Journal: Challenge

The most difficult challenge that I face is not focusing my attention upon all that I am able to experience.

Difficulty lies in focussing my attention upon that which I am not yet able to experience.

Every moment the dream narrative that is my life unfolds before me as my reactive mind chases yet another distraction. Where do I need to focus my attention as the magicians perform the trick that is this shared dream?

When I struggle with the challenges of this existence I often hear someone laughing in the distance. Laughter from a source drenched in self satisfaction with a healthy dose of overconfidence.

I garner a bit of my own satisfaction from the sense that I am enough of a point of interest (pain in the ass) for them to find it necessary to laugh at all.

When I explore this level of this shared dream I am always reminded of what I do not want. My excursions into this realm are fewer than what existed in the past. What am I trying to experience that I missed on prior journeys here?

All challenges are accompanied by their own resolutions.

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