Our Limited Reality

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Two people are standing on the same street corner at the exact same time of day, both are distracted and focused upon something else. There is a commotion at a coffee shop across the street, and a man runs from the coffee shop and into traffic. A car slams on its brakes and swerves towards the two people standing on the street corner. The car hits a fire hydrant, and the entire street corner is engulfed in a spray of water. The two people run for cover in a nearby market and look up and recognize one another. One says to the other where have you been, I have been waiting for you for the past 15 minutes. The other says almost the same thing. They both go over to the coffee shop for their preplanned meeting and talk about what just happened. They get most of their story right about what they witnessed, but they can’t agree on everything. A person is sitting next to them in the coffee shop. He hears what they are talking about and smiles because he thinks they are both wrong about what happened. 

We are constantly interpreting the reality we see, but we can only interpret what we have already seen. In other words we can only interpret something that has already happened and not what is actually happening. In order to interpret what is actually happening our mind would have to be capable of prescience. That is to see it before it happens, interpret the information and react as it actually happens. The lag between seeing something and responding is called reaction time. It is within the reaction time that details get discarded, or filtered out. The filter is not a standard instinctual built in filter that we all share, it is based upon accumulated personal experiences called your frame of reference. You see it, interpret and filter the information and then you react. We are all actually living in the past. The only time we do not live in the past is when we are meditating. No thought, no interpretation, no time, just the moment, for as long as you can make it last.

We have all experienced a series of events and tried to recall everything that happened. Some of us get it right, but most of us miss key elements within the events. This is partially because we are distracted, preoccupied with other thoughts, or multitasking, but rarely in the moment. We are also limited by our natural abilities and senses. Our eyes are capable of seeing a limited portion of the known visible spectrum. We see by reflected light and have limited night vision. Our ears are severely limited and our sense of smell is one of the most retarded of most mammals. We know this because we have created tools that can see, smell and hear the things we cannot. We also know that our tools are limited in reading and interpreting everything contained within our reality. We know this and we accept it without questioning.

We realize that our mind is limited, well, most of us realize this. Many of us believe that what we are seeing is real and not a series of electrical impulses interpreted by our brain (hardware). The mind (software) then attempts to make sense out of what we are seeing. If we are having difficulty understanding what we see, or we are inundated with too much information in a short amount of time, we become confused. Within confusion is a storm of activity where some interesting things are happening. We begin ease our confusion with information we are comfortable with. Our frame of reference steps in to calm the firestorm of confusing synaptic activity and filters the information leaving out the more confusing aspects by substituting them with familiar images and information. We know this and accept it without questioning.

We know that the mind is severely limited by the accumulated images and information that is contained within it (memory). It is very difficult if not impossible for the human mind to create something that does not resemble something that already exists. Even if we were to encounter something that we do not have a point of reference to, it may not be possible to see it at all. If the mind does not have anything closely related to what it is attempting to interpret it might just make something up, something that is the best possible mockup of what it is attempting to interpret.

One of the tools we use to navigate our reality is that we do so by making comparisons. If there is a need to describe something then a common aspect must be established. If that common aspect cannot be established communication, interpretation, visualization, etc… stops. We know this because it is impossible to describe the color red to a person that has been blind since birth. People that have been blind since birth lack the visual information necessary to understand what you are talking about. Blind people have the ability to feel and hear their surrounding environment. Is impossible to describe the color red as a tactile sensation or audio vibration? It is also interesting to note that people who have been blind since birth dream in what can be loosely described as cloud like shadows. The emotional content of their dreams are still present, because they have the necessary information from their waking experiences. Emotions and sensations occur without the visual imagery because the brain lacks the visual data. The brain/mind cannot create something that it has no reference to. If the brain/mind was capable of creating something without any reference, then people that have been blind since birth would dream as sighted people dream.

There are some people that have extra sensory perceptions. The ability to see future events. The ability to know what others are thinking. The ability to see apparitions; dead people. We have seen these people in action on television and even carnival side shows. On the other hand there are also people that are able to turn off sensations and emotions in order to endure a painful event. As well as, super human feats of strength during times of crisis. We know this and accept it without questioning, but can these abilities be turned on and off at will? The limitations of the brain and mind might be due to the manner in which we use it. Could there be a means of controlling and activating the known and unknown (dormant) abilities of our brain and mind? I don’t know of any instructions on how this can be accomplished, but that does not keep me from trying.


The mind is a terrible thing. It filters out much of your everyday sensory information. If the mind tried to interpret everything within the so-called reality then it would probably melt down (aka nervous breakdown). The mind filters a very large portion of the various external stimuli from the environment and also turns off sensations that cause too much of a distraction. It does so without your conscious input. Attention to these sensations are deemed unnecessary through environmental and social conditioning. The imagination is stunted at a very early age. A child that is able to see things that their parents cannot see is scolded or sent to a psychiatrist. We are all conditioned to disregard the strange and unusual that exists in our everyday conscious experiences. Our once open mind has been shackled and confined to one mundane point of focus. If you think I am wrong then you might consider turning on the external stimuli that are shut off. If you are like most people you’re not going to be able to do it. It is not because it is impossible, it is because you do not know how. Do not fear, there are chemicals abound to help you temporarily turn on those sensations one by one or all at once.

