Journal: Cycli-skizm

I am experiencing moments where I have the distinct feeling that I have been here before. The manner in which people behave. The manner in which I behave and respond to these seemingly repetitive experiences. The observer caught out in the open suddenly realizing it is exposed. This has happened before and so I have to ask how many times before?

On the days where this is a point of focus there are many moments. I vaguely remember writing this some time ago, so it seems appropriate that I do so again.

What causes this cycli-skizm? I used to believe that I am repeating these moments because I have not made the right choices or I have not noticed something important. It is a lot like experiencing the same unconscious dream, like knowing the college assignment that was not completed as I am walking to class. Is this the case this time around? If so, then what do need to do or learn?

Is this one of those moments when I am deep within an unconscious dream and begin to realize that I am dreaming? Most of the times during these lucid periods I wake up. Where do I end up when I awaken in this shared conscious dream?

– – –

I feel a need to post more often when I am in a particular mindset. Since this blog is more of an extension of my virtual self and identity then why not put thoughts out there even though they may or may not be complete or significant at the moment. These posts will always have the heading of “Journal”.

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