Journal: To What End?

Q: What is the purpose of the game?

A: Ascension.

In religious texts, ascension is promised if dogma is adhered to by the devote. The ascension follows death, to ascend to heaven; the reward for good conduct.

Some believe ascension can be gained ’here’ on earth (I am having difficulty using words to express my expanding frame of reference). I currently question whether there is a heaven separate from this physical existence called earth. My current perceptions are that they are ’one’ in the same.

I want to clarify that I am attempting to ascend, to heaven, or wherever, right now. I have ascended to other levels that are vastly or subtly different from my current level. I have visited them through my unconscious dreams, unknowingly projecting astrally (sp) during meditation, and my conscious experiences ’here’.

I admit that I may be a bull in a china shop. When I enter these ascended, or adjacent realms, I am not always welcome. Currently, my conscious and unconscious exploration is something I cannot control.

To what end? To master consciousness! To become lucid in this shared dream, at all costs.

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