Something’s In The Air

<!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.0TTTTTTTT The last post seemed to bring a lot of attention on many levels. It is always good to get some feedback and I appreciate it. Some of the feedback has not been so good, but appreciated. The Nameless have stepped up their use of electromagnetic or RF (radio frequency) radiation on me. It has a been a little different from the constant exposure I originally received while in Hawaii. There seems to be a given protocol that is followed when it comes to suppressing someone like myself regardless of the geographical differences. I thought I would try to explain what I have been experiencing. You might find that you may be experiencing similar symptoms to the exposure.

I remember taking my HAM radio license test and receiving interesting amount of attention from the members of the local HAM radio club that was hosting the exam. The majority of the members in the club as well as the majority of people taking the exam were, on some level, part of the organization I refer to as the Nameless. They spent a good deal of time scrutinizing me from the moment I arrived to the time I departed. My knowledge concerning RF radiation is limited, but I know a little bit about what electro magnetic radiation is capable of, concerning the human body. It makes sense that the Nameless would be keep their members informed and licensed about the use of radio frequency if it was being used for other purposes other than communication.
I am not going to go into depth concerning the radio frequencies, because there are plenty of online sources that could do a better job explaining what they are, how they are generated, as well as the many different types. What I would like to say is that our environment is saturated with them. The sun and other stars produce radio waves. The radio active materials in our environment produce radio waves. Power lines, the electrical current in your home, the wireless router, your mobile device, the monitor you are using to view this post, any electronic device can produce levels of radiation. Most of the devices are subject to FCC regulations, and they are all supposed to be safe for limited amounts of exposure. We live in a sea of electromagnetic radiation and as the use of mobile technology increases the level of saturation must also increase. The thicker the levels of electromagnetic radiation the easier it is to hide something within them (sub-bands, sidebands, phase modulation, polarization modulation).
So you might ask, what’s the problem? The problem is that the human body is an electrical system. Electricity flows through the body and is necessary in order to live and function. Too much  electricity (direct contact) is harmful or fatal depending on the level of current, particularly amperes. Tasers uses high voltage to incapacitate you, defibrillators use high voltages to restart your heart while your home’s electrical current can kill you with low voltage and a mere quarter amp. We are electrical beings and too much electromagnetic radiation in our environment produces interference. But, what is the threshold? What level is low enough to go unnoticed, but high enough to make you feel despondent, lethargic, hyperactive, confused, depressed, angry, aggressive or indifferent? There is also the aspect of more subtle electrical transmissions from the brain that are being interfered with by this sea of radio waves that permeate our environment. The radiation is not natural and should be considered a kind of unseen environmental pollutant that not only affects the physical body, but also spiritual consciousness.

Radio On The Brain
That song that popped into your brain while you were walking to the car and then the same song plays on the radio after starting the car… I cannot claim that the brain is capable of receiving radio station on the FM band, but it does happen enough to make you wonder. The brain is an electrical system that can be manipulated with magnetic fields. Fairly strong magnets can be placed on the skull of a person and the person can feel the disturbance that is being created in the brain. Science has been able to manipulate magnetic impulses to manipulate the mood of an animal and human subject, information on this has been around for a very long time. You can purchase CES (cranial electric stimulation) equipment to help you with depression or addiction. The brain is susceptible to direct and indirect electromagnetic stimulation. There are numerous nonlethal weapons that utilize electromagnetic principals to control people. It would be naïve to think that similar, more subtle, technology would not also be available.
I know that I am not just imagining the warnings (in the form of radiation) that I receive from the Nameless. I have felt many different levels of electromagnetic radiation from their technology since they began to overtly prohibit my ascension. The more recent levels of radiation are just enough to disrupt my state of well being. I find that when I am trying to improve myself in any way I can feel the radiation start to build. N-back training, increasing my career’s skill set, meditation all seem to be interrupted by the sensations of the radiation followed later by the symptoms of exposure. The last couple of weeks were interesting, in that I have been using their persistent and habitual need to control me, against them. I have devised some means to counter act the radiation that attempts to distort my more positive vibrational states of my energy levels, my will, and my connection to source consciousness. Interestingly enough, it centers on my ability to shield myself from the sea of electromagnetic radiation, particularly their ability to focus this energy at my current location.
Reducing Exposure
I had discovered that cycling in wilderness areas often presented me with elevated levels of energy, but since I did not live in a wilderness area it was only a temporary respite. One particular method of shielding anything is to encase it in a metallic jacket, as with most communication wires and cables. I began to construct a faraday cage large enough to enclose my body and test out it’s effectiveness. It worked better than I expected, but it also brought about a change in consciousness. I was able to shut off the buzz that was interfering with my electrical bio-body and I noticed that there was a definite jump in my attitude and overall outlook. I found that I was better able to concentrate, sleep and feel better in general. This physical change began to open up a even deeper connection to source consciousness. I started to notice a direct change in my conscious surroundings. As I began to elevate my energy levels (change my conscious vibrational state), I started to see more of the people I call the Nameless, not their minions but the more ascended ones. The frequency to which our paths would cross increased significantly, and they weren’t too happy. The Nameless turned up the heat so to speak to try and alter my level of vibration, offsetting the time I spent protected within the faraday cage. They were effective in disrupting my feeling of well being and I used that time to try to discover some other countermeasures.
When the intensity of the EM radiation increases I can sense an electrical prickling feeling over my skin. As it continues I can feel it in my head as the pressure begins to build. This is often followed by difficulty in thinking and focusing (as I am writing this post they are doing their part). They have been trying to keep me from posting on this blog for some time, but they have increased their activity since my more recent experiments. Interestingly enough they have been able to produce feelings of lethargy and an overall mediocre mood. I can alter (counteract) that mood when I am able to get into the faraday cage of get out into the wilderness (local wildlife preserve away from the urban settings). I am able to turn it off (shield myself) and monitor the change in my emotions (positive vibrational conscious state) and then allow myself to be exposed to their radiation and observe myself slide back into a mediocre mood. I am witnessing this in real time as they alter my vibrational state with radio waves. I have to say that this is fascinating shit!
The faraday cage is a very important tool, and when it is coupled with the energy device it has the ability to shield harmful radiation while concentrating, filtering or enhancing beneficial etheric energy inside the cage (interesting effects on water and food). This is one of a few methods that I have used, the others I will keep to myself until a later time (I can’t reveal everything yet), the basics are in the faraday cage and the etheric energy device. IF you decide to use those two tools together and experiment on your own you must go slowly. Altering your vibrational state in this manner has some temporary side effects. Proceed with caution and in time you will begin to discover other uses.
I almost forgot to mention that if this electromagnetic interference is effecting everyone then it explains a lot about our current human condition on this plane of existence.

2 thoughts on “Something’s In The Air

  1. What a fantastic idea!
    There is so much evidenceout there about the effects of energy, from EMF to HAARP, even little things like moving your bed away from the outside powerbox to using an analogue rather than digitial alarm clock can make a world of difference.. latex mattress rather than synthetic etc etc… I think crystals are amazing for asorbing energy as well and I always keep one by my bed; But to have the money even to line your home with a version of the cage, or even just foil in the walls ( after reading about the Faraday) sounds the way to go.
    To tell the truth, I felt I have been going backwards latley, passions and conversation have eluded me, it's all in my head but I can't seem to express it..incase you are wondering if other people have been feeling off, yes, absolutly, in general well being also!
    Thankyou for sharing, it's also a reminder to get away from electronics more, to sit in the grass 🙂


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