Journal: Under Attack

Moon waxing crescent 7.7 days, Cancer – Water. Time 13:35, planet hours: Jupiter.

I am currently under a significant Dark Arts attack. I am having difficulty thinking and some motor functions are effected. I am allowing this to happen and not doing any attempt to protect myself. In fact I am getting ready to run an errand to completely expose myself to anything my antagonists can do to end this (me).

The energy is dark right now during the first quarter of the lunar cycle (March 14 12:25-13:21 March 15). This is the opportune time for them to attack. They usually do so during this window, but this is attack is fairly significant.

This is in response to some significant steps I have taken to restore my energy levels (life force). Before the attacks started, I never felt better and feel similar to when the attacks began in Hawaii in 2011. I have been defiant and provoking them since earlier in the day and yet I am still here. I am ready to test my beliefs and hoping that they will facilitate my transition.

Check back later for updates to this post to see if I survive this…

Spoiler Alert: Due to the inept abilities of my antagonists (Jinn), I am probably not going anywhere… 

Update: Nothing happened. The usual feckless suspects (minions) were out about keeping track of my coming and going, but nothing significant. I must admit I am a little disappointed.

Let me provide some info that has occurred in the past couple of days. I have been experimenting with a device that I revisited from some years ago. I did so after my intuition (subconscious or higher self) reminded me of something I did with a coil and sound files. I started to use the device and found that they were helpful. I began to use the device on my energy centers (meridians) and was able to improve the flow of energy within my body. With further work I found that my antagonists were causing a disruption in the flow of energy while I was unconscious (vulnerable), something that I have written about here in the past. I was able to use the device to counter the attacks while I was unconscious over the past couple of days using newly discovered frequencies.

As I was experimenting I discovered that my dreams were unobstructed and I was able to remember them the next morning. I was feeling better waking upon sunrise and I noticed that my antagonists were beginning to increase their attacks as I continued to gain energy. Yesterday, Wednesday, I woke up feeling as if I had a low energy partied all night kind of hangover. I was drained (part of their attempt to keep me from rising with the sun), but I was able to counter the effects with my device. Last night I deployed a set of frequencies (chord) to the device and used it throughout the night and morning. I had fun and enlightening dreams and when I woke up I was happy and energetic still in the glow of the dreams I experienced. It felt like I was on fire, so to speak, in a very good way. I used the frequencies on my energy meridians and the flow of energy increased. It felt like I unclogged a drain pipe. Later this morning, I was dancing for no reason (something they used to punish me for when I was in Hawaii).

Then the attacks began and they were of the type that feel like my life force was being drained. I recognized that feeling from when I was attacked in Southern California and then again in Hawaii. So, I decided to use the opportunity to see how far they would go, and began to provoke them to try harder. They did, but in the end it was ineffective. This is the second time I dared them to take my life and they backed off. I wanted them to facilitate my transition to another level of consciousness other than this one, and that did not happen. So, I am still here (wherever that is).

These parasites of consciousness are inept bullies. Once you figure out their modes of operation they are nothing but a pesky annoyance, constantly meddling in your life. I am preparing to present my latest experiences with the entities I now call Jinn and their feckless minions in the next post. I have a feeling they are enjoying this almost as much as I am.

Vibrational frequency is everything…

Time to level up.


puppetWe are all familiar with demonic possession because of our entertainment culture. One of the most famous films was ‘The Exorcist’ and there have been many others since, with most of them being based on actual events. Demonic possession has also been a part of the social construct of may different societies. But, the ‘demonic’ aspect does not exist in all cases and possession does not always occur for long periods of time and may only play a part to influence an individual’s decisions for only a moment in time. So what does it mean to be possessed? Being that there is a popular phrase that ‘the devil made me do it’ in western culture, how do you know that you are, or are not possessed, or influenced, by an other worldly entity?

Someone once commented on this blog that many of the people that participate in ‘gang stalking’ or targeting individuals may be under the possession/influence of entities as ‘biological portals‘.  It was difficult for me to accept this at first, but over time it is becoming more apparent that this or something of a parallel notion is actually happening. This notion first induced a level of fear in me, but now I have become fascinated by it. I am only fearful that my fascination with it will bring more into my life, but also concerned that ignoring this information may be more of a detriment.

My conscious evolution continues and I must pay attention to all that this evolution is revealing. Carissa Conti’s assessment is fairly accurate. The influence of entities and their biological portals in my conscious and unconscious experiences is increasing. My assessment of these changes is that I must be doing the right things. I have to admit that someone more sane than I would retreat, but it motivates me to continue. There is also one singular, very powerful, and pervasive feeling that permeates my conscious experience, it is that I am under the protection of an even more powerful and influential force that I am unable to describe. And, because of my experiences, I have to wonder if it is a possession of another kind.

In my most recent experiences, I have been conducting experiments in the presence of other people and some of those people have responded in ways that would indicate that they are mostly under the influence of some kind of unseen entity. In the distant past I was warned by my allies that the people in question were contributing to my negative conscious experiences. I have now been able to verify the warning. In past posts I have referred to myself as shaman, partially enlightened or empathic, but it seems to me that I am just able to see things as they are; after all I was just responding to my inner thoughts that always told me that this reality is not what it seems to be.

