Life is But A Dream

Seven pointed star that jumped out at me while channel surfing – Game of Thrones
A sacred symbol in Wicca and Alchemy – Sacred Geometry

The Prevention of Ascension –

Daily Journal

I am shifting between levels of consciousness. I have mentioned this before, but these shifts are no longer subtle or easy to dismiss. I witness events and then the following day(s) I am unable to verify that they actually happened. I ask a person involved in the event about an event and they stated that they did’t know what I am talking about. Or, I have an experience I cannot physically verify the following days. This could be a sign of my increased insanity, my life would be easier if I was, but the fact that I am aware of this and attentive to these experiences is a good sign. My interest is how I may be able to use or integrate this quantum weirdness and its meaning? I am experimenting with my life consciously, some may say recklessly, since I believe that I have nothing to lose. After all, sanity is actually an agreed upon acceptable level of behavior set by a society that is far from sane.

Dreams have taken on a realistic character and I wonder if I am dreaming these instances where and I am unable to verify them when I am awake. This could possibly be the merging of my conscious and subconscious mind. Sleep seems to be some kind of interrupt between levels of consciousness or the conscious and subconscious. Waking up day to day is no longer the same mundane experience, each day is different, as if I have more choices (increased ability to manifest and create my reality). If I fall asleep during the day (nap) I can sense that something has changed after I wake up. It is not always clear to me what has changed, but I notice a change in what I focus upon. This has increased as I devote more tim and consistency to meditation. My meditation sessions have changed with greater focus, purpose and ease.
I seem to be entering a change in my life. It is very similar to dreaming. I am observing my waking life as if I am dreaming. The best way to describe this is to say I am detached from it as if I was part of the audience. I am caught between simultaneously participating and observing in this dream of my life. It is a strange feeling, but also comfortable in that it feels right, almost normal.

Nature responds to me. I sit in a parking lot waiting for an appointment and I am overcome with contentment. I feel compelled to look at a nearby tree and as I focus my gaze upon the tree I notice that it is shimmering in the sun light. It feels like I am picking up the vibration and resonating with it. The contentment grows and I thank the tree (nature) for the experience.

There is a large hill that I pass by on a certain road while cycling. The hill has a certain vibration or energy about it. I stop and take time to soak up this energy. As I focus my gaze upon the hillside I feel the contentment that I feel while in nature, something I have experienced in the past while living near the Santa Cruz mountain range. There is a strange feeling that a doorway or portal is opening, as if I was being invited. I don’t know if it is a feeling or just a desire, my desire to escape this reality.

I am starting to believe that nature is the physical manifestation of consciousness. This is difficult to explain. When we dream while sleeping we create a construct in order for us to interact with the dream. There are the basic characteristics in order for us to function, ground, light, tactile senses, sound, etc. While we are awake, nature is the same thing. Nature is the physical aspect of the dream, but it is conscious and interactive  when presented with the correct state of mind.

The Nameless seem to be aware of this change and have been active in suppressing this change with their electromagnetic radiation. One thing I did notice is that I am recovering faster. The latest volley of radiation was at the levels of when I lived in Hawaii. Just recently the satellite TV signal dropped at the onset of the attack. I was almost incapacitated, but never an ounce of fear entered my mind. I just entered my faraday cage and fell asleep. The following day I usually feel fatigued, but I rode to Grant Ranch taking Quimby Rd. back home, not an easy task. 

There are days when the Nameless do not interfere with my life. They are not present. Their slaves are not overt in their activities. My life is normal (whatever that means). There are also days when I feel I have ascended to a higher state of consciousness, life is crisp, clean, smooth and flowing. I see some of the Nameless (we are attracted to one another). I interact with them and then they notice something about me that is different. Fear and surprise is usually the response I get and they watch me closely until either party leaves. The following day I notice a change (as noted above – shifting levels of consciousness) and the level of radiation is higher as if I was a flame that they were trying to extinguish. I then notice that I am back at a familiar level one that is full of their slaves and absent of those with higher levels of consciousness, dark and dreary. I feel like a stone skipping across a lake. Sometimes I can sustain the skip, sometimes I sink.

My current experiments concern my vulnerability when I am asleep. They have been successful in influencing me while I sleep. Since I have been making changes in where I sleep I have been waking up refreshed without a depressed state of mind. I seem to be able to protect myself from most of their effort to influence my waking dream state. Consciousness seems to be more malleable than I thought possible. Once you begin an awakened relationship with consciousness, consciousness responds. Being attentive and patient during my waking state is necessary to witness all that consciousness is conveying. Things pop out and others fade into the background. Consciousness communicates directly in this manner once it has your attention it will stream a series of events together. I am not too adept in interpretation at this time, but I am learning.

Images, stories, articles, people, locations jump out at me. I can search for  something online and be lead to a specific site with a subject that is too compelling to ignore. If I do ignore it, I find myself back at the site. The little television I watch I end up catching the same movie at the same scene until I acknowledge the message (or what I believe to be the message). It’s actually pretty annoying until I figure out the message. I have recently come to understand that people who are clairvoyant have these experiences. I don’t consider myself to be clairvoyant.

NOTE: One of the things that popped out was a video on extraterrestrial disclosure. I have no evidence that extraterrestrials exist and I have never seen one. I perceive The Nameless to be human with a higher state of consciousness. Many of their malevolence and petty characteristics are evidence of their humanity. I have not seen any evidence that they are highly evolved, if so they would not be malevolent.

When malevolence is part of the social construct of a society you get this reality (poverty, war, suffering). When benevolence is the only paradigm within a social construct the possibilities are endless. The conscious trajectories of each social construct completely differ in speed (evolution) and direction (purpose) that they may never cross paths in the infinite space within the whole of consciousness. 

I am skeptical all of UFO’s (this will persist until I see one myself), although I did claim in my ebook that the initial attacks were from some kind of aerial vehicle. Other beings on other planets and levels of consciousness is something that I believe, but have no evidence to support this, yet.
What is the message in this video? I don’t know yet. I’ll try and post these pop out messages from my conscious experiences here so you can help me interpret what might be happening.

Chess Match

The game I am playing with the Nameless gets a little to intense at times. I get caught up (distracted) with them and lose sight of what I intend to accomplish (ascend beyond their kind). The previous post was an indication of this. I was provoking them and they were responding. As things escalated I needed to take a step back and assess how my thoughts and actions were effecting my reality (my attention to them retains them within my conscious reality). I am back at it again (posting and provoking), so the Nameless need to call their spook to gas up that motorcycle and follow me on my bike rides up the mountain again. It is interesting how they are able to introduce characters into my waking dreamworld and effect my actions and thoughts, fascinating to say the least…

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