Journal: Multidimensional

Moon waxing crescent 6.0 days, Gemini – Air. Time 10:37, planet hours: Jupiter.

A bit of a difficult term to understand and incorporate in your conscious experience, but I might have come across a better way of understanding the concept of multi-dimensions. For this post let’s define dimension as a separate, but entangled, plane of existence.

We experience a multidimensional reality everyday (24 hour period), or at least two dimensions. The two distinct dimensions are the conscious and unconscious. We do not normally interpret the conscious and unconscious as separate dimensions because one is physical and the other being nonphysical. For some reason we dismiss our unconscious dreams as fantasy but, how else can the two exist and be experienced by a single individual within consciousness and not be a separate dimension?

In my current unconscious dimensional travels information is transferred between two planes of existence. I encounter beings within the unconscious dimension, and I encounter and interact with entities that are also present in my conscious plane of existence, deceased entities from my past as well as dimensional entities some call angels, demons, spirit guides (Jinn). In order to accept and incorporate a multidimensional concept within our frame of reference we must not limit it to what we are able to experience in this physical construct of the conscious mind.

Where do hallucinations exist, in the conscious plane, unconscious plane, within the infinite planes of the subconscious? The use of psychedelics will allow us to enter an altered state of mind and straddle the confines of two separate planes. Salvia and DMT provide the user access to a plane of existence that is similar to all users. DMT allows access to the Guardian Elves, while Salvia provides access to the Green Feminine Entity. I am willing to accept that all possible planes of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious continue to exist even if we are unable to experience them at this moment.

We must begin to acknowledge that this conscious physical realm is not the only plane of existence we are capable of experiencing. We cannot wait for some technological device to be created so we are able to consciously travel to, and experience, a physical parallel dimension. The truth is that we already travel between differing states of mind within consciousness. All we need to do is to change our given conscious perceptions and alter our frames of reference.

I have already incorporated a multidimensional construct of consciousness into my evolving conscious perceptions. My current problem is identifying and tracking the infinite planes of a multidimensional construct of the whole of consciousness. I can no longer refer to the unconscious as sleeping. I now prepare to travel within my unconscious. It is no different from entering my (so-called awake) conscious physical plane and prepare to travel (exist) in this physical realm.

I can confirm that people who I encounter in the conscious plane have noted my jewelry on several occasions. I believe that my clothing and jewelry are used to identify me in the conscious as well as unconscious planes, because I might not always have the physical characteristics in the unconscious that I have in the conscious. Which makes sense since the unconscious is a malleable nonphysical realm.

People with so-called multiple personalities have been documented to change their physical characteristics when they change personalities. If true, then mastering consciousness (particularly the conscious physical realms) would allow a person to alter their physical character much like people with multiple personality disorders, or like the Jinn. My latest and notable unconscious experiences have allowed me to challenge (identify and confront) entities that I feel have entered my unconscious uninvited. When I confront them they literally vaporize into a cloud of smoke as I focus upon them. That must be what other dimensional entities see when I return to my conscious state of mind (wake up).

If you want to join the ‘grand awakening’ then strip yourself of the limited concept of a single confirmable physical plane of existence. There are many that have done so already, in this realm and countless others; some are hiding in plain sight.

“Everything consists of varying vibrational frequenies”, that ‘sounds’ about right.

I should have titled this post as “Multi-Jinn-mensional”, more on that in a later post.

I see you…


In Bloom

He’s the one
Who like all our pretty songs
And he likes to sing along
And he likes to shoot his gun

But he don’t know what it means, Don’t know what it means, And I say yeah…


Down The Rabbit Hole

When anyone attempts to describe this other level of consciousness you often run into the film “The Matrix”. I have used the film as an example because the film was a significant emotional event in my life, not entirely due to the film itself, but because if triggered something dormant within me that surfaced as an awakening of sort. After the viewing the film I was resonating on a higher level and perceived my conscious reality differently. I perceived time differently. Some thoughts were manifesting before me as if they were commanded to appear in real-time. It was one of those rare events where my unconscious self was screaming at me to pay more attention. This awakened state did not last very long and the following day, after sleeping, I was back to my normal mundane perceptions. This was prior to my use of Psilocybin and my harrowing session into the void.

David Icke has entered my conscious reality many times throughout my life. Most of the time I have taken what he stated with a few grains of salt. This time however David has reentered my life after a series of recent enlightening events and now some of (foundational views pertaining to artificial intelligence or conscious simulation) Davids’s views are starting to synchronize with my own, which is a bit unsettling, because David’s views were a bit out there even for me (reptilian and the like).