I can now see why religion is a concrete paradigm in this existence, but unfortunately as pervasive as religion may be it offers little to counter all that there is to overcome. I have met priests that I would deem to be possessed. Holy people, it seems, are no more free than any other person. I have known people that were devout in their religious beliefs and were no more free that someone who was not. So where would anyone go to find protection? I do not know at this time. I once knew a North American indigenous man that called himself a shaman. He kept out of the cities and moved his family to an isolated parcel of land in the mountains. At the time he stated that he did so because of the changes he saw coming, first told to him by his elders. I now know what he was referring to.

Has the influence of unseen entities become so common that it has become the standard? Could it be that the influence persists because we allow it, or do not know any other way. The wrath of illness that plagued human kind in the past was due to unseen entities. tI was not until the development of a tool that allowed us to see these microscopic organisms that we were able to develop a means of defense. Knowledge of the existence of microbiological organisms has helped us to survive, as will the knowledge of the existence of unseen entities of a grander scale. If not, humanity will be no more than the possessions of the unseen entities in this existence, without will and without freedom (even more than what you now know as a false freedom).


As there are and will always be questions, there is one that still persists. Why am I a threat to those that are hiding in plain sight? There are many that watch me everywhere I go. Why? What is it about me that requires so much attention? Those ‘Others’ that I see are now a rarity, but when I do see them what happens to them? My accidental encounters change something. I think it may have something to do with possession. Those attractive ones that demand my attention may be possessed by an entity of a different kind. My guess is that they are possessed at birth. My guess is that I am bearing witness to their existence in this realm. Am I accidentally revealing something about them to my allies within the whole of consciousness? I once ventured into an affluent area in the city of Santa Clara and the next day one of those that watch me (minion) commented on how brave I was to have gone into that area.

In the past I have played games with those minions and have lost them in Hawaii and then at least five people were seen searching for me. When I would go through affluent areas there are several cars involved in surveilling me. Why?

Now, when I enter these affluent areas I can feel that I am suffering from a minor psychic attack. I can walk into a crowded store or mall and half the people will head for the exit. What is it about me that they fear? In the Stanford Mall in Palo Alto CA. there are several clerks that will go into the back office until I leave and in affluent areas of San Francisco and Sausalito my presence can literally empty the streets. Why? What role should I play in this?

Note: On one trip to San Francisco while stuck in traffic in the Presidio area an attractive young woman kept walking by my car curiously looking at me as she passed, the same I have done to those I call the ‘Others’ – why?

Lunatic Fringe

full_moon_over_fieldAfter logging the attacks (psychic and possibly electronic) that I endure on a daily basis I have discovered a pattern. I have in the past stated that the attacks seem to be on a computer automated system because they seem to occur at the same time during the day (while under attack in Hawaii I even thought they were associated with the setting sun). This notion was supported by bloggers and comments from people like myself trying to understand the attacks and their origin.

I have recently discovered that the automated nature of the attacks correlate with moon rise and moon set, for a given geographical location. The attacks begin slightly before moon rise and dissipate after the moon sets. Another noticeable aspect of the attacks is that the intensity increases during the new moon lunar phase. I cannot begin to speculate as to why this is the case. There is a deep rabbit hole one can go down regarding the earth’s only natural satellite, and of course the possibilities that it is a base for extraterrestrial entities is well disseminated online, but I just do not know. What I have observed is how lunar phases effect and even define my conscious environment and much of that is still under constant scrutiny. I can argue that the effects of lunar phases has been well documented throughout history and spans many different cultures in how they conduct business and also used in past and current agricultural practices, as well as, astrology and Magik. The moon’s energy has significant effects upon plant and animal life as well as the gravitational power to effect ocean tides, so there is a possibility that the energy could also be harnessed by those that have mastered consciousness.

This may or may not be associated with the kind of psychic attacks that are perpetrated, by close proximity to myself, by entities that physically inhabit this level of consciousness. I am not exposed to these beings or people on a daily basis, but I will need to log these seemingly random attacks to see if they are associated with any lunar activity. Although, there was one, more remarkable, attack that occurred on a day where the energy favored negative dark art activity (I ignored the warning), but I cannot remember the lunar phase for that event.

Information concerning the moon’s position, rise and set is readily available online and even on smartphone apps. The moon has been a significant element in my past life (a subject of a significant dream during childhood) and continues to become an important body as my current conscious (awake) experiences continue to evolve. I currently believe that most attacks are done to primarily diminish a target’s energy to disrupt their unconscious (sleep, dream) activity. Activity during our time in the unconscious realm may be more significant than we are currently able to understand. I have found that dreams that I have after sunrise are significantly different and affect my conscious environment in not so positive ways. Rising with the sun is an important and beneficial habit. Still more questions than answers.

Journal: Combo-Shift

Moon waning gibbous 20.0 days, Taurus – Earth. Time 20:47, planet hours: Sol.

