Why Do I Persist?

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The high amount of radiation that I reported while posting the previous entry did in fact effect me negatively. I still had a high level of energy, but some abilities that I was acquiring, again, were taken from me again.

I was starting to notice that I was starting to effect my conscious environment with my intent and witnessing immediate results. It is kind of like being in the zone all the time. I would pitch a balled up piece of paper into the trash and it would go in as I intended. I began to pitch and look away and it would fall right in.

I through some garden shears behind me and walked away knowing that they landed with the blades stuck in the ground. I would return to see that it was so. This was starting to effect my confidence level as this knowing was beginning to effect everything I was doing. Intent was starting to become natural, but then they took it away from me with a heavy dose of electromagnetic radiation.

This sort of thing is being shown on YouTube. Seemingly impossible trick shots performed by normal everyday people. One thing I know about the Nameless is that they love to show off. Arrogance is one of their characteristics and probably their undoing…

This is actually a good thing. I am learning. I know that my devices are working to reestablish my energy and my natural abilities. And I have also found that the sun is the source of this energy and with that energy flowing though my body I can replenish it with direct exposure to the sun. As I have stated in prior posts, the Nameless are actually helping me.

Why Do I Persist?

Why do I persist? Why do I continue this seemingly futile attempt to ascend?  

I’ve come to the most difinitive answer to date. I want my life back. I want the intimate relationship with consciousness that I gained after exiting the void. I want to reconnect with the greater conscious collective. I want to continue my evolution and ascension. I do not want to remain a prisoner of this existence, I want my emancipation.

After exiting the void and ignoring what the nameless were offering, the Nameless began to take away my energy. Like vampires the began to suck the life out of me. This vital energy is essential for ascension, it is essential for well being and physical health, it is essential to continue my journey and my purpose.

When I am content they do what they can to take that away from me. When I am in the flow of creative consciousness they take that away also. I am fight for a life of contentment, creative expression and to make a life for myself that is free from their influence and control. 
I am a warrior of consciousness and I refuse to give into the will of those within this existence that prey upon others. The Nameless are true parasites of consciousness and serve no other purpose than their own. They have been influencing humanity for ages and are responsible for our suffering and this futile human condition.

Take a look at the world today. There is much suffering and imbalance. We are entering a time of perpetual war under their control and influence. I defy them because I cannot live in a world of their making. I fight because I know that there is a life waiting for myself and others trying to do whatever is necessary to pursue and establish a world of peace and prosperity for everyone. I am not alone in this fight, they know that also…

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