The reason why I watched and now post this video is because I am finding that my antagonists or those that are actively preventing my ascension are not of this physical dimension. I still must acknowledge that there are people (physical human entities) that continue to be obstacles in my conscious environment. These human entities are, as Carissa Conti has experienced, under the influence or possessed by these extradimensional (not extraterrestrial) beings. I have had experiences where I met a person familiar to my family and she was one of the people who I call “the others”. She and I could not stand next to each other without feeling anxious or agitated. After she left the house I suffered an attack, similar to having the life drained out of me. The next time I saw her all the adverse feelings were absent. Her behavior was completely different from our first encounter and I did not suffer an attack afterwards. I have had numerous experiences (some corroborated by family members) where strange behaviors from strangers have occurred, mostly waving at me and acting as if someone hit pause, leaving them with a blank stare as if looking into the distance, when I approached them.

There have been numerous experiences that I now interpret as some other kind of influence acting upon myself or someone in close proximity. I have been momentarily been taken over when I have been in immediate danger, like a failsafe being activated to ensure my safety. I have also had experiences that were interpreted to protect someone else. If for some reason I perceive a person as a threat, I will encounter a kind of psychic intervention that favors that person. If I engaged in an argument with a person (that I now know to be under the influence of dimensional entities) I will find my throat tighten and find it difficult to speak (Matrix movie scene: “what good is a phone call if you are unable to speak” Neo’s mouth seals shut). The last physical altercation I had found myself in during the late 90s (a man touching my girlfriend inappropriately), I was unable to land a punch and ended up with a black eye. And, when I attended the local sail boat show I was attacked psychically when I approached a particular salesperson.

These are just a few of the numerous anomalous experiences I have had to date. Now,  I am learning to protect myself from the daily attacks with incantations I learned from Robert Bruce. I cannot explain how it works other than that it provides relief from the perceived physical and psychic attacks I have endured for the past 11 years or more. I have stated that I am a shaman, but recent activity concerning mysticism has gone to another level entirely.  Since the use of these methods there has been a shift in my conscious experiences. The yo-yo (pendulum) effect has diminished. I am more capable of maintaining a kind of equilibrium or homeostasis consciously. My unconscious experiences have normalized and do not exhibit the chaotic swings toward fear and despair. The most recent attacks that have left me with sudden health problems and people stating that I look tired and rundown have ended.

I am finding my way through. The extensive amount of people who once watched me and that I encountered when I first discovered that I was a targeted individual has dropped significantly. These people were either possessed, paid or forced to do something they probably did not understand. The last two people that were overtly watching me looked very concerned that I was going about my business without being influenced negatively. The two men stood out as “the others” always do with a kind of matte finish in the way light reflects off of them (best interpretation of what I see and feel). They were not happy with what they saw.

The ancient Gnostics were correct in the way they interpreted consciousness. They used the current vocabulary to express what they were experiencing. There are a lot of people other than Ike that are using our current terminology to describe our conscious experiences, such as artificial intelligence and simulations. What is interesting is that after a several thousand years the fundamental aspects of consciousness are actually the same, we just have different ways of interpreting what we are seeing and feeling. The only thing that has evolved is the sophistication of the illusion or simulation. There are far too many points of distraction. Far too many people support, protect and insure the continuance of the program (System Matrix, etc.). We even have a desire to propagate this illusion to other parts of the solar system without knowing that there lies an infinite universe of possibilities right here before us, right here and now.

Time 22:55 – In the presentation David talks about the limitations of these entities that ht home. He talks about the inability of these entities to create or imagine and are robotic in nature.

My experience has been spot on. Attacks happen depending on the time of day, the position of the sun and moon as if on a schedule or using a window of opportunity. I have often felt that these entities are intellectually challenged, but they cannot be if they are able to manipulate this level of consciousness and our perceptions to a point. They are limited possibly because they have evolved to a point where creative imagination is unnecessary or they are not of this dimension and cannot perceive everything. Mind parasites or as I called them parasites of consciousness are dependent upon humanity for whatever purpose and this is a exploitable condition of our unwanted relationship with them. They need us. At this time I cannot imagine a scenario where humanity needs them. To be free of them would mean that humanity would ascend beyond their ability to limit, interphere and influence us.

Call them what you like and history has given them many names (Gods, Demigod, demon, angel, jinn, ghost, spirit, aliens, extraterestrials, etc.) They have been ‘here’ since the beginning, but it is up to each individual to realize the true nature of this conscious experience and push past the illusory veil of our corporeal conscious reality. At this time I do not believe that a savior will come and free us in mass. I do think that the savior narrative fits well into scheme of this reality. There are a vast amount of people who are willing to wait (a few more thousand years) to be rescued, I am not one of them.  I am willing to risk everything to find a way to conscious liberty right now.

