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 The Prevention of Ascension –

The only heaven and hell that exists is the one that you create for yourself. There is no salvation waiting for the moral and noble, nor is there purgatory waiting for those that choose a life that harms others as well as themselves. You don’t have to wait for the end of this existence in order to reap the rewards or punishment for your actions, you are reaping them right now. Some of you might be satisfied with all that you have accomplished. Satisfaction breeds mediocrity and complacency. That by which you surround yourself with, the accomplishments of your actions, shrouds yourself from much more. Satisfied or dissatisfied, it is mostly up to you and your actions.
What I am discovering is that the Nameless are just as limited as the rest of us. Take a look at the existence that is seemingly controlled by this group of people (beings), they are as faulty as the rest of us. They have difficulty in reigning in those that are lucid in the dreamworld of this reality. They control by fear and desires of their own making. The most difficult part of understanding this level of existence are the habits that keep you here. Your actions no matter how insignificant have a role in the amount of vibrational energy you possess at any given time. The more vibrational energy that you are able to maintain protects you from the influence and actions of the Nameless. I have discovered that by quitting some habits, that I have known to be an inhibiting influence in my life, I am making progress in ways that were not expected.

Lead Me Not Into Temptation
I cannot be sure of what I am experiencing at all (not necessarily a bad thing). I still struggle with understanding everything that occurs an how much influence I have on the creation or manifestation of everything within my experience. I do see that I am constantly being tempted, but I cannot discern between my thoughts and possibly the influence of others. As I gain energy (vibrate at different frequencies) my conscious cloud changes. It becomes less dense and expands to allow me to see more. This also increases the amount level of temptation. In the past I would succumb to those inhibiting habits and fall back to that stagnant existence of my reality. I am more in command at this time.
The temptations are signs of progress and are no longer desirable. My desires are focussed upon emancipation.
There is something to the many monks that have given up on the temptations this existence has to offer. It is beginning to make more sense to me as I sort out my own path through the maze I have found myself within. There are as many levels of temptation as there are levels of ascension. I am now using abstention as a means to ascension. Higher (or different) levels of vibration attract similar levels of tempting experiences. To indulge (a form of attachment) causes a kind of “wait state” until you are able to free yourself from it. It is an ever evolving process of creation, manifestation and the resulting reaction that again recreates and re-manifests. Think of a fractal image that is collapsing or expanding upon itself with subtle vibrations altering the image as it moves through time. Desirable elements of the fractal image can carry you with it, thereby taking your attention from the constant evolution. This is my best and current explanation for what I am able to discern from my experiences. Temptations are distractions and this existence is full of distractions. It is as if we have entered into a level where we have given into the distractions for such a long time that we can no longer escape it. This existence is the island of the Lotus Eaters. Are the Nameless are providing these distractions or are they exploiting our apathy towards our true purpose?
I have gotten to a point where I can witness how my conscious experiences are effected by others in my life. I am able to see how their vibrational energy effects their own conscious experiences, predominant thoughts and desires when they are near me. I am not sure if my vibrational energy is amplifying their thoughts or if I am just able to witness them create their life in real time. I am able to see how people come into their conscious cloud in order to facilitate a desire (thoughts, intentions, both positive and negative in nature). I can observe a person move past me and see the interaction of their conscious reality unfolding before them. I can see this because I am still transitioning from one paradigm of thought to the next. It is a difficult task to stay focussed on the creation of my existence all the time. There are far too many bad habits as well as the many years that have allowed those habits to find a sense of permanence. I am aware, so I am able to make corrections and adjustments in attitude to continue.
Paying For Attention
I am reluctant to post this information here because of how it effects my conscious experiences. This is also a forum that the Nameless have used in the past in order to understand my current level of vibrational energy. I have posted some experiences in the past that have proven to be helpful to the Nameless in their endeavors to inhibit my progress. The Nameless are doing their best to get close enough to me to know what I am up to, but they are again standing out in the crowd. The higher level of energy I am able to maintain the more difficult it is for them to monitor me with their minions, they have to do it themselves. When they come out to observe me I sense them. It is as if they were transmitting a signal that lets me know where they are. I am doing what I can to continue toward my path of ascension, but I cannot reveal all that I am doing at this time. When I post my experiences here I have to give them a certain amount of attention. The attention I give them brings our conscious clouds together, it gives them the opportunity to interact with me. The more time I spend giving my attention to ascension and emancipation the farther I move away from them. I look forward to the moment when I no longer grant them a thought.
Correctional Institution
The days when I used psilocybin regularly, prior to my journey into the void, I used to see my existence as a mental institution. Living spaces (track homes, dorms, barracks, apartments, quarters, communities) looked too confining. Living spaces and work places confined and defined everyone. Good behavior is rewarded and grants someone a opportunity to move up the ranks (gain special privileges). Before discovering (or entering this state of consciousness) the Nameless, I noticed that there were people in my life that seemed to be attempting to influence me. Now that I am aware of the Nameless I have these minor epiphanies concerning the role of the Nameless in my past experiences. Join us! Be more like us! I belong to this congregation! I am a member of this organization! I work for this corporation! Most of them were all steering me into a role of servitude, serving the group. It is funny the only thing I ever really wanted was something they could not give me, my emancipation from this existence.
This existence, reality, is a prison. I try to stay away from quotes from popular films, but a quote from The Matrix cannot be ignore. This reality is a prison for the mind. There cannot be a better description than that. Heaven and hell can be found here if you choose to follow the well worn paths that are made available to you. The work you do is for them. The national pride you have is for them. The cultural boundaries are to keep you segregated. The limitations that you may or may not perceive are methods of control. What you do not know is that there are many other alternatives. Most of you will fail at finding an alternate path. It is not because you are physically or mentally weak, it is because you have too much invested in this reality to abandon it (family, friends, property, cultural and social accomplishments). If you are like myself and you are capable of risking it all to find what you are looking for, you will find it.
Risking Everything
What can you give a person that wants nothing?
I am kicking down the limitations of my (un)conscious experience. That by which defines my reality is breaking under the relentless stress of my will. I no longer feel that I might be delusional. That affliction was just a phase necessary to rationalize my experiences. What I experience is as with any dream, both real and unreal. As I continue to understand this I am better able to exist. Chipping away at the boundaries of this prison is revealing a lot of cracks. Each one of those cracks presents opportunities and further incentive to continue.
I’m gett’n ready to rock my world… I have never been so focussed. As things change I gain more focus and gain greater desire to see this through to the end (if there is an end to this infinite journey). I am actively conducting my conscious interaction with the greater consciousness. A strange part about all of this is that I should be amazed, but it seems all too familiar. I cannot be sure (of anything), but I might have done this before. How long have I been here? How many times have I gone through this? I wonder if I am close or just stuck in a loop. It is important that you never allow your mind to get caught in a routine (a downward spiral).

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