Journal: Tangibility

Moon waning crescent 26.4  days, Cancer – Water. Time 14:45, planet hours: Mercury.

Consciousness is something that I can sense in a quasi-physical way. I beleive that everything within the whole of consciousness is conscious, but not all things are alive. There is an aspect of consciousness that I am beginning to feel or sense as pressure. This could be an attempt by my frame of reference to make sense out of what I am sensing. This stimulus could be a vibration, or resonance, from an energy field or an entity with a very energetic resonance.

I cannot sense and emotional component of the pressure, it is neither negative nor positive. The pressure is not always present, but when I feel it is a very tangible experience for my conscious mind. I interpret the pressure, or energy field, somewhat like opening an oven and feeling the heat radiate over the front of your body, but there is no heat or atmospheric disturbance caused by the rising heat energy. You know it is there, so much so, that you are compelled to reach out and try to touch it.

At this time I do not know what it is. And, as I write this senence I can feel/sense it on the front of my chest, neck and face.

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