Rules for Ascension?

The Prevention of Ascension –

We live in a society that has many rules (requirements, guidelines, directions). There are rules that govern just about everything we do. There are even rules that govern spirituality, a.k.a religion. Most of the rules concerning any mention of ascension primarily concerns the life lived prior to death, with death being the gateway to ascension and the life lived prior to death that determines if you ascend to some state of heaven, nirvana, etc…  In other words, the life you live determines if you will ascend (be rewarded) after death.

What I am looking for are the rules to ascend prior to death. I am asking anyone to show me where this knowledge exists. I have asked this before and I am still trying to find out if there are general rules that are well known, understood and practiced. Please feel free to provide the answer to this question in the comments section.

Just to be clear, I am not looking for rules that define ascension after death in the text of the Koran, Bible, Torah, Rigveda, The Diamond Sutra, Kangyur, Tao Te Ching, Bagavad Gita, etc… I am looking for rules that would allow anyone to ascend while they are alive. We have all heard that love is the true path to enlightenment, but does it also apply to ascension? If there aren’t any rules or instructions to ascend, then why? It seems as if ascending to higher states of consciousness has been left out of our social dialog. Why is this the case? Shouldn’t we all be trying to ascend and/or transcend our current state of being?

Let me be clear what I mean by ascension. Ascension is to rise to a higher state of consciousness where virtually anything is possible. To be able to be in harmony with consciousness in a manner that allows you to consciously create your reality in a more direct manner. To be connected to consciousness where all knowledge is available to you. It is a state where you no longer use your mind to think because you exist in a state of knowing. Because you are completely connected to consciousness, it is also a state of immortality.

Impossible? I beg to differ. My experiences have given me a glimpse of what is possible. My more recent experiences have revealed to me that there is a group of people or beings that are limiting any attempt to ascend past a certain level. Are they ascended beings? Most of them do not have character traits that I would associate with ascended  state of being. They are traits of people anyone would refer to as normal negative human characteristics. These people have a means to limit the ascension of others and deciding who may do so. In doing so, what are the rules and regulations that they use to make this decision? Are you eligible? Do you meet their requirements?

Why Do We Settle For Our Current State of Consciousness?

I believe that we do so because we know no better. We accept the rules that govern our current state of consciousness as law. The social construct constantly reminds us that there is no other state of being. New age and esoteric systems of belief are limited by our current state of consciousness. Even the laws of attraction mostly concern material possessions. I do not want material possessions. I want to ascend past this realm, the realm of the Nameless.

I have seen what the Nameless have to offer. It is more of the same of what I now experience. It is an easier life, but it still involves work. It resembles a state of servitude. But, to whom are we indentured to? If what I have seen is correct and it is realm of indentured servitude, then who made this contract on our behalf? We are born, indoctrinated by the educational system, work, retire and die. If we follow the rules we are rewarded. Even after death we are rewarded with heaven, but there is no guarantee. Even within the ranks of the Nameless there is a definite hierarchy of status, somewhat like the military. There are even traces of this within our mythology; mankind, demigods, angels, lower gods, and the God. What level of status do you occupy? Are you even part of the ranks?

I am seeing our current way of life with much more clarity. What are we trying to ultimately achieve? Moments of joy between extended periods of strife and stress. Hoping for a better tomorrow. Even the rich hope for more power and wealth. What about the Nameless? I believe they hope to maintain this paradigm to keep us in the darkness and serve their needs; whatever those needs are…

I am making my way past the realm of the Nameless. My connection to consciousness grows deeper everyday, but I still feel the persistent tug of the Nameless. The initial pull was from a once ferocious beast, but now it is not so fierce. In time they will not exist. It is the knowing that I am part of something grand that quells the fear the Nameless wield. I have seen past their promises and know that there are no rules that govern what can be attained by anyone within the realm of consciousness. One thing that I am certain of, when you step up, consciousness will make room. Everyday you get another chance to step up. Ultimately the only thing that can stand in your way is you.

Follow Your Heart

What is the vibrational state of an ascended being? Can you ascend to a state that you have no reference to? In order to change from one vibrational state to the next you have to know what the next vibrational state feels like. I have experimented with many different vibrational states. My frame of reference might be broader than most. I have been trying on different, or altered, states of consciousness because I never really felt comfortable in my current state. I always felt (knew) that there was something wrong. I now am focused upon my connection to consciousness. It is the first time that I feel close to what can only be described as home.

My connection to consciousness is steady. I feel it as a low rumbling that seems to emanate from the region below my heart. It is similar to the sound of Om, but not quite like anything I have ever heard or felt before. When I focus on it, I feel contentment; fearless. It is always present and probably has always been present. I don’t think that anything harmful has been manifested when it originates from the heart. It is my guide, let it be your one and only guide. If there are any rules to ascend then these may be the best ones; Rule #1. Follow your heart. Rule #2. See rule #1.

I am looking forward to the next moment while being present within the current moment. I can’t contain the excitement of all that I have yet to experience. I am in awe of consciousness and all that is contained therein, and yet this is just the beginning.

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