Sonic Attack


This is now the second mainstream media report of a sonic or electromagnetic weapon used on an American federal employee. A previous article I posted on here (Sounds Familiar) referenced a CNN report on the attacks in Cuba. The latest information of Cuban attacks have proven that the victims suffered permanent brain injuries. Because of the covert nature of the attacks I cannot be completely certain that it was an attack similar to what targeted individuals have been reporting, but it does sound similar.

What is of interest to me is that I have recently discovered that there are two distinct types of attacks. One is of an electronic origin and the other is, for the lack of an appropriate term, of a psychic and/or dimensional origin. Since I have experienced both types of attacks over eleven years, or more, I am better able to differentiate between the two. The electronic variety is more powerful and somewhat indiscriminate. The psychic variety targets a specific body part of the victim (heart, liver, spleen, feet, teeth…).

My intuition tells me that the weapons are being used far more frequently than what is reported in the media. A few American diplomats may be just a small portion of the victims that are targeted daily. I speculate that many people suffer from EM weapon attacks unknowingly. I have experienced daily attacks and I compare it to the analogy of the frog in the pot. Daily attacks interfere with biological processes that affect long-term health and wellbeing. The attacks are not deployed for short-term effects, but are deployed to cause detrimental health and cognitive decline over time. Most victims are unaware that they are a victim until it is too late. The victim will go to the hospital for care and that may not be the best course of action since hospitals seemed to be saturated with people I regard as “the others”, my antagonists.

Most electronic weapons I have encountered were vehicle mounted, but I have encountered an attack from a person holding a cell phone (cell phones are radio transmitters) while standing a foot behind me. Psychic attacks may or may not have physical limitations and source detection is impossible. Part of me wants this to be revealed and the other part is concerned about the reaction of the population to this undetectable threat. We will have to wait and see.

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