I again experienced a shift in my level of consciousness, but this time it was different. Yesterday, I met someone through a Craigslist listing that I posted to get rid of a tool that I no longer needed. The person was one of those people I refer to as ‘the others’ (this may change soon). When he came to pick up the item it was a bit of a shock for both of us (more concerning this will be explained in the next post) when we were in close proximity to each other. Later that night the level of radiation was high as it usually is when this happens and I expected that a shift would be inevitable.

Today, was different. The lower level shifts that I have experienced in the past was in full effect, but the usual struggle and obstacles that I normally associate with a lower level shift were not happening. I was still in the flow of things. As I moved through my conscious environment paths would open up around any obstacles that would normally stop me my progress. Instead of frustration, I felt at ease as the paths continued to form in front of me allowing me to go my way.

I am reminded of a story I was told by my Aikido teacher. The story was about the founder of Aikido and that his students used to have difficulty keeping up with him as he walked through busy airports. The students saw that people would move out of his way even though they did not know the founder was coming. The students were not so lucky and had difficulty moving through the crowd. I do not know if this will become my new normal, but I am grateful for the experience nonetheless.

I am working on a post that will attempt to explain the previous post titled Significance.

Vice: Gang Stalking

Synchronicity. I am constantly being amazed how consciousness is allowing this to come into my view. I am in the flow of knowledge anticipating the next subject vying for my attention. I watched this video and I was able to recognize the state of consciousness that the victims were experiencing. After seven years, those memories are still tough to recall.

Time: 16:20 A victim is brought to tears as he attempts to explain what he is going through and the toll it has taken on his well being. I remember the times I used to cry in the morning and then again at night. This relentless onslaught of fear and hopelessness that drains the life from you. “It changes you”. Much like the victim Billy, I thought that Catholic inatitutions were my main antagonizing organization.

I cannot be certain (about anything) of what the victims are experiencing. I see similarities. I would first suggest that the victims read Robert Bruce’s “Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook” with an open mind. Practice the methods in the book and use what works to find relief. Second, I would suggest to read the original “The Law of Attraction” by Jerry and Esther Hicks, based on the teachings of Abraham. Follow the methods of Abraham to find relief using your emotional guidance system.

The most powerful suggestion I can make is to use your current conscious experience as a path to conscious evolution. As difficult as it may seem at this time, this too will end. The most difficult aspect of your current dilemma is that you are going through this for a reason. Become your own champion and you will prevail.

In other words, the negative entities are low life parasites of consciousness and you must break their influence upon your mind. As much as you would like to kick some ass, it is best to ignore their pathetic minions (try to forgive them for they know not what they do). They are empty vessels under the control of the Negs. Don’t let them get under your skin. They want you to focus upon them and keep you in a fearful state of consciousness (lower level so they can continue to manipulate you). They want to provoke you and then have you incarcerated or institutionalized. Stay focussed upon the end (relief), consciousness will do the rest. Your higher self is waiting, wanting and vying for your attention. Your higher self is your best ally, get to know it.

Update: Here is a video from a supossed targeted individual operative, now whistleblower. Pretty alarming stuff. I was offered an opportunity to become one of them, but chose not to. Time: 42:00 – the whistleblower talks about the attitudes of the gang stalking operatives and how they are rewarded. Time:46:00 – they have also offered women to me, opportunities for wealth, social status and the like. I have seen the operatives in my life and they seem to have some kind of organizational hiearchy. The noobs are driving old Hondas and the supervisors are driving Mercedes and there seems to be no shortage of volunteers.

This is not a point of focus for me, because I know that what I focus upon is what I will continue to experience in my conscious reality. I have successfully diminished their influence upon my life using this method. As intriguing as this subject can be it has no positive ending, just more of the same. For me it is a path down a raabbit hole I just do not want to take. There are infinite possibilities of positive and evolving conscious experiences to manifest in your conscious environment. You have a choice…


When you a reading and learning about a particular subject your attention can attract more information from your conscious environment. I am engaged in learning about the occult, paranormal and dimensional entities since my recent discovery that these entities have an interest in my conscious experience. I have been ignoring this video for the past week and as it continued to appear before me frequently I decided to watched it. The first thought that came to me was that subject of the video was being influenced by an entity.

If you do a minimal search on the subject of sex demons you will find the terms incubus (male) and sucubus (female), Most literature classifies this subject as mythology, where myth is a cultural belief and normally regarded as false. The incubus or sucubus usually engages in sex with a sleeping victim. But, because of my own experiences with negative entities, they do not seem to be limited to the conscious (awake) or unconscious (sleep) state of the victim. The attacks I experience can happen at any time with the intensity varying on the time of day or lunar cycle.

With this new understanding I am beginning to ask if the influence of negative entities upon humanity are more prevalent than we allow ourselves to believe. Stories (mythology) about negative entities are abundant in our distant history, I cannot beleive that they just disappeared when we evolved from the agrarian age through the industrial and information ages. The most recent restaurant shooting in Oklahoma has interested me because of a video the shooter posted. The shooter stated that he was losing his mind because he did not have anyone to talk to. His state of mind made him an easy target for negative entities. Are mass murderers (particularly school shooters) being influenced by negative dimensional entities?

