Journal: I am not alone

I just finished importing my blogger posts to this site. As I was reviewing the import of the blogger site’s posts I saw there was a comment I received from a reader on blogger and he suggested that I visit Carissa Conti’s site He thought that it would help explain what I am experiencing.

I just read some of Carissa’s posts again and see that she is going through some similar changes.

Her site and book Chasing Phantoms tell of her experiences that are similar to my own, but also very different. It is interesting how a person’s own personal narrative is constructed by their frame of reference.

Carissa’s experiences involve some kind of abduction. In the past, I also suspected alien interference, control, and abduction, but I now lean more toward some kind of phase differential between levels of conscious realities. Possibly two or more levels sharing a temporal resonance (vibrating at the same frequency, portal) whether for a purpose or anomalous characteristics of consciousness. Those that move between levels might not be interpreted as they exist in their level of origin.

Please take a look at her site, it is a different perspective on what I have experienced. I had contacted Carissa after I received the comment on my blog, but she did not reply. She stated on her site that she received far too many ”gang stalking” inquiries and decided not to reply to those inquiries at that time. It seems as though she has changed her view and now has a page called: Gang Stalking vs. Hyperdimensional Matrix Attacks.

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