I Am Making Progress

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My goal is and has always been to ascend to a higher state of consciousness. When I discover how to transcend this plane of existence I will. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. I guess if I would have been successful I would not be maintaining this blog, I’d be connected to the source again and creating a new realm for me to exist in. Since that is not the case and I have run into a few sangs along the way, I continue my journey. With everything I have experienced, how do I know I am making progress? I pay attention to my conscious surroundings.

Everything that you experience is there for you. The moment when you change your world view to this paradigm is the moment when your life will change. There is nothing that happens in your life that is meaningless. Just as everything in a dream has purpose so does everything within your waking dream. The mind really does not distinguish a dream from your so called waking reality. When you sleep and dream you believe everything is real. You believe the same for the waking dream world, but you will not fully realize this until there is something else to compare it to.

I pay attention to what I experience during the day and just like my sleeping dreams my attention will be directed toward a significant character or event. When my life is stagnant or caught in a loop my life is uneventful concerning significant events. Sometimes I like it that way, considering my more recent experiences. The important thing to do is to pay attention to as many things a possible. To do this you need to be present in the moment. You will then notice the things that are trying to get your attention.

When I am paying attention I am connected to the source and in the flow of well-being. Things that need my attention get my attention and I am navigating the dream that is my life. When the activity of those trying to prevent my ascension is high I know that I am doing the right things. When their activity is low I know that I need to try harder. (There are other things I use as indicators that I am not going to mention at this time. There are some things I need to keep well withing the confines of my personal conscious realm.) They will always let me know when I am going in the right direction for me, and the wrong direction for them.

A couple days ago after basking in the glow of well-being, and posting about it, I felt the familiar sensation of having the life drained out of me. Whatever technology of ability that was used was identical to what I have experienced and endured in Hawaii and Los Angeles. What used to prompt fear in me know only excites me. As I felt the life being drained from me, I just smiled. I said in a low voice to them “c’mon you can do it” “send me back to the source”. This was the first time that I had felt that sensation since moving back to California. It seems the Nameless in California haven’t yet realized that I do not have a problem going back to the source. I will do the same thing I had done when I entered the void. I will recreate this life as I did before. This time, I will not be confused. The abilities and level of ascension I will attain will not be wasted the next time.

Soon after I acknowledged that I was ready and that I was not afraid, the sensation stopped. I cannot be sure if there was another intervention of some kind, if there was I am grateful nonetheless. After the effects of the experience faded I realized some things. I am ready to transcend by any means no matter what happens. The will is the strongest and important tool I have and with it I can do anything. And, when they do those things to me I know I am making progress.

They Can’t Help Themselves

Today I went on a bike ride. Due to the weather I had not made a decision on my route. I came to a point in my ride where I needed to make a decision and so I stopped and checked out the direction of the clouds and waited for the right emotion to point the way. The Long flat route through the area or climb in the foothills. Foothills felt better than a flat ride because I also wanted to get away from the electromagnetic radio interference in the suburban sprawl, so I started up the hill. As I started to leave the more populated areas I suddenly felt that continuing up the hill would not be a good thing. I started to feel strongly about it and then I decided to turn back. As soon as I completed the u-turn, my attention was drawn to my left. I saw a Chinese couple, in their forties or fifties, staring at me. They were standing near the parking lot of a condo/apartment complex staring at me. One of them was smiling at me or smiling because of my action. I rolled down a few more feet and then realized what had happened. I turned back around and I peddled back up toward the hills and when I came back to the place where the couple was standing, they were gone. All this happened within a minute or less.

The Jedi mind tricks of the Nameless were in force, again. I am able to discern when they do this to me more now than before. There is a reason why I like to go to natural places that are free of the electromagnetic interference. I can regain and maintain a level of energy, or chi and I am able to make a deeper connection with the source energy (greater consciousness, life force, or God – take your pick). They know this and keeping me away from the natural places helps them keep me in check. They were there to influence me to ride within the confines of the suburban sprawl. It almost worked, but I am getting better at maintaining my attention and also realizing that my own gut feeling feels different than their Jedi mind tricks.

In the past here were many times when I felt a need to leave or suddenly change my mind. I believed that it was my gut, or intuition, that was directing me. I no longer believe this to be the case. The Nameless are capable to influencing you. Most of the time they do this to keep you out of an area they are occupying. Sometimes you may even encounter a person that will get right in front of you and stare at you. A blank stare with an intention to scare you off. They are effective in using your fear to do what they want. If this happens to you don’t confront them, ignore them.

I do not need the Nameless. They serve me no purpose. I realize that there will come a time when I can stop writing about my encounters with the Nameless and write about my experiences as I continue ascending and transcending. They have my attention now, but I know that won’t always be the case. Whatever they are and whatever they are attempting to do, they just can’t help themselves.

The only thing standing in my way is me. I am more powerful than I realize. When I realize my own power within my own dream, nothing will be able stop me. Not even me.

I am the peaceful warrior…

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