The influence upon humanity by negative entities cannot be scientifically measured. We may or may not be able to measure the presence of negative entities, but we do have one institution that can help understand the recent increase in reported cases of demonic possession, the Vatican. The Guardian released an article (Vatican to hold exorcist training course after ‘rise in possessions’) on March 30 2018 on the increase in reported cases of demonic possession and the need for the Vatican to hold a training course for exorcism. Understanding that exorcism is a exploitable subject and difficult to define, there has been a three-fold increase in Italy to 500,000 and cases have “risen exponentially” in Ireland.

Note: I am undergoing a psychic or negative entity attack at this moment (05.26.2018 – 15:15:23) while I write this post.

It is a slippery slope to categorize all mental health issues as demonic or negative entity possession, but I cannot rule out that paranormal, demonic, negative entities no longer exist in our modern conscious environment. What else could be happening regarding the current dilemma facing our seemingly deteriorating human condition? I believe that continuing to disregard the possibility of paranormal and dimensional influences increases vulnerability. I also beleive that running to the protection of religion has its own perils.

Still far to many questions than answers…

Journal: The Tick

After yesterday’s post I have been under a relatively constant attack. There is a moderate dull ache on the left side just below my rib cage. It varies in intensity and a bit of a casual annoyance. (This attack is not as intense as the attack I endured when I was reading a 2009 article about a UK policeman observing Tall White Aliens inspecting a crop circleI. The article kind of jumped out at me as these things usually do. I have been a fan of crop circles, I love the geometry and they make great mandalas for meditation.) I am familiar with these kinds of attacks because they are part of their attempt to condition or control my behavior. This method is no longer that effective since I now know where the attacks originate from and they have been happening for some time now.

Since this attack was constant I was able to experiment with some various methods to protect myself. The methods are mostly from Robert Bruce’s book Practical Psychic Self Defense and work very well, but I was also able experiment with some of my own alchemical methods from the energy devices I have developed over time. The most effective method has a lot to do with symbols of alchemy created in 3D form. I receive an immediate releif and then the ache will build back over time. I cannot disclose the specifics at this time because I do not want to completely disclose my hand, so to speak.

The attack is similar to a leach attaching to a part of the body, but let’s say that the leach did not deploy an anestetic so you can feel it feeding on your body. Or, similar to a tick bite or some other blood sucking vermin. As I and Robert Bruce concur they are parasitic in nature, but I am not sure if or what they are feeding on.

Scanned image from Rober Bruce’s book Practical Psychic Self Defense used as a visual representation of witches, negative entities and the like.

Robert Bruce states that an entity can create a psychic link to the victim. That link is like a thread (or proboscis) used to inflict pain or damage. One discovery I made was that the link between the entity and my body is a two way link. I can use the link to move energy back to the source. If the link is one of the dark art use of an effigy of the victim, then the attack can be reflected back upon the source.

I have to admit that I have become a bit of a nerd when it comes to these attacks. Instead of worrying about the attack I now jump at the opportunity to use the attack to test and strengthen my knowledge. Attitude and will are very important factors in the defense of these attacks. I beleive the attacks are designed to degrade well being and incite fear. The maintenance of a positive attitude becomes easier when you have the right kind of knowledge (shinning light upon the dark arts).

Interestingly, I have not yet figured out why the attacks subside when I am writing a post for this blog, or how the entity knows I posted on the blog at all. Possibly a quirk in the whole of consciousness I have yet to discover.

Thank you, may I have another…

Journal: Training Day

What is always a refreshing aspect of my challenge to live a life of freedom within the constraints of this illusion, is the response I receive from my antagonists for my defiant actions. Today I get to bathe in the oppressive electromagnetic radiation for the post I published yesterday concerning the “sonic attack” reported in the news. Their response affirms that my actions were appropriate for my cause.

The robotic nature of the response is something that I have grown accustomed to over the past seven years of escalated attacks since Hawaii. It comes and goes and yet I still have not changed my behavior. There must be some kind of dislocation regarding how time is perceived in relation to this level of consciousness and whatever dimensional reality they exist within. For the past seven years I have evolved, but they have not. This aspect of their behavior has been noted by others as well. I see it as an exploitable characteristic, they are vulnerable if they are incapable of evolving and adapting to change.

At this moment the level of radiation has diminished. My current and consistent acts of defiance may eventually wear them down. In the end, I know I have already won, even if there is no end for my immortal soul…

These are happier times. Remaining in this state of happiness is my most potent weapon. They may have mastered consciousness, but they have not mastered me.

