End of Blog Transfer


This marks the end of the blog transfer. A good deal has changed since I started posting in August of 2011. There is a lot that has happened and I continue to be in the middle of something that I do not quite understand completely.

The move to this site allows for increased dissemination of my story and allows mobile users to access this blog which was not possible with the current original site. This blog will endure long after I have moved on and I hope that it serves the purpose I hope it does.

Much gratitude and appreciation for those that have been helping me to move forward. I hope that we can continue to communicate in as many ways as possible.

I am not in conflict with those I call the Nameless. I just want to continue my quest and my right to ascend to a higher state of consciousness. This is a description of my experiences and I hope that those of you that are having similar experiences can learn and also share your experiences with all that find themselves here on this blog.

Love and light to all who visit here (wherever here is)…

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