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Today was a heavy day. I was involved in conflict for most of the morning and afternoon. I was consumed by my emotions. It was not until I remembered something I have been demanding of consciousness. I demand that karmic retribution must become a priority in this realm of existence (that which you do will be done unto you). I demand that all beings are subject to this law of consciousness, including myself. I feel there is a need for it to be swift and immediate before the perpetrator can forget the act that caused it. As I reflected upon this, I recalled the action I committed that brought the wrath of karmic retribution into my conscious experience.

My conscious evolution continues to surprise me. When I am able to recognize that my actions are reflected back and manifest within my life, it is very rewarding regardless of how I perceive it (positive/negative). I am well aware that I need to make more changes in my life. I know that I am not the person I want to be. This nugget of information came to me as I put forth my conscious intentions. I desire to manifest a utopia, but one day I realized that I would not want a person like myself (currently) to be a part of that utopia. Needless to say that epiphany was significant.


On a more ominous note. I often think about my difficulty with those I refer to as the Nameless. I have to ask why they are so prevalent in my life, so obvious. There may be reasons why this is so. Many use the term Illuminati in regards to the new world order and indicate that the Nameless may be associated with the Illuminati. Interestingly my grandfather was a Free Mason. I attended his funeral at an early age and the wake included a man standing in front of the casket holding a sword between the body and the viewers. What does that make me? There are still far too many questions, than I have answers.


Since, I resumed updating this blog I have been receiving an increased dose of electromagnetic radiation. I suspect the radiation to be in the microwave spectrum, same spectrum as our pervasive cell phone technology. This is happening on a daily basis now, when in the past it was increased whenever I was overcome with a feeling of contentment and bliss (they don’t want me to be happy). These feelings of contentment and bliss are more frequent now then in the past regardless of their attempt to suppress these feelings. It is my belief that the feelings are an emotional response to a connection to the greater conscious realm.

There is a connection between the consciousness that animates us and that of the greater consciousness. I am starting to discover that this connection involves the heart or meridian known as the heart chakra the brain or crown chakra. Although we are always connected to consciousness, but the strength of that connection differs wildly during our life. Futile attempts by the Nameless to disrupt these connection points has always resulted in some remnant, albeit mild, discomfort. It is necessary for the attacker to be close to the victim for this to happen.

I make it difficult for them to get close to me now (they are also keeping their distance from me – something I will elaborate on at a later time), but they have tried to bait me and play upon my emotions. A child and mother were riding their bicycles in front of my place of residence. They were having some problems with one of the bikes. I began to walk forward to offer help and then felt that I shouldn’t. I went inside and they were able to resolve the problem themselves. I remember the strength of my intuition, it was a definite NO!

A few months later I read about Rosie O’Donnel’s mild heart attack. Her heart attack happened as she was helping an elderly person. This reminded me of my own experiences of how they sent an innocent little old lady to cause me harm. Rosie’s experience seems oddly familiar, and relevant considering Rosie’s views on the government and possibly Hollywood. Please note I am well aware that these statements are purely conjecture, I have not talked with Rosie to verify these statements, but the similarities are striking.

My connection to consciousness is getting stronger everyday. There will come a time when that connection will never be disrupted. That is all that I have been trying to achieve. I want to connect to that which I came. This has always been my purpose and always will be.

In the next post I want to talk about my work with the Rodin Coil. Until then, stay positive…

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