We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment
We are choosing to be here right now
Hold on, stay inside…

This holy reality, this holy experience
Choosing to be here in…
This body, this body holding me
Be my reminder here that I am not alone in…
This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal
All this pain is an illusion


In this holy reality, in this holy experience
Choosing to be here in…
This body, this body holding me
Be my reminder here that I am not alone in…
This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal
All this pain is an illusion

Twirling round with this familiar parable
Spinning, weaving round each new experience
Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing
A chance to be alive and breathing

This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality
Embrace this moment, remember, we are eternal
All this pain is an illusion

Sonic Attack


This is now the second mainstream media report of a sonic or electromagnetic weapon used on an American federal employee. A previous article I posted on here (Sounds Familiar) referenced a CNN report on the attacks in Cuba. The latest information of Cuban attacks have proven that the victims suffered permanent brain injuries. Because of the covert nature of the attacks I cannot be completely certain that it was an attack similar to what targeted individuals have been reporting, but it does sound similar.

What is of interest to me is that I have recently discovered that there are two distinct types of attacks. One is of an electronic origin and the other is, for the lack of an appropriate term, of a psychic and/or dimensional origin. Since I have experienced both types of attacks over eleven years, or more, I am better able to differentiate between the two. The electronic variety is more powerful and somewhat indiscriminate. The psychic variety targets a specific body part of the victim (heart, liver, spleen, feet, teeth…).

My intuition tells me that the weapons are being used far more frequently than what is reported in the media. A few American diplomats may be just a small portion of the victims that are targeted daily. I speculate that many people suffer from EM weapon attacks unknowingly. I have experienced daily attacks and I compare it to the analogy of the frog in the pot. Daily attacks interfere with biological processes that affect long-term health and wellbeing. The attacks are not deployed for short-term effects, but are deployed to cause detrimental health and cognitive decline over time. Most victims are unaware that they are a victim until it is too late. The victim will go to the hospital for care and that may not be the best course of action since hospitals seemed to be saturated with people I regard as “the others”, my antagonists.

Most electronic weapons I have encountered were vehicle mounted, but I have encountered an attack from a person holding a cell phone (cell phones are radio transmitters) while standing a foot behind me. Psychic attacks may or may not have physical limitations and source detection is impossible. Part of me wants this to be revealed and the other part is concerned about the reaction of the population to this undetectable threat. We will have to wait and see.

Sounds Familiar


I was wondering when this sort of thing was going to make it to the mainstream headlines. I guess if you wait long enough all things will make their way into the mainstream, even for just a moment.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert on Wednesday said that

“some US government personnel” working at the US embassy in Havana, Cuba on official duty reported some incidents that were causing “physical symptoms.”

But she could not elaborate on the nature or cause of the incidents.

I feel a bit of relief when I read this article. Although they refuse to elaborate on the character of the “physical symptoms” there are a lot of on-line sources that can better describe the symptoms of these acoustic and electromagnetic weapons.

Since I have been a target (and continue to be a target), I am all to familiar with the physical symptoms from both acoustic and electromagnetic attacks. But, the physical symptoms are not actually the purpose of the use of these weapons, they are primarily designed to disrupt the energy flow of the human body. Most of the energy centers, or meridians, used in Chinese medicine are targeted and changed somewhat like acupuncture can change energy flow in the body. Targeting these energy centers and disrupting the flow of energy to specific areas of the body has the ability to induce illness.

In my case they often target the heart chakra or heart meridian in order to induce a heart attack or stroke. I have recently observed a cell phone used to produce a frequency that could disrupt my heart meridian energy flow. The perpetrator was standing directly behind me holding a cell phone level with my heart. I could feel the effects, but it was not strong enough to cause any significant damage. I just moved away from the perpetrator and the effects subsided. I have also mentioned attacks that I speculate are psychic in nature, but I cannot be certain (that’s what makes these covert attacks impossible to prove).

The kind of attacks that I continue to endure are while I am sleeping. There seems to be a specific purpose to interfere with the nature or content of my unconscious dreams. I am finding ways to prevent this from occurring.


The Others

I am wondering how this Cuban attack made into the media. This seems to be a rather uncharacteristic exposure and use of what has been a stealth weapon to control and influence targeted individuals. I think that these technologies have made it into the hands of perpetrators that are more like common criminals than intelligent operators.

The landscape of these beings I nave referred to as ‘the others’ has changed significantly. I have gone to certain cities where there were higher concentrations of these people and now I see a lot of empty stores and a lot of homes for sale. Any time I take a relative to the hospital the character of the personnel has changed significantly. I just do not come across them as much as I have in the past. It looks to me that they have left and left behind a tattered organization of incompetent subordinates.

So, where did they go? I have a feeling that they are still ‘here’. As I continue to influence this shared dream within the confines of my own conscious environment and continue to move throughout various levels of consciousness there will not be any level left to hide.

I still often speculate as to why they are afraid of me. It seems to have something more to do with the unconscious than the conscious dreamworld. As I continue to evolve, and disrupt the technologies used against me while I enter the unconscious dreamworld, my dreams have evolved in directions that still seem impossible. My greatest challenge is understanding and interpreting what I experience. The only pitfall of mastering consciousness is that it can be very overwhelming at times. I am grateful that my guides are still patient. It’s somewhat like being a primitive alien in an advanced civilization where everything you know no longer applies.

I am building a new frame of reference and it is interfering with my current one…

I am thankful that it is moving along slowly.

