Hiding in Plain Sight…

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Something that I have been trying to understand is the why of my situation. Why am I (possibly others also) being prevented from ascending or expanding my consciousness. I have not come up with a satisfactory answer, but I have had an interesting thought that has demanded a lot of my attention.

The Nameless are people or beings that have formidable and varying levels of energy and abilities. It is their understanding of consciousness that makes them formidable. But, they have limitations or else I would not be here typing these words. Those limitations are possible because consciousness serves everyone, not just those that are using it to subjugate others.

Why are they trying to stop me and what do they have to lose from my ascension or conscious evolution? As I have mentioned in a prior post, the amount of Nameless I have experienced in Catholic institutions is very high. I have had close friends that attended various Catholic educational institutions. As I look back into my past I can see how a lot of my friends, girlfriends, seem to be associated with each other in one way or another. Even after ending my relationship with them, oddly enough, other people that tried to become my friend seem to have or had some connection to Catholicism. I even met someone studying to become a priest that tried to become my friend. My past relationships with my Catholic friends and especially the behavior of their friends and associates begins to make more sense to me now. My recent conversation with a childhood friend concerning the activity of people in his life closely resemble the activity of the people I call the Nameless. He belongs to a Catholic church and his perception of consciousness is very different from mine. I can see how he is being manipulated and the difficulty in his life stems from this manipulation.   

The answer to my question was staring right in the face. Something wicked this way comes and it is hiding within Catholic organization. Are the Nameless people of the Catholic faith that have discovered a means to evolve in some way or are the Nameless using Catholicism and its institutions as a front. I can not think of an older more powerful institution that would be a better place to hide in plain site. The Nameless are protecting their interests, power, influence and financial superiority within a well established global network that exists in almost every community and seemingly more powerful in affluent communities.

Whatever or whoever they are, the Nameless have acquired this power and influence with some extraordinary abilities. I have had first hand experience with some of these abilities such as, hearing the thoughts of others, disrupting the flow of vital energy in the body of others (causing illness), influence the thoughts and behavior of others and influence and manifest their immediate reality. As wild as this seems, it is very real (within the scope of consciousness). Their success with these abilities is because the rest of us do not believe it to be possible. I know that these abilities are possible I have had experiences with them and also used some of their abilities to expose them. There have been times when I am able to overcome the EM fields and tap into the greater consciousness and see what it has to offer. I can see what is available to me and available to everyone. 

In my ebook I describe my own use of white powdered gold and the abilities that it can grant the user. I have claimed that white powdered gold was used by the Nameless in order to gain these abilities to exploit others. But many of the abilities I describe were available to me before my use of white powdered gold. Some of the abilities I discovered after my journey through the void. I did not know what had happened to me and I soon pushed them aside out of fear and confusion. The Nameless ensured that my energy levels or vibrational frequency was diminished, by using electromagnetic radiation and drugs to prevent me from evolving consciously. White powdered gold was something that enabled me to regain a level of health, energy or well-being. It allowed my body to repair the damage the Nameless were causing since the my journey through the void and for the better part of my life. I cannot be sure of how the Nameless acquired their abilities, white powdered gold may be one of many or possibly something from another dimension, time or reality. I don’t know.

Let’s consider that the Nameless are consciously evolved Catholic priests and followers running the organization that exist in many forms today (educational, political, judicial, medical, financial, Vatican) and not using Catholic organizations as a front. Any established western religious organization would have a great deal to lose if everyone would begin to discover what I have discovered.  Mainly the deliberate prevention of the expansion of ones consciousness that would lead to ascension in any or many forms. This is not your everyday enlightenment. What I am referring to is to connect with the greater consciousness in its entirety, completely. The path to God, consciousness or whatever you want to call it, would no longer run through the church, temple or mosque. People would begin to connect (as individuals and not as part of a religious order) with the source and evolve consciously in greater numbers. The Catholic power structure would have the most to lose if humankind found a different path to salvation. 

Hasn’t Catholicism (as well as other established religions) been destroying and preventing the right of individuals to expand their consciousness throughout its (their) reign. The use of mysticism, witchcraft, psychedelics, and other esoteric practices have been burned, buried and outlawed. Interestingly this is still being carried out to this day. In the U.S.A. freedom of religion is guaranteed as long as you choose from a list of acceptable practices (or any practice that does not include the use of psychedelics). The Nameless within the Catholic institutions are using their abilities (and technology in the form of electromagnetic radiation) to exploit you, to prevent you from evolving consciously and discovering those same abilities. They have been preventing people from experiencing what I have experienced for quite some time. I experienced an awakening that I was unable to understand some 11 years ago. I am now beginning to understand what had happened to me as I continue to evolve regardless of their attempts to stop or slow it down.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not have a problem with any religion. I was once a person that looked toward religion for answers. Religion serves a purpose for those that are looking for a construct to define their lives. The religious construct became to confining for me so I looked to the East for answers and methods to understand my life.  Religion was part of my experience and has formed my current frame of reference, but I no longer need it. Please do not misunderstand, I do not have any dislike for the people that practice Catholicism, or any other religion. But, what I am now finding disturbing is that there is an interesting connection with my experiences with the Nameless and Catholic organizations.

Don’t take my word for it. Take a look for yourself. I did not write this to create conflict. Conflict goes against any path toward salvation and awakening to the source energy. I wrote this to create awareness and foster a greater awakening. Remember magicians must keep means of the illusion a secret in order for the trick to be effective. If you know the trick, it’s no longer magic. There can be no delusion if you are aware that a delusion exists. And, when you become aware of the dream you suddenly have an urge to wake up.

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