The past few weeks have been enlightening in a strange way. My view of what would be my own personal narrative as I conquered any and all obstacles never entailed parasitic dimensional entities, demonic possession, gatekeepers to a false conscious reality or unknow negative entities. But, I did surprise myself when I just took it all in stride and said “whatever it takes” bring it on…

I do have (I beleive everyone has) a very powerfull ally, my unconscious formless self. I do not know much about it (yet, it has my attention), but I do know that it is happy that I have realized its presence and potential. At last, I have someone I can trust implicitly. It makes a difference when you have someone on the inside, so to speak. Ready or, not here I come.

“What a long strange trip it’s been…”

Journal: Symbols For Sound

Resonance and rhythm are the basis for all things. Written words are just symbols for sound passing through an electrified medium of thought. But, what stirs in the wake, within the stream of thought, will alter you forever.

I cannot remember when the last time could have ever occurred, that the spoken word from a few days past, resonates within me still.

Journal: Thank You, May I Have Another

The attacks have increased over the past few days. There was a definite shift in my level of consciousness also. Now that I have become more aware of the origins of the attacks, they have become easier to ignore. There is urgency in the intensity of the attacks. Much more like the attacks in Hawaii, I must be making the right decisions.

As I have stated many times in the past, I am grateful for those that have stood in my way. They always let me know where they don’t want me to go.

So, what does the next day hold for me? I look forward to the challenge. Time to flex my frames of reference, and test my mental endurance. Thank you, may I have another…

”Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you…”

Journal: Unconscious Reality

The differences between the reality of my unconscious dreams and my conscious reality are limited. One aspect that has become increasingly evident is that I am much happier in my unconscious realm.

There are instances where I may be challenged, but I often realize that I am unconscious and start laughing as I wake up. These occurrences are rare and often remind me that I need to apply the same reaction in my conscious reality.

I am convinced that the unconscious and conscious realms are one in the same. Events that occur in one realm affect the other. They are more closely intertwined than we allow ourselves to believe. The importance of remembering the events in the unconscious reality cannot be denied.

Characters within the unconscious reality exist either in a formless conscious state or in a corporeal existence within another level of consciousness where they are able to exist together in an unconscious dream state and also in the conscious waking state as apparitions and or extraordinary anomalous events.

What has become an interesting artifact of my unconscious reality is that verbal communication with other entities rarely occurs. I have had similar experiences within my conscious experiences. I do not always hear words, it is more like intercepting or receiving thoughts. It is similar to how thoughts present themselves coming from an external source; like a kind of divine intervention. The majority of these experiences are proximal. I sometimes have to walk around to find the source as if I was moving my cell phone around to be a better signal.

Recent experiences have caused me to question how I perceive my conscious reality. My attention is focused upon which thoughts are my own and which thoughts are due to crosstalk, interference and possible intentional psychic suggestion (not always positive).

I am reminded of my higher unconscious self that I encountered while under the influence of psilocybin in late 1999. I drew this picture after the session ended.


My higher unconscious self is my protector, my big brother, my intuition, my sensei, guru and anything similar. What has become increasingly notable is that my unconscious self, being greater than my physical self, has evolved to a point where I (it) can reach back into my current conscious experience and influence and interfere when necessary. The ‘guardian angel’ may very well be a person’s higher unconscious self. I am now better able to differentiate between external (outside of the self) thoughts (thought forms) and those that occur from my greater unconscious self. One particular element is the emotional component of the thought form, coming from the greater unconscious, just feels better.

There are many views and beliefs regarding targeted individuals, mind control and alien agendas and the like. I have no physical evidence that may prove any theory regarding what I experience in my daily life. I can only try to explain the experiences themselves and what I have discovered to combat or understand these experiences. Recently I have been using ancient techniques to alleviate psychic attacks (I thought they were technologically derived). These counter techniques work very well to my surprise. I must admit that I am a bit dismayed. It seems that the topics of myth and folklore (temporal possession, demonic influence) may have a substantial foothold in this realm of consciousness. My past unexplainable experiences are now better understood with my new-found knowledge. My frame of reference has expanded and has given me greater insight into my daily conscious reality. This conscious reality is extraordinarily phenomenal. I wish I could show people how I see this reality.

Still far too many questions, but far less than a few weeks ago.

Event: I saw a Chinese woman standing next to two friends at a local market yesterday. She stood out from all the other customers. As I walked toward her I felt that familiar connection increase. I saw the expression on her face, she was experiencing the same thing I was and looked at me as if she was caught somewhere she should not be. As I walked past her she looked down. As I turned the corner I looked back at her, she was talking to her friends and her friends were looking at me. They then immediately left the store. I am still trying to understand what is happening during those events (clueless).

Journal: Clueless 2

I asked myself if I would willingly live my life again. My answer, in all honesty, I wouldn’t do it in the same way again. I still can’t see the point of reliving any of it. Regardless of the experience I would still end up in the same place, right here, right now…

I have read that we chose to have this experience, possibly even choosing our parents. I can’t remember making that choice, so I’ll set it aside as one of many possibilities. I cannot remember choosing to be here or any recollection of how I ultimately would end up here, but what I have discovered is a profound purpose within this conscious experiment that is my life. Regardless of the choices, I could ever make, the results would always be the same.

