The Banach–Tarski Paradox

Interesting video on a mathematical paradox. Give it a chance and try to understand what Michael Stevens – Vsauce is presenting. Videos (information) like this are a kind of mental exercise. Where concepts are thrown at your brain and the act of following and incorporating new information stimulates existing synapse and possibly creating new ones. The ’cause’ will present an unimaginable ‘effect’ some time in the not so distant future. Like planting a seed of unknown origin and waiting to see what will start to grow.

Consciousness is infinite. It forever was and it forever will be… If you want to grasp the concept of consciousness you may want to try to understand the infinite. And the above paradox may aid in that understanding. I think it is a healthy practice to poke a stick at the edges of your current understanding of this reality. Start by gently prodding before the first initial jab, works best.

Time: 20:41 – Our physical reality and our physical bodies (conscious selves) are finite. Our reality is subject to constant change, transformation and evolution. Our unconscious selves are just as infinite as the whole of consciousness. I agree with Michael in that the only weirdness is our current existence within our conscious universe. The gnostics would agree that our place here is unnatural. It helps us to understand why we feel separate from our (un)conscious reality and from one another. No worries, when it comes to the end of our finite existence we will once again be able to grasp the infinite.

That separation makes this reality seem like being locked in a cage (prison) sometimes. I remember how that used to feel.

Despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage.

Now it seems, it was a prison (cage) of my own making…

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