhelming it occupied all of my senses. I was consumed by it. I ran from that fear. The violence that I thought I had perpetrated made me want to run. Hundreds and thousands of beings chasing me. Sirens were blaring as I ran fighting through a level of confusion I had never ever faced in my life (I cannot remember correctly, but I believe I heard them shouting ‘there he is’). I ran under an overpass and turned to face the pack that was chasing me, but there was nothing there. Silence, peace and the unsettling emptiness of the void. 

I found myself at a familiar street corner S.O.F.A. South First Street Area in downtown San Jose ( S. First and E. San Salvador). There were beings, several of them, pushing me and calling me names. They were referencing my racial heritage they used every possible innuendo. I felt their hatred, it was the most hatred I had ever felt at one time. As I stood there in the middle of the intersection they where shouting and pushing me. They surrounded me. I felt their hands as they shoved me toward each other. I did nothing. I focused on nothing. I did not fight back and then it stopped. I was standing in my apartment covered in sweat, exhausted, but relieve the fear had passed through me. 

I now know the perpetrators of the horrors I faced that morning. The Nameless where there forcing that fear upon me. They were the ones pushing me. I can almost feel who they were now. I can almost recognize them. I can do this now because they are at it again. I can feel them focusing their fear upon me. It is distinct in that it comes from outside of my self. I can almost sense it’s direction and source. It is not like a panic attack where the source comes from the mind generated by thoughts of known fears, this fear is without substance. Raw fear that allows you to fill in the blanks. 

I recite the litany against fear and focus upon the moment and the fear subsides. I recognize and focus upon the source. I look back at the perpetrator and the are forced to look away. I tell them that karmic retribution is at their door, it comes for them. I apologize, but note that it is not my doing, I am only the witness. 

The past few days, have been heavy with this fear. The Nameless know that I am able to manifest my thoughts in my conscious reality (as you do also). They know that if they can induce fear in me I will manifest my own monsters. Fascinating tactic, they plant the seed and I nurture the beast. 

They do most of their evil deeds when I sleep (radiation, inception). I am most vulnerable at that time, we are all vulnerable at that time. We wake up and the notion of fear creeps into our daily life. We look for it and then we find what we are looking or focused upon. 

They are persistent. Many, many sources. The minions are out in force staring at me from a distance dong their part. Poor soulless souls, slaves to empty promises. The pendulum now swings in the opposite direction. The age of fear is subsiding. I fear they will be lost forever, clinging to the bushes and grasses of this place for several eternities. 

Fear And Loathing in Hawaii

In Hawaii there was one rather large man of Samoan/Hawaiian descent. They would call him to follow me when I left my apartment. It was during the time I was writing me ebook. The fear they induced in me became real when I saw him. As this tactic continued I began to question what I was feeling and I would leave my apartment and then return quickly to an elevated parking garage at the apartment building. I saw him walking towards the apartment talking on the phone and looking for someone. I watched him standing beneath my observation post in the garage. He was waiting for me so he could play his part. The last time I saw him we walked toward each other. As we approached each other I looked him in the eyes and he looked away. He continued walking, nothing happened.

In the recent past they have sent strangers to my door. They just walk up when I am in the garage and try to act friendly in a menacing way. This stopped during my recent year of inactivity and has resumed again. I suspect that they will take it up a notch. I will post those instances here.

Fear As A Method of Control

We hear in America live in a perpetual state of fear. Constantly bombarded by news segments of impending harm, death and debt. We are not safe and there are those that offer resolutions, safety and sanctuary. Noam Chomsky stated that they create the problem then offer their solution. The solution often requires that you give something up in return (civil rights, liberty). The Nameless offer that they will stop this fear mongering if I stop posting on this blog. I can go back to a life free from fear if I give up my right to live my life in any way I choose to. I can not accept their meager offer. I tried to ignore them, but my life stalled in a perpetual loop indicating I had to act. I refuse to live that way.

I have created another phrase by witch I refer to the Nameless. I have called them parasites of consciousness, but it seems the are also bullies of consciousness as well. The offspring (little demons) of their minions are bullies as well, practicing their craft at a young age to be applied in adulthood. Generations of bullies for their cause. Let’s see if I can draw them out from behind the darkness and safety of their anonymity and coax them out into the light for all to see. That’s what this is all about. They were revealed to me some 14 years ago and now I can no longer ignore them.

Fear prevents any significant movement to higher levels of consciousness. Fear interrupts the flow of energy from the heart (heart chakra) to the brain (crown chakra). Fear is the electric fence that defines the prison of this existence. Fear occupies the place where positive emotions can flourish. The evil of the Nameless is based upon fear. Subdue the fear and disarm the Nameless. Often the threat of harm is far more powerful than the harm itself.

Why Do I Persist?
Photo Credit – Tarascienceblog

The Prevention of Ascension –


The high amount of radiation that I reported while posting the previous entry did in fact effect me negatively. I still had a high level of energy, but some abilities that I was acquiring, again, were taken from me again.

I was starting to notice that I was starting to effect my conscious environment with my intent and witnessing immediate results. It is kind of like being in the zone all the time. I would pitch a balled up piece of paper into the trash and it would go in as I intended. I began to pitch and look away and it would fall right in.

I through some garden shears behind me and walked away knowing that they landed with the blades stuck in the ground. I would return to see that it was so. This was starting to effect my confidence level as this knowing was beginning to effect everything I was doing. Intent was starting to become natural, but then they took it away from me with a heavy dose of electromagnetic radiation.

This sort of thing is being shown on YouTube. Seemingly impossible trick shots performed by normal everyday people. One thing I know about the Nameless is that they love to show off. Arrogance is one of their characteristics and probably their undoing…

This is actually a good thing. I am learning. I know that my devices are working to reestablish my energy and my natural abilities. And I have also found that the sun is the source of this energy and with that energy flowing though my body I can replenish it with direct exposure to the sun. As I have stated in prior posts, the Nameless are actually helping me.

Why Do I Persist?

Why do I persist? Why do I continue this seemingly futile attempt to ascend?  

I’ve come to the most difinitive answer to date. I want my life back. I want the intimate relationship with consciousness that I gained after exiting the void. I want to reconnect with the greater conscious collective. I want to continue my evolution and ascension. I do not want to remain a prisoner of this existence, I want my emancipation.

After exiting the void and ignoring what the nameless were offering, the Nameless began to take away my energy. Like vampires the began to suck the life out of me. This vital energy is essential for ascension, it is essential for well being and physical health, it is essential to continue my journey and my purpose.

When I am content they do what they can to take that away from me. When I am in the flow of creative consciousness they take that away also. I am fight for a life of contentment, creative expression and to make a life for myself that is free from their influence and control. 
I am a warrior of consciousness and I refuse to give into the will of those within this existence that prey upon others. The Nameless are true parasites of consciousness and serve no other purpose than their own. They have been influencing humanity for ages and are responsible for our suffering and this futile human condition.

Take a look at the world today. There is much suffering and imbalance. We are entering a time of perpetual war under their control and influence. I defy them because I cannot live in a world of their making. I fight because I know that there is a life waiting for myself and others trying to do whatever is necessary to pursue and establish a world of peace and prosperity for everyone. I am not alone in this fight, they know that also…