Moon waning crescent 26.2 days, Taurus – Earth. Time 18:43, planet hours: Luna.

The above video investigates the subject of microdosing psychedelic substances. There seems to be a trend in microdosing psychoactive substances in order to improve their relationship with life. Depending on your age you may have some kind of following with famous psychonauts of your generation. Timothy Leary, Shulgin and McKenna were some of those that had gained a following because of their inward travels. I have listened to many hours of Terrance McKenna’s lectures on his relationship with psychedelics as well as shamanism, gnosticism, alchemy, etc.

I am an advocate for the decriminalization of psychedelic substances because I believe that governmental institutions should not have the authority to dictate what a person can do to their body in the privacy of their own home. If they do no harm to anyone including themselves then there is no need for a governmental body to interfere. I am also an advocate for decriminalization because I strongly feel that humanity, especially the current human condition, would benefit from what psychedelic substances have to offer.

Humanity as a whole has benefitted and possibly was accelerated into the information age by the free use of LSD and other psychedelics during the 1960s. There was an article that I read during the dotcom era that discussed interviews with the leading minds of the time, during a Siggrah conference, and found that psychedelics greatly influenced their direction. One of note was Steve Jobs, as well as the founder of Oracle Larry Ellison.

We also understand that many governments have made the use of psychedelics illegal, not even available for clinical trials. It does not take a scholar to realize that psychedelic substances can alter a person’s willingness to question their role within the current social construct that benefits governmental oversight and nationalistic paradigms.

Current rates of suicide continue to climb. The CDC has seen a 30% increase since 1999. With the more recent celebrity suicides and depression reaching epidemic proportions, we need to look backwards, before the widespread distribution of prescription drugs. There is a wealth of information contained within ancient cultural medicines that humanity can benefit from. With the recent legalization of cannabis we should see a decline in depression as the active constituents within cannabis are studied, tested and distributed. But, there are many other psychedelics that are not being studied fully because of outdated mindsets of those elected to political leadership. Maybe we should require microdosing of political leaders with psychedelics much like the tribal empires of our shamanic forefathers.

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