Journal: Radiate

Radiation from their energy weapons are at an above average high right now. I have been experimenting today with an updated version of the device. It gave me some surprising results, very positive. The level of the radiation from my antagonists must be an indication of the current updates’ effectiveness.

There are some things I can always count on. One thing is that when I progress in developing the device’s strength there is always an equivalent response from them. Where would I be without their constant input? What else can they do? They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. This gives me comfort in a strange way.

I want to thank the little bird for whispering this latest development in my ear…

Journal: Spooks

I ran an errand today. One of my neighbors sat in a chair waiting and watching, as they often do, for me to leave. He made a point, as they do, to make a call on his phone letting me know I am being watched.

When I returned, there he sat doing his part as a mindless minion without conscience or consequence. As I turned around in the intersection in front of his house I could see him staring at me with unfettered contempt. I stopped in the intersection to meet his stare resisting the urge to laugh. 30 seconds pass sitting in my vehicle meeting the glare from this feckless gang stalking watchdog.

A small child sat at his side not realizing what was happening between the two people facing off in front of her. At that moment as I directed my attention to the face of the child I realized the ridiculousness of the contentious standoff. I then completed the turn then parked and resumed a rather nice day.

These experiences do not happen that often anymore. When they do they affirm one thing, I must be doing the right thing.

My Big Experiment

The Prevention of Ascension –

Daily Journal

Updated 07.20.13 – Get out the aluminum foil hats for this one… As strange and insane as this may seem, it has worked for me. It saddens me that I have to post this material because of what people like myself are experiencing. I truly hopes this helps other victims of this insane targeting of individuals.

I have made a interesting discovery and have been able to reset my fight or flight mindset that was stimulated by the electromagnetic radiation I speak of here on this blog. I was influenced by another targeted individual that posted a cure for mind control. He spoke of using electrical frequency and this info lead me to remember that I once constructed and used a Hulda Clark (also Bob Beck) type zapper in the past for parasite control and prevention and also as a CES device.


I understood that the human body (and the environment in which we live) is inhabited by parasites and bacteria (beneficial and detrimental). These organisms outnumber all other organisms on this planet. Beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract is essential to health and wellbeing. Just taking in probiotics is not the complete solution, we must learn to feed the beneficial bacteria with soluble fiber, such as chia seeds, so that the bacteria can consume the fiber and excrete essential chemicals needed by the body.

Imbalances, such as dysentery, in the gastrointestinal tract can cause illness and or death. Most of the illnesses that occur have something to do with microorganisms like bacteria, parasites or the submicroscopic invaders known as viruses. If you are looking for nanobots, look no farther than bacteria and viruses. Bacteria and viruses are living organisms that are capable of altering DNA (Monsanto uses the e coli bacterial strain to create GMO foods). Science is capable of modifying existing bacteria and also creating new strains of bacteria for medical and industrial purposes.

Candidiasis is an overgrowth of yeast (bacterial used to make bread rise and the production of alcohol) that is at epidemic levels. The candida species has been shown to exhibit the behavior of bacteria and a fungus. Some state that the creation of certain yeast strains for industrial bread making processes (fast rising yeast) were responsible for the invasive nature of the strain, as well as mutation cause by the overuse of antibiotics. Current remedy for Candidiasis is the use of the yeast consuming enzyme cellulase, as well as, other systemic enzymes such as serrapeptase (silk worm enzyme).

Mind control? I often hear of different kinds of technology that is purported to be responsible for controlling individuals and the populace in general. The oldest known type of behavioral control has always come from nature itself. Microorganisms are capable or altering the behavior of the host in order to benefit the microorganism. Parasites can modify the behavior of an insect host so that it can complete its life cycle. Candidiasis causes the host to consume more sugar and wheat. Does candidiasis alter the sexual behavior of the host in order for the candida to be transferred to another host via kissing, intercourse and oral sex?

In my ebook I wrote about an experiment using my etheric energy device and a battery operated fluorescent (low pressure mercury vapor as in CFLs) black (ultraviolet) light . The energy created by the device and light promoted detrimental bacterial growth in my body. The onset was so rapid that I started to develop inflammatory type infections overnight.

Upon my arrival in Hawaii’s tropical environment I experienced a increase in symptoms cause by Candidiasis that did not subside until I returned to California. It makes me wonder if the perps are using EM radiation to promote and propagate a certain strain of microorganisms to subjugate the population (pure conjecture). The medical profession is a booming industry in the USA. This is not a sign of prosperity, this is a sign of a sick populace. I encounter more of the Nameless in hospitals than any other profession.

Beneficial Frequencies

I have always been interested in alternative methods concerning physical and mental health. Differing frequency of sound and light (color filtering and flashing) have been used throughout human history as medicine and to bring about altered states. Meditation bowls, chanting, drums, Mozart effect, binaural beats, Rife frequencies, CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation device), audio visual entrainment, biofeedback and others deal with altering physical biology and mental states through entrainment or direct stimulation. I also understood that ascension or achieving higher states of consciousness was dependent upon the overall health of the physical body. I have used the above mentioned techniques to increase my health and wellbeing throughout my life.

