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I came across this video from a Targeted Individual Facebook group. Most of the attacks I describe on this site and in my ebook are mentioned in this video. There seems to be a lot of people being experimented on and controlled with weapons and a means of influencing the thoughts of people with microwave technology.

The above video has offered proof that what I have been experiencing is not a result of my lack of sanity. What I have endured and still endure is a real effort to silence what I have discovered. Even though I remained silent for a bout a year the microwave electromagnetic radiation did not. During that year, I continued to experiment with methods to increase my bioelectric and spiritual energy and they ensured that anything I did to raise my energy levels they countered with these weapons.

For me there is still unanswered questions I have concerning those I refer to as the Nameless. They seem to be at the center of this in my experiences. My relationship with these people is tangled. I recently stumbled across a few of them and in response to this they sent another stalking perp with a handler to try and scare me again. These are the same people I can sense when they are near me. They can sense me also, and often try to run off while hiding their face from me. What happens to them when I see their face? It is a strange aspect of my experiences. It seems like I am able to expose them, but to whom?

A lot of this is beginning to unravel for myself and others. When I hear the testimonials of victims I shutter in recognition of what they have to endure. I recall my own experiences and the hell they put me through, but what saddens me the most is that there is a group of people willing to do this to another person. There is someone (something) sitting at the controls and aiming a microwave weapon at them to torture them and to control them. Considering the amount of people reporting some kind of control or torture there must be thousands of people operating this technology. Who would do such a thing? Who would work at a job that tortures people on a daily basis? I never thought that it would be possible for a human being to do such a thing to another human being. The thought sickens me. What state of mind must a person be in to participate in torturing targeted individuals? A very sick mind…

One characteristic I have noticed. Whenever I had been mistaken by one of the minions of the Nameless, to be one of the Nameless, they have offered to help me. I have been helped in stores by people that did not work at the store. It was as if I they were programmed to respond. Women have stood next to me with their heads slightly lowered waiting subserviently to be acknowledged by me. I have run into many store cashiers that had suddenly become strangely confused and disoriented when I am purchasing goods. It makes me wonder if these people are mind controlled slaves for the Nameless. I have often hinted at this sort of thing, but the above evidence presented in the video might be used to create these mindless slaves. This is even a bit too much for even me to want to believe.

I have faith that this sort of thing cannot continue. I believe that consciousness cannot sustain such evil and unchecked malevolence. Karma is a law of consciousness that cannot be ignored or avoided. It is the force of karma that has allowed this information to be disseminated and once more people become aware of this the more these people and their organization will be revealed. Once it is out in the open the people of the world no longer allow it, and better yet consciousness will not be able to sustain such evil.

Watch the video (there are two parts) and visit the site. Tell other people about this strange thing called targeted individuals and gang stalking. Help us spread the word about this tragic era of torture and mind control we have entered unknowingly.


10 thoughts on “Who is Elisa Lam?

  1. high xam 🙂 Thank you for your blog. I would appreciate the opportunity to have a comment-chat with you about all of this.

    What real proof do we have that these attacks are really happening to TI's? Patents prove nothing. I've read dr. duncan's book…..and it feels to me like fear porn. I think that the 'nameless' is working hard to create a certain world view.

    Could it not be just as effective for the 'nameless' to get people to believe they are TI's, so that they begin living in this matrix of helplessness and victimhood? Part of the ascension process is ego death/rebirth. Those old egos are schiesty characters who will do anything to stay alive and remain in control.

    How can a unity consciousness be “targeted”? Doesn't all of the targeting have to make it's way through our mind? These weapons can trigger nervous system responses…..but only if our consciousness allows it to be triggered.

    just looking for answers….


  2. “What real proof do we have that these attacks are really happening to TI's?” – We do not have any proof, that's what makes the technology effective. Electromagnetic radiation can be detected, but I do not know of any means of detecting the radiation without expensive equipment. The EM radiation is a tool that stimulates the fear (fight or flight – primitive) regions of the brain. Once the TI is in a fear based or paranoid mindset then s/he can be manipulated with gang stalking techniques. If you take away the EM radiation induced fear then the gang stalking is not as effective.

    “I've read dr. duncan's book…..and it feels to me like fear porn. I think that the 'nameless' is working hard to create a certain world view.” – I have not read the book, but thanks for informing me of the work. “fear porn” it is just that. I find that it is best to limit gloom and doom material because it only exacerbates the fear based mindset of a TI. I used to listen to Alex Jones and visit a site called dense.com I do not do that anymore. There are more moderate sites that are available so you can stay informed.