I suspect that this shared dream, the one of sharing a life with several billion souls, the one of birth-school-work-death (if you are blessed), the one where we have forgotten far too much to remember our purpose, is part of our conscious evolution; the art of evolving consciously.

Right now, it seems that we entered into this life completely clueless and along the way we learn and grow older. We become adults doing adult things. We feel responsible and act upon those responsibilities. We suffer through old age and the loss of loved ones. We confront death and then transition to the next stage of our perpetual expansion.

I feel pressure building within me. It presses against all that I now know. That once substantive perception is now stretched to the point of rupture, or rapture. I have become energized; confident. With childish anticipation, I press against that thin veil of this reality and peer into the next. Still clueless as to what may come.

We are truly clueless regarding consciousness. We are ghosts clinging to the bushes and grasses of this existence, because we are unable, or unwilling to venture beyond our ill perceived limits of consciousness.

For now I must become comfortable with the clueless nature of my experiences. I am having difficulty preparing for what is to come (if preparation is even possible) while also being completely overwhelmed with anticipation.

Journal: Good Vibrations

It has taken me 13 minutes to write this first sentence. I am finding it difficult to express my emotional state of mind. Too difficult to express what I am feeling on a very deep gut level.

There are probably a few words in the English language to help me express a connection to something intimately familiar, but new, they escape me now. Feels like returning home. Not a care in the world, while also feeling excitedly pensive.

I feel an electrical current that resonates with my state of mind., energetic and upbeat. Waves of energy pulsing from within. Could it be attributed to sympathetic resonance? Resonance with what? Consciousness?

Journal: To What End?

Q: What is the purpose of the game?

A: Ascension.

In religious texts, ascension is promised if dogma is adhered to by the devote. The ascension follows death, to ascend to heaven; the reward for good conduct.

Some believe ascension can be gained ’here’ on earth (I am having difficulty using words to express my expanding frame of reference). I currently question whether there is a heaven separate from this physical existence called earth. My current perceptions are that they are ’one’ in the same.

I want to clarify that I am attempting to ascend, to heaven, or wherever, right now. I have ascended to other levels that are vastly or subtly different from my current level. I have visited them through my unconscious dreams, unknowingly projecting astrally (sp) during meditation, and my conscious experiences ’here’.

I admit that I may be a bull in a china shop. When I enter these ascended, or adjacent realms, I am not always welcome. Currently, my conscious and unconscious exploration is something I cannot control.

To what end? To master consciousness! To become lucid in this shared dream, at all costs.

Journal: I’m A Gamer

My intuition once led me to think that my challenges should be approached as if I were playing a chess match.

I wake up filled with fear on some mornings. I have learned to tell myself that the fear is being induced and that it has no basis to exist. The fear then suddenly dissipates.

I now know the point of origin of that fear (more on this subject in a future post). With this new knowledge, I can protect myself. I can detect negative influences by being attentive to changes in my emotional state. I have learned to depend upon my ”emotional guidance system” to navigate my conscious environment.

I had spent many years trying to avoid and ignore what was happening to me. I tried to fight back. The once called ”Tomfoolery” that I built and used to survive served its purpose, but I perceive things differently now.

I can now see this narrative as more of a game. In the past I have wanted to ”level up”, so to speak, and so it seems I have been given that opportunity (thank you – more please). My tactics have changed. It seems I need less technology and more ancient alchemy and magick.

My foes, that I remember from the void, are the same. Parasites (literally) of consciousness are what I continue to call them. I can now see their influence in my life (our shared illusion) much better now.

At last, I have realized that I am more than this physical form. I am becoming more aware of the power and influence of my unconscious self (formless extension of my existence) upon this reality. And because of this new insight, I am filled with excitement and childish anticipation of what will come.

My reactive mind suppressed because it has become much more interesting to wait and watch as this shared dream unfolds. What will happen when I discover why they fear me? Do they fear what I will become or have already become (from the perspective of a nonlinear concept of time)?

Your move…

:Time is a means to measure the expansion of consciousness within the infinite now:

Journal: What’s My Name?

If I am consciousness and if I am immortal, and, if I am part of the whole of consciousness, then what’s my original name? Do I have an original name or identity (if an identity is even necessary)?

I have set off an avalanche of thoughts and questions pertaining to my identity, personality, and unique physical form, as well as the sense of self that I derive from them. I suddenly realize I’m not really who I think I have been all along.

There exists my current identity and physical self, and then there is this immense consciousness within…

What’s my name? To hell with my name…

What am I?

Who am I?

Where am I?

You know, that original I, before I became me.

Deeper still…