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The Prevention of Ascension –

I have noticed for some time that much preparation is being disseminated via the news and entertainment outlets here in America. They are preparing for us for something that will include China.

I am not referring to war. I am referring to China’s role in our future. When I exited the void and returned to this existence the very first people I saw, save for the security guard, we’re Chinese tourists. I referred to these tourists as time travelers, but more accurately they should be called tourists of consciousness.

While living in Hawaii the two ethnicities that at the forefront of my subjugation were Caucasian and Chinese. They are also the most dominant ethnicities on the planet. Dominant not in the militaristic sense, not the financial, but dominant within the higher levels of consciousness itself. I can only speculate as to why this is so because I do not have the necessary evidence to backup my assumptions yet. The nature of consciousness is very subjective because our conscious perceptions are dependent upon our level of accession, energy and our inherited cultural beliefs. The nature of consciousness is too personal to be explained succinctly.

China has a long history of understanding the human body’s energy pathways (chi, meridians), consciousness, the role of the moon (full moons are auspicious for the Nameless), divination (I Ching), folklore (supernatural powers of Kung Fu and Tai Chi). I believe that the Chinese may have mastered consciousness itself. How they are using this knowledge is not known to me at this time, but they are trying to keep me from this realization as with others like them.

One thing I have noticed is that China seems to be pillaging the earth. Are they doing so because those in control have found an exit?

Ley Lines and the Nameless

Ley lines are the natural paths of energy flow on our planet. They are near places of ancient temples pyramids and ancient cities. The lines could be considered to be an electrical grid, but most importantly it is the places where the lines intersect that provide intense power (bioelectric energy). Pyramids have been reported to have been discovered in China. It has been reported that these structures have been painstakingly hidden from view. There is a lot of censorship in China, just what are they hiding from the world?

While living in Hawaii I spent most of my free time in the ocean. I surfed in the morning and would alternate swimming and cycling, along the coast, in the early evening. One thing I began to notice was the way I felt after surfing. The more time I spent in the waves the more energy I began to accumulate and when the ocean was flat and I did not surf this energy would diminish. It was not until I returned to the mainland that I would discover why this happened. I received a hint through my intuitive channels and it pointed to the ley lines particularly the intersection or vortex near the Hawaiian islands (must not forget the land vortex of Kiluea – ref. Nassim Haramein).

I have been trying to define the Nameless ethnically in the past, but it has been difficult to do so. But when I started to understand the relation between ley lines and the energy vortex positions it started to become a little more clear. The island of Maui has the greatest Nameless population density that I have ever experienced, but there were a lot of bicultural (mixed racial heritage) in the people that I saw. Vietnam is near a ley line vortex and I have seen many Vietnamese Americans in San Jose that have the attributes I ascribe to the Nameless, people from the country of India, Mexico, Europeans as well with each having powerful ley line vortices within their geography. There seems to be a connection between powerful ley line vortices and ethnicity or nationality within the group I call the Nameless.

The Nameless are using the relationship between these energy vortices and consciousness. I believe that this energy has the ability to aid in ascension. I believe that this energy has the ability to cause conscious metamorphosis (awakening). Although I have been unable to attain the energy levels I once had in Hawaii, I believe that I can if I visit these places where the energy is most abundant (not necessarily a ley line or vortex). As I mentioned in my ebook Yosemite’s Half Dome is one of those places, it is the first place I noticed a change in my own level of energy. There are many and one in particular that I visit regularly, that is occupied by the Nameless, is James Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton (I now remember that there were high concentrations of the Nameless in the Bear Mountain area near San Bernardino CA. also).


In nature the other species that inhabit this planet are well aware of the benefits of this energy, where it accumulates and how to use this energy. The most obvious place is the ocean’s waves. The image above is of a brown pelican. If you spend time on a beach where ocean birds are present you will notice the birds surfing the waves. It looks like they are surfing the air being pushed by the wave, but I believe they are recharging or feeding off the energy (bioelectric) of the wave itself. Dolphins, seals, sharks and other large fish do this also. There is something contained within the wave that is vital to life itself. I believe that this energy originates at the ley vortices within our oceans and is carried to our shores by the waves. The levels of ozone in the air along our coasts may have something to do with electrical nature of this natural energy.

If anyone has spent time in nature they notice there is a difference, but they may not know why. Our lives in cities are filled with artificial radio waves and artificial structures that disrupt the natural energy of the earth. In cities we are disconnected, stressed and depressed because were are not receiving this vital energy. Surfers that are unable to surf become depressed and agitated because they are unable to recharge or bathe in the natural energy of the earth transported by the waves not because of the activity itself.

There is nothing like the feeling of being propelled by a wave. I miss the times when I was swimming at Ala Moana beach park during high surf. The motion of the waves lifting my body as I swam through the water was the most relaxing and energizing feeling I have ever felt. You cannot get the same experience swimming in a lake, it’s just not the same.

. . .

I am aware that most of this is speculative and based upon my observations and experiences. But they do coincide with observations others have made public. This blog is not a definitive assessment of all of consciousness. It is a journal of my experiences that I hope will be a guide to others like myself that are seeking answers to the nagging questions concerning their own journey through consciousness. Believe it or not we are all in this together, all tied together. There is much, much more to this existence than we are capable of understanding. Don’t allow anyone to deny your right to experience the limitless expanse that consciousness has to offer.

Interestingly Nassim Haramein and Marko Rodin live on the Hawaiian Islands. My ominous adventures and discoveries climaxed while living in Honolulu. Something is happening in Hawaii.

NOTE: As I was preparing to update this post there was a very strong electromagnetic wave of radiation that came over me 05/09/13 12:53 PST. It was the strongest I have felt in quite some time, since the attacks in Honolulu. It just stopped and I do not feel drained or adversely effected by it. What it tells me is that they do not want this information to be disseminated and I am evolving beyond their technology.

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