    “Could it not be just as effective for the 'nameless' to get people to believe they are TI's, so that they begin living in this matrix of helplessness and victimhood? Part of the ascension process is ego death/rebirth. Those old egos are schiesty characters who will do anything to stay alive and remain in control.” – Yes. After my psychedelic trip through the void the one of the Nameless (or their minion) was the first person I saw. They went out of their way to let me know they were watching me. At that time I had somehow acquired a high energy level (vibrational state) and I was mistaken for one of the Nameless, their minions treated me as if I were some kind of celebrity. I attended parties and events with the Nameless, but I found them to be somewhat sinister and elitist. I rejected what they were offering me (privilege, opportunities) and then things changed.


  3. Sorry this was too long to fit into one reply…

    This is far to difficult to explain without sounding too New Agey or insane, but this is my best interpretation of the greater (source) consciousness. Consciousness as a whole is a chord made up of an infinite amount of notes (the whole of consciousness is a chord that is said to sound like Om), the different levels of consciousness are the individual notes or frequencies. Ascending to a higher state of consciousness can be done with leaps and bounds (psychedelics) or small steps (daily meditation, positive character and intent). In order to inhabit a higher vibrational level of consciousness a person must resonate with that level. Ego is a component of our inherited human condition and it is important that it is kept under close watch because it can change a persons's vibrational state. Thoughts and actions also can effect a person's vibrational state and it is the reason why we can start a day resonating with a particular level of consciousness and change to another level by the end of the day. If you pay close attention you can see this happen right before your eyes as your own conscious environment adjust to your vibrational state. You have to view your mind as an antenna that is receiving electrical information, interpreting that information and broadcasting information within the realm of consciousness. Consciousness attempts to manifest an environment that is suitable for a person's state of mind. The greatest difficulty is understanding consciousness in this manner, especially when most of the world around you does not.

    If you are able to view consciousness in this manner then you can understand how nefarious organizations are able to control people. Fear mongering by the mass media, EM technology (weapons, cell phone, wifi, etc) can be used much like an electric fence when all of those within the fence vibrate at the same frequency of the fence itself. TI's might actually be people that are not conforming to the frequency and jumping the fence so to speak (garnering the attention of the Nameless and their minions – gate keepers). TI's might actually be influencing others, or waking other people up. There seems to be a growing amount of people that are able to overcome the negative influences of the fence, they sense that there is something wrong. This is where the will (subconscious intent) comes in. The will is much like a direct connection to the greater consciousness that is able subvert the electronic fence. The will and ego work together to try and overcome subjugation. Fortunately this level of consciousness that we inhabit is not the whole of consciousness. The greater consciousness is far too vast and multidimensional, but I imagine that other levels are effected by our current level's discordance. I believe that this discordance is being corrected by the whole of consciousness. In understanding vibrational dynamics, everything will eventually vibrate in harmony with the greater conscious source. A correction is underway. Source consciousness cannot allow discordance. That is why I see the end of this era of suffering.

    “How can a unity consciousness be “targeted”? Doesn't all of the targeting have to make it's way through our mind? These weapons can trigger nervous system responses…..but only if our consciousness allows it to be triggered. ” – Exactly as you stated “but only if our consciousness allows it to be triggered”. When we were unaware of these mind control tricks we were easy targets. Now that we are aware we can ignore them and protect ourselves. This awareness is contagious and will spread to others, as well as, other levels of consciousness. We can now prevent the triggers from being applied and accepted by our personal slice of consciousness. We can consciously replace fear and hate with love, contentment or any other positive emotional state of mind.


  4. Thank you for the comment. I enjoy conversations like this one because it helps me to understand and better communicate what I am experiencing. I hope that I was clear. I do welcome your comments and opinions. Sorry for the late reply, I needed time to think.


  5. appologies for the delay, i forgot about this comment. thanks for your response. What are the chances that the “nameless” are actually helping to catalyze consciousness – AND they KNOW IT. What are the chances that they know exactly what they are doing. What if we are like water running down a mountain – a so-called “obstacle” just causes us to pool up, to unite until we become something great than our cellf and begin flowing around that obstacle. If there were no obstacles, we would never learn to unite.

