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I have a secret that I have been avoiding to post. When I first arrived back in California I had an urge to test the law of attraction, or manifesting my thoughts and desires in my reality through conscious intent. When I would go to purchase a ticket the Nameless were not to far behind. I assumed that they did not want a person like me playing the lottery in California because if I won they would have a problem controlling me. I have plans to travel and stay mobile to make it difficult for them to try to control and influence me.

The interesting part of this observation is that as soon as I purchased a ticket one of their minions would enter the store after I left. I did not go back into the store to see what they were doing, but it was too consistent. They started to intimidate me by waiting outside the store staring at me. I eventually lost interest in playing the lottery because I was unable to win anything and I had a feeling it was somehow being fixed by them. 
As large a presence the Nameless have in this reality I could see that they would use something like the state lottery to enrich their organization. If you are new to this blog and have not read the past posts, those I refer to as the Nameless have the ability to hear the thoughts of others as well as prescience. It would not be too difficult if the winners were their many minions giving the prize money to the organization or purchasing goods and services from their extensive network of business. 

When Powerball came to California something interesting happened. I played one time using the kiosks or vending machines instead of going to a store and purchasing the ticket from a cashier. As I purchased a ticket there was someone behind me, slightly off to one side as if the were looking at the numbers I was selecting. 
I purchased some tickets at a later date, and suspecting that someone will be standing behind me, I selected numbers randomly as fast as I could, my own version of the quick pick, without knowing what numbers I was selecting. I finished with the first ticket I turned to see a woman standing behind me as the other person did the first time. She had a confused look on her face as if  she was having difficulty keeping up. I repeated the process a couple of other times as fast as I could and took my tickets and turned to walk away. A cast a glance in her direction and she looked down at the floor. 
Powerball is a multistage lottery and the Nameless might not have the ability to control the prizes even if they might have a high success rate using prescience (they might not have 100% accuracy using prescience) there are far too many players to secure sole winning tickets. 
If I win any sum of money I will post it here. Imagine if the Nameless with their abilities of prescience have been winning the lottery for some time. Talk about easy money. 
Etheric Energy Device

One of the warnings I received pertaining to the device I use is that it has the capacity to enhance the ability to manifest thoughts in reality. The warning came from the person that created the device after using several devices at the junction points of a tetrahedron he constructed. The tone of that warning was somewhat ominous. 
The device I am using has aided me in the ability to manifest my thoughts in this reality (enhancing the abilities I had acquired from the void and from the use of white powdered gold) but, this ability has been limited by the Nameless when they use their own electromagnetic devices on me in the past on many occasions.
NOTE: I had written this post as a draft at first and did not post immediately. The Nameless came out of the woodwork last night and did their best to keep me occupied. Their attacks lasted until after the Powerball numbers were made available and then all of a sudden the attacks stopped. I guess they were trying to prevent me from trying to manifest a winning ticket. I did not try, I still haven’t looked at the numbers of my last ticket purchase, maybe I should. 
I will edit and update this post at a later time, I just wanted to get this out as fast as possible. The Nameless do not seem to be happy about my lottery activity. This needs more attention. 
More to come.

The Following Day

The day of the Powerball draw was interesting. My neighbors were home, not usual, and they were keeping tabs on me, even the neighbors that just moved in. There was a lot of foot traffic in front of the house as I was working on some projects. The entire day was a bit odd to say the least.

Today the neighbors are all away from home and it is pretty quiet, normal. The electromagnetic activity is lower, but still persistent. I am looking forward to the next draw to see if it will all happen again. The minions of the Nameless are pretty consistent in their behavior. They either can’t resist or they aren’t capable of realizing how obvious they are. This makes me wonder if they are a bunch of mindless zombies playing some sort of game.

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