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I cannot claim that aliens exist. The typical alien that we are all familiar with may or may not exist. I have not seen one, so I cannot comment on the existence of extraterrestrials. But, I have had some mind blowing experiences in the last year that have forced me to reformat my frame of reference.

I contacted Ask Aliens out of desperation, while I was in Hawaii and an interesting thing happened after making contact with whoever runs the site. The activity of the Nameless stopped considerably and I started to see some people that were very different from those I refer to as the Nameless observing me closely. Because of the attacks that I endured at the hands of the Nameless I wasn’t in the best state of mind to approach anyone. Everyone was suspect and I did not allow myself to trust anyone.  Since that time in Hawaii there has been a shift in the behavior of the Nameless and their activity. They operate more covertly as if they are trying to keep their activity a secret not only to us, but also to other beings or entities in this plane of existence.

I cannot be certain of what may be happening, but things have changed considerably since contacting the person that runs the Ask Aliens Blogspot. I do not know if the Arcturians had anything to do with the changes I have experienced or that they are protecting me in some way. I am grateful in any case. Anything is possible, I for one am sure of that now.

Ask Aliens is promoting something that I am very much in tune with and that is to move toward a more positive state of consciousness. I will be posting more about this in the future. Take a few moments of your time and see what it’s all about

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