TI: Lars Mittank

I am going to start to post cases of alleged targeted individuals that I come across on the world wide web.

On an earlier post, I mentioned the Las Vegas mass shooting perpetrator as a targeted individual based on his behavior. I also mentioned the electronic weapons used on the American embassy in Cuba. This post concerns a missing person named Lars Mittank a German national that went missing in Bulgaria on June 30, 2014.

Lars Mittank was vacationing with friends and ended up in a brawl (row) with other tourists. After suffering an ear injury, Lars chose not to fly home with friends until the injury healed enough to handle pressure changes on an air plane. Surveillance video shows the last known whereabouts of Lars.

The reason why I suggest that Lars was a targeted individual is based upon his behavior while staying at a hostel in Bulgaria and his sudden departure from the airport. The fact that Lars was alone made him an easy target. If one of his friends would have stayed with him, it would have provided him with needed emotional support and the perpetrators probably would not have attacked. His paranoid behavior was similar to mine when under the influence of the electronic weapons. And to go out on a limb, again, they probably used some kind of psychic ability to induce fear and panic while he was at the hostel and also while at the airport; very much like what I still endure.

When I was under attack in Honolulu Hawaii, I wanted to run out of my apartment to somewhere safe. The sensation of the weapons as well as the induced fear makes you want run anywhere else and because the attacks are covert (hidden and undetectable) you cannot be sure if you are starting to lose your grip on reality. For someone that is unfamiliar with these tactics it is a harrowing experience. I chose to stay in my apartment and fend off the attacks until they subsided, I did that for a few months. When I did leave my apartment, I was always being followed by some intimidating people.

If there were people threatening him at the hostel or airport Lars could have attempted to contact the police, but I believe that he didn’t because he had no evidence of the attacks and the weapons induce a state of mistrust in everyone. In a state of panic caused by events and circumstances that are hidden and difficult to explain he did the only thing he could at the time – run.

The nature of the weapons is that they are difficult to detect and have a narrow beam that has the ability to go through walls. The weapons are mobile, hand-held as well as mounted on automobiles. I have found that the weapons can be made ineffective with Faraday shielding using non ferrous metal plates (foil) and screens as well as metal oxides applied with paint. The ultimate protection comes from water. Water has the ability to absorb the harmful energy before it can reach the target.

If Lars was a targeted individual then why? I suspect it was the brawl he got into. Now here where it starts to get deeper into the fringe. There are people (beings) that are indistinguishable from everyone else. These people belong to some kind of organization and if you threaten their safety they will single you out and intimidate you, or target you physically, or undermine your conscious state of mind. If they can undermine your sanity they can have you committed or imprisoned. If Lars is still alive I suspect he is one of many people forced to become part of the homeless population or he is heavily sedated in a mental institution or prison (for his own safety?).

I try to avoid focusing on gang stalking and targeted individual cases. I do so because consciousness will deliver whatever I focus upon. As much as I would like to help all of those that have had these experiences, it would lead down a rabbit hole I am ill prepared for at this time? When I come across an article like this I will post it here. Targeting of individuals are on the rise. Why?

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