Public Places (I See Space People?)

 The Prevention of Ascension –

It still fascinates me that I am able to detect most of the people that are different from most of the other people I see. I see couples together and notice that one has the characteristics of a person with a higher level of energy or vibrational state (some of those I call the Nameless). This tells me that these people or beings (Nameless) are integrating into our society currently as they have been for quite some time. I see them on various vibrational levels. I know that there are infinite vibrational levels that everyone can experience. Since I am consciously aware of this I have become a problem for some of these people or beings. It seems to me that the Nameless do not want you to know that there is an entirely different and positive experience available to everyone. The Adjustment Bureau was a film that struck a chord with me, but instead of some divine the Nameless seem to have a more sinister scheme.

The level of energy, vibration, that I am able to maintain determines what I am able to experience. This vibrational state should not be confused with the New Age terms often used and misused to describe what a person experiences. I am referring to states of conscious experiences that are defined by your actual energy level or vibration. This becomes difficult to describe, but for most of you that spend time in isolated wilderness areas you notice a change in your conscious experiences. You feel better when you are in those natural surroundings and you carry that back with you. You see that your reality or conscious environment is more positive then when you left. It is not by coincidence it is because your vibrational state has changed. The slowly it is diminished by the ambient electromagnetic interference of your urban home environment to a more negative vibrational state.

Looking at artificial positive vibrational environments like Las Vegas, Disneyland, etc. you notice that if you enjoy the experience it has the ability to create a positive vibrational experience for the visitor. This isn’t always the case because people can still have bad experiences in these locations because they are artificial and not natural. Yes, I understand people can have negative experiences in natural environments also, but that isn’t the norm.

It is your vibrational state that is influenced by the ambient vibrational state of your immediate surroundings. Natural environments have a very positive effect on your vibrational state. Urban environments can have very negative vibrational states. Your emotional state is an indication of your vibrational state. Positive emotional states are and indication of positive environmental vibrational states. The opposite is true for negative environmental vibrations. I have found that electromagnetic radiation can be used (is being used) to change the vibrational state of the environment to influence the behavior of people in that environment. My experiences with the people I call the Nameless have used strong EM radiation to alter my emotional state, health and wellbeing in order to prevent me from ascending, expanding my consciousness and manifesting my desires.

If you are feeling negative, uninspired, depressed, unhappy, bored, a general feeling of futility you are being influenced by the negative environmental vibrational state in your typical home and workplace.  Cell phone towers, wifi transmitters and receivers, are primarily responsible in disrupting natural positive environmental vibrational states. Wether or not this is intentional, it is possible to overcome. You have the ability to change your vibrational state with your thoughts. More New Age mumbo jumbo? No! It works and you do it all the time. Change your thoughts and your emotional state will follow. Positive emotional vibrational states will infect your consciousness and your conscious experiences.

There is a truly wonderful experience that is waiting for you. You just need to change your vibrational state in order to be able to experience it. What you give your attention to you will find in abundance. Give your attention to as many positive thoughts and ideas as possible. As they come into your conscious experience focus upon them and appreciate them and more will come. Don’t allow anyone to prevent you from whatever makes you happy, brings you joy and manifests that powerful emotion called love.

Extraterrestrials, aliens, space people, angels, heaven, hell, utopia, etc. are terms that can limit the expansion of your consciousness. Do not allow anyone or anything define your reality. It is your right to ascend beyond your current reality. Ultimately there is nothing that can suppress your will. You might not yet know this, but there is much more to your current experience than you and some other people (beings) want you to discover. It is time to push beyond this current reality and create a new reality without limitations, boundaries and perceptions.

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