There is only one manner in which consciousness can be described, and that is vibrational frequency. Within the construct of consciousness everything has a vibrational frequency. At the core of the known atomic particle is a spinning, moving, vibrating group of charged particles called electrons. The frequency of the vibration defines the object. If you change the frequency you can change the object.

It has been shown that water, made up of two very powerful elements – hydrogen and water, can be altered by vibrational frequency. I use my etheric energy device along with a Rodin coil to alter the properties of my drinking water. Water is vital for almost all life on this planet, yet we treat it with a great amount of disregard and disrespect.

I built my own zapper using the widely distributed electrical schematic. I used the zapper tech to control bacteria and parasites as well as using the device for CES. I later found an article that provided instructions on the use of home audio equipment and computer to create similar effects of the zapper and CES. Since my desktop was already connected to my home stereo, I was able to start using the equipment without too much preparation.

While in Hawaii, I was using a 12v power supply powering and auto audio amplifier as a zapper and CES. The power supply mysteriously stopped working shortly before the more overt attacks began (I suspect that the equipment was sabotaged as was a net security cam).

I recently set up a spare home audio amplifier to do the same thing and almost overnight the fear and paranoid thoughts within my mind stopped. I have also begun using 3/8 x 1/8 (originally posted wrong size) neodymium magnets (north pole facing body – small compass’s south pole will point to north side of magnet) to protect my brain from the microwave EM radiation much like the earth’s magnetic field deflects the sun’s radiation. The magnets are connected to a baseball cap and discretely work to protect the brain from EM weapons and other mind control tech.

During the writing of this post the EM radiation has increased notably. I was not wearing the magnets and I could feel the heavy headed effects of the EM radiation. After putting on the magnet cap could feel the effects slowly diminish (placebo effect?). My body still suffers from the increase in radiation, but this has only been temporary.

Audio Amp CES/Zapper

Here is a simplified home made version of a CES device. It can also be used as a Hulda Clark zapper that can offer 20-20K Hz electrical signal, or a Bob Beck pulser (with the appropriate audio signal).

This technique is/was available on the web (I cannot seem to find any links at this time?). The audio amplifier is used to strengthen the signal from an audio source such as a computer or iPod like music device. The audio signal can be generated using available free programs like Audio Toolbox (Mac), Audacity (open source MAc, PC, Linux) or other PC and smartphone audio signal generator software software.

For the purposes of regaining a positive state of mind, you are essentially creating a CES device. CES devices are used by modern physicians to treat anxiety and depression and have been scientifically proven to be effective. This homemade CES is not like the high voltages used in Electroconvulsive Therapy (electroshock) between the 100 to 450 volt range. Voltage output from an audio amplifier speaker output are not sufficient to cause harm, but caution should used nonetheless. Avoid touching the amplifier cabinet or housing when holding an electrodes.

I know this all sounds a little sketchy for those that are not familiar with audio equipment, but consider that there are millions of audio amps being used throughout the world with very little harm to those that install them and use them. Micro-voltages are used in CES devices so there is not need to crank up the power to receive the benefits.


Electrodes are connected to one of the speaker leads. In the image above the wires are connected to the left or right speaker output. The balance on the amp is adjusted to maximize signal output to whatever side is chosen. This is done to protect the channel that is not being used. A speaker can be connected to the other speaker output and the balance adjusted so that you can hear the signal during use.

The above image shows the parts used to create the electrodes I use in the therapy. I have displayed two versions. The one on the right is the version I use with PVC insulators. The version on the left is a simplified version using a dry paper towel or cloth as an insulator. The PVC insulators require a little more work to cut to size and the PVC coupler has been modified to remove the plastic lip that stops the pipe from sliding past the midpoint of the PVC coupler.

Parts used: One audio amplifier at least 20 watts per channel. Two 4-3/4 copper tubes with an 7/8 outside diameter bought a the local hardware store, plumbing supplies. Two copper end caps 7/8 inside diameter (standard in the US). One set of alligator clips, about 12 feet of speaker wires cut into two six foot sections (you want enough length to be able to move freely, too short and you’ll be constrained), paper towels, a rubber band, one RCA to mini stereo cable long enough to reach your computer (Radio Shack). My version includes a PVC light schedule 1 inch diameter pipe and two 1 inch couplers.

The above image shows the electrodes ready for use. The top is the simplified version and my version is at the bottom. The pen is used to help provide a sense of scale. The top version uses a small piece of paper towel doubled and folded to make a square and held in place with a rubber band. The dry paper towel insulator is wrapped around the length of the tube and insulates the current from traveling through your hand. The end caps are then wet with a salt water solution. The concentration of the saline solution can enhance or impair the electrical pathway from the electrodes. The paper towel insulator must remain dry.

The reason why I use a dry towel as an insulator instead of electrical tape is so that the copper tube can also be used for Hulda Clark style zapping. In this case the paper insulator is dampened with the salt solution and the tubes are held in the hands (one in each hand) and the current travels through the hands.