    I am not a TI. But i have a few friends who are, and i spend a good deal of my time researching, writing, and creating media that exposes these atrocities. On one hand, i'm surprised i have not become targeted after playing in this pool. On the other hand, i know i've “ascended” into unity consciousness. I was with a TI at an airport recently – long story – but he swears i was targeted at the ticket counter. I say that i had an anxiety attack (my first one ever). I felt all the anxiety sensations (pin pricks througout my body), but i was determined to ignore them and PUSH ON doing what i was doing, because the clock was ticking. I fell backward, hit my head, and lost consciousness. Then the same thing happened again 5 seconds later when i stood back up.

    I say it was an anxiety attack, and i could have prevented it by simply stopping, accepting, breathing, and moving on. But the TI swears i was “hit with the tech”.

    I'm beginning to suspect that the “nameless” or at least a good portion of them, want us to ascend. They want to be exposed and they want to begin living OUR dream of unity and abundance on this magnificent planet. I just don't know, and really want to spend my time as efficiently as possible…..walk in peace 🙂


  6. btw – i was taking this TI to Peru for an ayahuasca dieta. It did not work out because he could not stop taking his klonopin. He did not trust anyone (except me, but only at first) and thought he was being targeted the whole time. I can tell you with 99% certainty that the man was NOT getting targeted with any kind of energy weapon. I may be wrong, but i highly doubt it. All he could think about was cointelpro, infiltrators, and all the negativity – despite being in a jungle paradise with people who loved him. He began reading Robert Duncans book – and that put him over the edge. He then started thinking that my girlfriend and i were agents and mass murderers, and anything we said enraged him more. This went on for several days. Finally we just had to leave him and go another direction. It all worked out, but it was a bit of a bummer. I'd really like to meet a TI who decides they are no longer a TI and ascends into unity consciousness. ~bless~


  7. The Nameless know exactly what they are doing. The Nameless and their minions are in politics, government, military, financial institutions, hospitals, universities, science, entertainment, construction, virtually everywhere. They mostly occupy positions of influence and power. They are at a point where they control and influence almost everything. They have an agenda and they may be close to completing their agenda.

    The problem with the Nameless is that they are malevolent, deceptive and exclusive. The methods that they use are criminal. They kill people, use drugs to make a person insane, use EM tech to cause anxiety and depression, gang stalking to control others and do so while enriching themselves. I once caught a group of them laughing as they were following me in Honolulu in a black BMW. I followed them into a parking lot and watched them from a distance as they sat in the car. They did not get out of the car, they just waited for me to leave. I got close to they car to see them hiding their faces, they were not laughing anymore. They are a kind of people that enjoy the fear and anguish they cause in others, there is something genuinely sick concerning their behavior. It starts to make me wonder if they are possessed as other people have stated.

    The manner in which they have operated in my own experiences is that they want to control you like a pet. They become your friend or significant other and they guide you away from independence, they attempt to force you to become dependent upon them. As long as you are dependent upon them they are satisfied and your life is normal or possibly better than others as long as you play along. It is a lot like a cult. As with many cults, if you decide to quit they come after you.

    I am a targeted individuals because I am mostly independent and have always felt that ascension and enlightenment is the ultimate freedom. I am a targeted individual because I know that this social construct is false and will risk everything to ascend to a higher state of consciousness. I know that when I am connected to source consciousness I am filled with bliss, answers to my questions come effortlessly, creativity flows, I love everything and I am content, wild animals do not fear me and there is not an ounce of fear, dislike or any negativity in my thoughts or desires. When I feel this way they intensify the EM radiation and I watch it all slip away. The following day I start trying to regain the energy to reconnect with source consciousness.

    If they are trying to help us ascend, they are deciding who gets to ascend and who gets left behind. I am sure that they are trying to create a world under their control. Look around this is the world they are creating. A world of suffering, slavery (physical and financial), perpetual wars and waste. If they want to help anyone ascend it is a controlled ascent, after all, the elite Nameless do not want the likes of us around them.