Natural plant substances that exist in our reality that are capable of turning on parts of the brain exist for a reason. Primitive cultures accidentally stumbled upon these substances while they were gathering food. Various mushrooms, roots, bark, plant leaves, flowers, cacti, minerals, elements are capable of partially, or permanently, freeing the soul (consciousness) from the body. Altered states of consciousness expanded their understanding of consciousness. Imagine what occurred in the mind of the first person to experience Amanita muscaria (the famous bright red mushroom with white spots), psilocybin, or peyote. To not have a reference to an altered state of consciousness and to then slide into a completely foreign plane of existence is nothing less than extraordinary. What is more interesting is how that experience changed their conscious reality. Not to mention the frequent use of psilocybin having a side effect of increasing visual acuity of primitive cultures as an aid in surviving their natural environment. I am not going to continue on about the relationship between plants and humankind because there is plenty of information on the subject of ethnobotany by Terrence McKenna and others.

I am not convinced that 2012 is anything to worry about, but it may be something to be consciously prepared for. Dec 21st may not end in a big bang, it may just be the beginning of conscious evolution. I do want to mention that we as a society have outlawed and banned the personal use of psychedelics and have suffered because of this. We live in a spiritually stagnant evolutionary period because we are not comfortable with altering the conscious experiences of this reality. I believe this is being done on purpose to funnel our conscious experiences, or reality, through only one of many possible avenues.

With all the limitations of our senses how can we really know what is real? It is easy to trick the mind and senses in believing something contrary to what actually exists. Knowing all the limitations of our senses and mind how can we consciously accept our reality as being absolute. We do so because we have to conform to this pre-conceived (more in the sense of being created or formed prior to our arrival) social construct in order to survive it. Take note as to what I am saying: We have to believe in something that might be a delusion, accept it and participate in it because we fear that non-participation may lead to difficulty or an premature end to the delusion, otherwise know as death. For some reason , it resembles a snake eating its own tail. We still accept this even though we agree that life is difficult. We do not want it to be any more difficult so we participate. The current social construct makes sure of this, participate and conform or perish. The recollection of the act of repeating this delusional cycle is sometimes celebrated. People talk about past lives as if it were some kind of accomplishment. Are they? I believe that this cycle can be broken, making the achievement of immortality more of an accomplishment worth noting.

The constraints of our social construct serves only the social construct and not the individual. We have well established acceptable behaviors on all levels of social conduct (and ethnic, cultural, national, juvenile, criminal levels). It is possible to be too “out there” (crazy) for most people to understand. There have been far too many visionaries that were labeled insane or demonized, most of them being women. We proudly protect our conscious reality by medicating, institutionalizing, and killing any one that is a threat to its validity. We even search for predispositions of divergent traits in children to shut them down with medications before they have a chance to manifest.

When someone sees something that others cannot see, or they see it in a completely different way, it is tagged an abnormality. Because the majority cannot see it then they must be abnormal or insane, even though, as I have mentioned above, people are unable to see everything due to the physical and mental limitations of our organs and senses. As a whole we have not evolved in a direction that would appreciate thoughts that diverge from the general consensus of this reality, mostly due to fear.


When I describe what I see, I know what has to happen in order for this to occur. I know that illusions, as well as delusions can exist in my mind while I attempt to interpret my conscious experiences. As this is happening, I know that I am only seeing a small portion of what may be vying for my attention. I also know that I may not be seeing everything that is happening nor am I able to interpret everything; not at this time anyway…

These people I call the Nameless are real enough for me to have worked with them and for them. I have stood behind them in lines and provoked them to become uncomfortable just by taunting them with my thoughts. I have been mistaken for them by their minions and treated as if I were important or a celebrity. I was invited to their parties as they attempted to indoctrinate me into their exclusive group (At these parties their women would stand by my side as if they were presenting themselves to me as a gift). They have presented me with opportunities to work among them, a “privilege”, I rejected. I have sat in their offices and listened to their medical diagnoses. I have attended and visited their educational institutions and even dated their daughters. Many years prior to my journey through the void, one of my best friends was/is one of them. They are more than just a delusional artifact of my conscious experiences. And, yes I have considered that I might actually be one of them that had lost his way. In any event, I have been called a mutation by one of them, but I prefer to be referred to called an anomaly.

I see this reality differently. I agree. As I started to notice the differences I could have disregarded them. After my exit from the void, it would have bee a lot easier for me to just ignored or to have submitted to them when they attacked me in Hawaii. But, I was given a glimpse into something that I cannot forget. Believe me I tried to forget, to try to be normal and participate in this grand delusion as if it were real. Because of this glimpse into an entirely different conscious reality I cannot – I will not – pretend it never happened.

Am I deluded? I do not know for certain, but I am on my way to finding out what it is I am actually experiencing or unable to experience. I have chosen a path that leads me away from the cycle of birth and death. I take nothing for granted and everything is suspect. But I now have a lifeline that tethers me to something substantial, something familiar. No matter what this reality throws my way I have something to keep me connected to source consciousness.

So what keeps you grounded? I hope it isn’t this reality, even the ground (earth) we stand upon might be just a manifestation of consciousness and nothing more. But, that might be enough for you. For myself, I want something more. If what I search for does not exist then I will find a means to create it.

Note: I have used the word manifest as a means to describe the act of creating something or to provoke it into existence, but it does not mean the same thing. Manifest and create are not completely interchangeable. Manifestation connotes the sublime, while creation is etherial.

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