I’m Back

Hawaiian graffiti
I had a dream about turtles so this image seemed appropriate

 The Prevention of Ascension – www.i-am-xam.com

I cannot believe that it has been a few days over a year since my last post, “what a strange trip its been”. I needed the time to myself to sort things out and reflect on the path my life has taken.

I am a reddit member now and go by the flair of c-no-evil. I am subscribed to the psychonaut subreddit, as well as many others, so you can follow my online activity from there.

I am starting to find others out there that have experienced similar acts of harm and intimidation. It is gratifying to know that I am not the only one suffering the scourge of those that are preventing postponing the expansion of human consciousness.

I spent some time today reading my main site’s past entries and I have to say that I was a mess, but the good news is that I am less of a mess today than when this all began.

What has changed? Clarity of purpose, deeper connection to consciousness, purged my life of fear, and a knowing that karma is actively correcting the imbalance of this shared reality (those within the higher levels of consciousness are aware of what is happening here).

I have tried, for a year, to apply the laws of attraction to my situation, but the specter of those I call the Nameless could not be removed. Most recently they attempted to cause me physical harm while I was driving. I had a car accident. A truck pulled out in front of me from a parking lot and I hit it broadside. The damage to my vehicle was extensive, but I walked away without a scratch, but a little shaken. Most say I was very lucky, but I know differently. This was not the first time something similar happened, many years ago I experienced a close call. I cannot be certain if I am consciously, or subconsciously, able to effect my reality in such a powerful and positive manner or there are other benevolent forces at work protecting me from harm (this seems more relevant given my experiences from the past couple of years). Conversely, I may have exited that level of consciousness (died in the wreckage) and continued onto another, anything within the realm of consciousness is possible.

I cannot say that I will post everyday, but at least once a week. Until then, keep the love and light of consciousness well above the darkness of fear. Our conscious revolution (correction) is well underway.

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