    You are correct in that the actions of the Nameless will cause mass ascension (they are and create the obstacles) and fortunately their own demise. Their own malevolent deeds will fold back upon them. The false reality they have imposed upon us will come crashing down and then the masses will reconnect with consciousness. The Nameless are actually doing their part to usher in the new age, but it will not be what they were hoping for. The signs of this are already evident, Manning , Snowden, secrets being revealed, infighting, people becoming aware that there is something wrong…


  8. You were targeted with some kind of energy weapon. The prickling of the skin is an indication of microwave EM radiation. The anxiety you felt was similar to the attacks I suffered on several occasions. I have also passed out momentarily while being the target of the EM radiation. Your best defense is a calm state of mind, practice, or continue to practice, meditation. Keep in good physical shape, eat a well balanced diet (plenty of complete amino acids and omega 3,6,9), drink plenty of water, remain fearless…

    There may be some among the Nameless that want to help us, but the vast majority are hiding in plain sight. The problem with all of the Nameless is that they live among us in secret (Who are they? Aliens, ascended beings, dimensional entities that are able to possess us, genetically engineered beings? I do not know for sure). They have knowledge and abilities that give them an advantage over us and they exploit us in all areas of this reality. The Others that I have mentioned are very different. The interesting thing is that they come around when the Nameless are unable to watch me. Even though the Nameless have tried to pose as the Others, the behavior and presence of the Others cannot be imitated. Although I have not had a conversation with the Others I know that it will not be long before I am ready to do so.

    Recently the Nameless have been trying to deceive me by posing as the Others and also by overt attempts to befriend me. They have even used a cute young lady to tempt me, but I am far to cautious. Interestingly they did this prior to a significant change in my life. I am poised for another significant change in my life at this time. The Nameless seem to be aware of this coming change.

    You might want to watch a video I recently viewed. The video speaks about past and coming shifts in consciousness. Some of the shifts coincide with changes in my life. The video was created by “The Miracle School”. Most of the information concerning our disconnect with source consciousness, the shifts and what they call the “negativity” seems cogent and they describe my own interpretation of this level of consciousness. The marketing that asks for financial contributions and agent work is a little dodgy for me, but not true for others that may want, or need, to join this group.


  9. The person that you referred to is lost in a state of fear and paranoia. The Klonopin is probably making his state of mind worse, but he'll never give it up. Targeted individuals that are under some kind of chemical influence usually from prescribed medication from their Nameless physicians (a large number of the Nameless are physicians, Stanford Medical is a large Nameless organization). TIs who's brain regions are overly stimulated do not need a very large EM field to be attacked. I have sat with family members while being attacked and no one else could feel the radiation. It may be that most TIs are, have become, hypersensitive to the EM fields (canary coal mine sort of relationship) and the Nameless need to make them seem irrational and or insane to make them and their claims irrelevant. I do not know for sure.

    I am now in a state of flux. I know that I cannot continue to remain here. I cannot indulge in being a TI and all that comes with that indulgence. I have accepted being watched and it does not bother me, and because of this the perps are no longer relevant (They still report my current location to keep the high level Nameless from getting to close to me – Why? Not sure). The EM radiation is not significant enough to deter me from ascending or pursuing higher states of consciousness. I have learned to read consciousness and manipulate my level of consciousness. I am actively and responsible for creating my life and maintaining my connection to source consciousness. I am focussed upon what I want in my life and not the things I do not want. I know that this age of suffering is ending and I am actively aiding in the demise of this dark age.

    I am not yet completely free of the Nameless, but I will be. I am thinking about ending this chapter in my life. My next post on this blog may actually be my last. If I am to create a life free of the Nameless then I cannot afford to think about them at all. I have to admit that I want to witness the demise of the nameless. Interestingly I am beginning to lose interest in witnessing their end, there are just too many positive things to be interested in.

    The shift I am speaking about in the video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmymQbd_lfM – what if these shifts are enhancing our procession into the new age and that the connection to source consciousness is increasing. We are moving into a time where we are more able, and capable, to manifest our life through our desires, thoughts and intentions. If the Nameless have mastered consciousness, they would want to limit the number of people capable of creating their own life and influencing source consciousness altogether. Inducing fear is their only means of subverting these abilities as well as people perpetuating that fear as a self perpetuating social paradigm. As much as I would like to take as many people with me as possible (Nameless trying to befriend me), I only know how to control and influence my own conscious experiences. I am poised to leave everything behind, even the person I believe I am right now. It has been a rough road for me. But' as I look back, I can see that I was instrumental in my own misery. I aided in the creation of my hell, the Nameless just pointed me in the general direction, so to speak.

    Thank you for the replies. Stay focussed upon maintaining your connection to source consciousness. When we have successfully ascended to a benevolent level of consciousness there will be a lot of people (beings) there to greet us. I am focussed on the end of suffering and the beginning nothing short of a Utopia. Why would I want anything less…


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