Critics claim that the electrical current will only flow on the outside of the body over the skin. I believe that it is not the electricity that is the component of the benefits. I believe that the audio signal frequency causes a change (entrainment) in the blood and tissue. In a sense you are turning the body into a speaker and altering the vibrational frequency of the body. Certain frequencies are detrimental to harmful bacteria and parasites (I try to get them all with an audio signal sweep generator). The human body’s natural frequency (Schuman Frequency 7.5 Hz Earth frequency) has been altered by pervasive EM fields in our modern environment. This device is only capable of providing 20 to 20000 Hz. A 7.5 Hz frequency is not normally generated by an audio amp because it is well below the human hearing threshold.

Ensure that the audio amp is powered off and turn volume all the way down. Assemble your alligator clips to the wires and connect to the speaker output left or right. Do not connect the left and right positive and negative outputs together, this will burn out the amp’s audio channel. Use either left or the right, not both. Set up your electrodes (for CES or zapping) and connect them to the wires with the alligator clips. 
Audio Amp speaker output terminals
Connect the RCAto mini stereo cable to your amp’s CD or AUX input. The mini stereo plug is then connected to your computer or portable audio device. 
RCA to Minin Stereo Cable

Start your audio signal program on your computer and generate the signal (528Hz solfeggio or an number of beneficial frequencies available on the net – experiment to see what works best for you).

The image above shows the frequency using Audio Toolbox on my Mac. I open the sweep window and set the start frequency at 0 and the end frequency at 20000. The main window is not used at this time.

Select the left or right channel.

Set the “Sweep Rate” at whatever the rate you want. Using 1 will create a very slow sweep and generate every whole frequency in the sweep (.5 or .05 could also be used). If set to 100Hz the next frequency signal the sweep will produce is 200Hz and then 300Hz and so on in increments of 100.

Click on the “Free Running” button and it starts generating the signal. The signal will loop automatically.

If you want it to generate a single sweep then just click the “One Shot” button.

To generate a pulsed signal of the entire sweep then you would need to use a higher sweep rate of say 800 or more.

Audio Toolbox will allow you to create a file of the signal output so you can upload to an audio device or smartphone. Auidacity is a sound recorder and editor. You can generate several signals in the editor and playback the file on the computer or export an MP3, WAV or any other format for your audio player. Just set the audio player to repeat the sound file to prevent playing any other files. I do not know what will happen if one of Justin Bieber’s songs started with the electrodes placed on your temples. ; )

Adjust the volume on the computer to about 50%. Power on the amp. Adjust the amp volume to 10% of full volume (start low). Place the wetted electrodes against your earlobes hold for the duration of the treatment 3-5 minutes. If you need to increase the output do so in small increments. Depending on the watt rating on your amp you could feel something similar to touching a 9 volt battery to your tongue. 100 watt rated amps can deliver enough voltage to contract muscles in the neck. Go about this with caution until you familiarize yourself with the equipment and their settings.

The wetted electrode end caps are held to the earlobes or bony part of the skull just behind the ears (temples or other places on the head and neck can be also be used). The volume of the amp and or audio device controls the amount of watts output to the electrodes. You could adjust the volume of the amp to where you just start to feel the electrical signal, but any small amount of electricity is sufficient to produce the effects.

When you use a sweeping signal the strength of the electrical signal from the amp will change as the sweep moves to higher frequencies. 100Hz will be relatively low voltage compared to 5000Hz. If you adjust the volume to feel a little tingle at 100Hz the tingle will get more intense as the sweep continues to higher frequencies.

There are many lists of therapeutic frequencies that can be used on the internet. After using the home made CES I started to feel more positive and the looping negativity, fear and paranoia stopped. It felt like I turned off whatever seemed to be stuck on or overstimulated. I believe that I reset a part of the brain responsible for this annoying negativity.

The therapy must not be overdone. 5-10 minutes is sufficient, once a day until the negativity subsides. You may feel a little head heavy, but that will subside. I waited a week after the first treatment and then used the therapy again. I cannot truley describe just how great I feel.

This information is for personal experimentation only. Please leave comments of your own experiences. I would like to know if this works on others, and if so this info can change a TI’s life for the better. The gang stalking perps have faded into the distant background of my life. I wake up happy and filled with contentment. It has been a few weeks since this discovery. I waited to see if it was just a fluke, but so far it has continued to be effective.

Remember that this is not the only remedy. Diet, exercise, meditation can aid in improving your health and wellbeing. Do’t allow the perpetrators to confine you to your home. Get out and defy them.

Here is a parting shot of my magnetic cap (I am using a well worn beani instead of a baseball cap right now). I use two magnets to clamp them to the cap (one inside and one outside) for a total of ten locations on the cap (20 magnets total size 3/8 x 1/8 neodymium disks). When the EM radiation is directed at me I put on the cap and go about my business. Larger magnets are not necessarily better. You do not want to disrupt your natural brainwave activity, you just want to shield it from those cowardly perpetrators operating their weapons from some dark corner of this reality.

Thank you for your patience in reading this post.