Journal: I’m A Gamer

My intuition once led me to think that my challenges should be approached as if I were playing a chess match.

I wake up filled with fear on some mornings. I have learned to tell myself that the fear is being induced and that it has no basis to exist. The fear then suddenly dissipates.

I now know the point of origin of that fear (more on this subject in a future post). With this new knowledge, I can protect myself. I can detect negative influences by being attentive to changes in my emotional state. I have learned to depend upon my ”emotional guidance system” to navigate my conscious environment.

I had spent many years trying to avoid and ignore what was happening to me. I tried to fight back. The once called ”Tomfoolery” that I built and used to survive served its purpose, but I perceive things differently now.

I can now see this narrative as more of a game. In the past I have wanted to ”level up”, so to speak, and so it seems I have been given that opportunity (thank you – more please). My tactics have changed. It seems I need less technology and more ancient alchemy and magick.

My foes, that I remember from the void, are the same. Parasites (literally) of consciousness are what I continue to call them. I can now see their influence in my life (our shared illusion) much better now.

At last, I have realized that I am more than this physical form. I am becoming more aware of the power and influence of my unconscious self (formless extension of my existence) upon this reality. And because of this new insight, I am filled with excitement and childish anticipation of what will come.

My reactive mind suppressed because it has become much more interesting to wait and watch as this shared dream unfolds. What will happen when I discover why they fear me? Do they fear what I will become or have already become (from the perspective of a nonlinear concept of time)?

Your move…

:Time is a means to measure the expansion of consciousness within the infinite now:

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