The Prevention of Ascension –

I stirred up the hornets nest with yesterday’s post concerning the Illuminati and Rosie O’Donnell’s heart attack and the tactics they deploy. They sent an relatively benign looking old man in a floppy khaki green hat, shorts and hiking boots as I was shopping. When he passed me I felt the attack and turned around and followed him to the register, I wanted to see his face. From a distance he knew I was focused upon him and he looked at me with a bit of a concerned look on his face. I uttered a phrase asking consciousness for retribution and walked away. I will begin to take pictures of these people and post them here in the future.

I felt the effects of the attack, but as usual I just shrugged it off and went about my day. The last thing that I am going to do is confront them, that would make me look crazier than all this sounds. What they need from me to assist in their form of harm is to be afraid. Fear is a big part of the attack. As fear sets in, your connection to consciousness diminishes and the flow of energy within the meridians (heart and crown) of your energetic bio-body begins to wane. This is where the damage occurs as your ability to receive energy from consciousness suffers (like air being restricted from your lungs).

I knew I had struck a nerve with the last post as they ascended upon me while I was riding my bike last night. Their minions and thugs parading by me in the SUVs staring at me as they ride by. I am getting comfortable with this when it happens. The more it happens the more I will be able to ignore it. I am waiting to see what they will try next. Surely it would be easy to run me down on my bike, but that has not happened and everyday I go for a ride.

I am not taunting them directly. I am curious to see what happens. Can they put me in the hospital? Can they cause a fatal accident? What will happen after death? Will I do the same thing as I did the first time while I was moving through the void? Will I go through another transition and come back even stronger?

Rodin, Quarts, Neodymium and Xenon

I have been using a device (found on this blog) to protect myself from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and the effects of the attacks mentioned above. It was not until I began to use Marko Rodin’s coil that things began to change.

The coil allows me to introduce sound into the device to temper the energy from the neodymium magnets, crystal (very important) and xenon flash tube. The configuration for the parts that work for me is: the magnetic scalar field (north poles bucking against one another), the silicon dioxide (crystals, sand or powder), and then the xenon flash tube connected to a 12v electronic flasher (the parts can be arranged differently, but this works for me).

The sound is run through the coil in opposite directions and same direction while altering the phase of both right and left channels. The placement of the coil must be in the path of the energy emitted from the device. The amplitude can be adjusted to attenuate the energy, but caution should be used in to avoid distortion of the sine wave. Solfeggio frequencies (396, 693, 963, 174, 417, 741, 285, 528, 852) are being used with positive as well as interesting results. The coil seems to enhance the effects of the solfeggio frequencies. I have found that the so-called enhanced frequencies noted on the internet are not as effective.

Sorry for being vague, but I cannot be too specific about the design at this time, for obvious reasons. This info is free to use as it is a design from different known technologies on the web. This design has been released for use by anyone for any purpose freely as noted in my ebook.

Latest modular device design without Rodin coil

CAUTION: This is experimental. I am able to feel the effects of the device, some people cannot. Overdoses of energy is possible with symptoms ranging in over excitation and numbness. The energy emitted is believed to be etheric or zero point energy. When the device is in direct sunlight (solar radiation) the effects are enhanced.

WARNING: Those that I refer to as the Nameless are effected adversely by this technology, use at your own risk. Do not use this on anyone without their consent.

If the Nameless continue to attack I’ll keep posting (self perpetuating ordeal). When the posts stop, they were successful and I am in transition.

Until next time, B+…

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