Journal: Location…

Moon waning crescent 23.9 days, Taurus – Earth. Time 23:03, planet hours: Jupiter.

I was engaged in a self talk session a few moments ago. It occurred to me that I susceptible to the thoughts and feelings of others in an indirect manner. I believe it people who have this ability are called empaths, but I do not consider myself one. I am probably sensitive to the emotional energy of people in my immediate conscious environment. An overload of background noise…

This helps to explain why I enjoy isolated places. Afternoon bike rides to the top of a mountain during the middle of the week were always worth the struggle to get there so I can take in the silence. When I rode with someone it wasn’t as rewarding and I never understood why until now. The silence and possibly the absence of thoughts (emotional energy) was what drove me to isolated areas.

The feeling of a kind of emotional relief or the absence of emotional energy, other than my own, is very satisfying and uplifting. I cannot find that satisfaction in populated areas. This has never been more evident in my life than at this moment. Meditation offers some relief, but it never compares to complete isolation.

Location, location, location…

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