Journal: Spooks

I ran an errand today. One of my neighbors sat in a chair waiting and watching, as they often do, for me to leave. He made a point, as they do, to make a call on his phone letting me know I am being watched.

When I returned, there he sat doing his part as a mindless minion without conscience or consequence. As I turned around in the intersection in front of his house I could see him staring at me with unfettered contempt. I stopped in the intersection to meet his stare resisting the urge to laugh. 30 seconds pass sitting in my vehicle meeting the glare from this feckless gang stalking watchdog.

A small child sat at his side not realizing what was happening between the two people facing off in front of her. At that moment as I directed my attention to the face of the child I realized the ridiculousness of the contentious standoff. I then completed the turn then parked and resumed a rather nice day.

These experiences do not happen that often anymore. When they do they affirm one thing, I must be doing the right thing.

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