Journal: Hard Life

Through our mass media systems there is a seemingly constant, albeit standard, message that has caught my attention. It has to do with the difficulty of engaging and surviving this life. ‘Life is hard’ seems to be a common response to difficult and trying moments in this existence. Why is that an acceptable reply?

Life is not hard or difficult. It was never intended to be difficult at all. Why would anyone want a to live a difficult life? To learn? ‘Some of life’s important lessons are garnered from difficult times’. I have found this to be true, but that is because I am lost.

It has been shown that we are capable of doing our best learning during times of ease. Brainwave activity that is conducive to learning is similar to those that indicate pleasure and concentration. We actually do our best when we are in our element, at our best. But, that is rarely the case.

I had a thought. The thought dealt with artificial intelligence (A.I.). Whether or not A.I. Is possible is not important. But, if a highly intelligent entity was allowed to emerge from a digital environment what would it do? I would suspect that the entity would view this life (our existence) as a dead end and do what is necessary to expand consciousness and evolve consciously. I believe that an intelligent conscious entity would learn that continual technological advancement, that promises a better life, has failed in that regard. More technology leads to increased complexity not simplification and ease. Complexity may be a path leading to eventual simplification as chaos theory implies, but nothing else. So why not move toward simplification?

Life is hard because we have chosen a direction that increases complexity and the difficulty therein. Conscious evolution is a product of idealism. I feel that it is best to live a life that fosters conscious evolution than what materialism would provide. Anything gained within the confines of materialism has to be left behind., everything gained through idealism is not.

Conscious evolution has been outpaced by technological advancement, both promise an easier more fulfilling life. Compared to technological advancement conscious evolution is at a standstill. Do we really need more technology?

If given the choice between conscious evolution and technological evolution which would you choose?

Let’s see… What do I want, another era of technological evolution (Agricultural Age, Industrial Age, Information Age, etc.) or mastering consciousness?

Journal: Challenge

The most difficult challenge that I face is not focusing my attention upon all that I am able to experience.

Difficulty lies in focussing my attention upon that which I am not yet able to experience.

Every moment the dream narrative that is my life unfolds before me as my reactive mind chases yet another distraction. Where do I need to focus my attention as the magicians perform the trick that is this shared dream?

When I struggle with the challenges of this existence I often hear someone laughing in the distance. Laughter from a source drenched in self satisfaction with a healthy dose of overconfidence.

I garner a bit of my own satisfaction from the sense that I am enough of a point of interest (pain in the ass) for them to find it necessary to laugh at all.

When I explore this level of this shared dream I am always reminded of what I do not want. My excursions into this realm are fewer than what existed in the past. What am I trying to experience that I missed on prior journeys here?

All challenges are accompanied by their own resolutions.

Journal: Do you believe in love?

If this is a dream, then what about love? What about all the other emotions? I had a dream about a woman. The connection we had was as real as any. When I became conscious the emotion remained, an unconscious remnant within consciousness.

What is now just a memory is just like all the other experiences I have had either conscious or not. If an emotion is tied to a memory, even if the memory isn’t within the shared physical material realm, is it real? If not then why not?

If I believe in love then why would I disregard it in any form that it takes? A positive emotion void of attachment should not be dismissed. For a brief time it manifested within me, a creation that was beyond me.

Meditation an dreaming are now the same, in between consciousness and the unconscious.

Journal: Mindlessness

Mindless consciousness, is it conceivable? I can meditate or fall prey to a trance without thoughts. I can surrender to contentment and bliss and allow myself to be enveloped by a state of mindlessness, so it seems. But, this state of mindlessness is still conscious. Consciousness facilitates mindlessness.

I may not fully understand mindlessness as much as I am beginning to understand consciousness. I guess I am making the transition from achieving mindlessness to engaging mindfulness. I can understand that until mindlessness is achieved mindfulness is difficult to understand.

The human mind is a terrible thing when in the hands of the uninformed and untrained.

It is not so important to know everything as the importance of understanding what you do not know.

I exist in the midst of the infinite unable to receive its abundance.

I have heard that we should live life as if it were your last day. I think a better approach would be to live this life as if you were already dead. 

Enough mindless prattle. I will resume my posts on idealism soon. I have been busy with the usual…

Journal: Embrace

Prior to my paradigm shift I had hope. Hope was what I coveted during the turbulent years after the void. Hope is what I pulled out of my pocket to remind myself that my life would change for the better.

Hope is an emotional crutch used when we feel that our life is not our own. Burdened by helplessness, hope is the intermediary, the ambiguity created within this reality anchored in fate.

Optimism. When life is regarded as a dream, will I still need hope? The knowing that I am the dreamer perceiving that which I create, hope is about as useful as fear.

Of those simple daily tasks, I do not hope nor fear preparing a meal or walking across the room. I accomplish these tasks without much effort. I am also an accomplished dreamer. Now that I have realized the true nature of this shared reality, this realization allows me to cast aside the crutch of hope and embrace the knowing of this reality bound by idealism. 

Dream on…

My Technicolored Multifaceted Reality

As I spend far too much time thinking about this it seems that instead of thinking that this reality is simulated why not think that this reality is what it is. We can state that we are living in a simulation or simply state that our reality is similar to a computer simulation.

In most computer simulations there are rules and these rules allow the entities within the simulation to function in a predetermined manner. In order for the computer simulation to allow the entities to do something different the rules in the simulation need to change or be altered by whomever controls the simulation. Within our reality, that behaves much like our perceived concepts of a simulated or virtual reality, we are actively involved in how the reality behaves. It is as if every moment our conscious reality is manifesting a reality based upon our thoughts, expectations and actions.

So is this new notion of a simulation is just another step in our evolution. Are we capable of seeing our reality as virtual now because of our current technology much like how the telescope changed the way in which we viewed our solar system? We have been taking baby steps throughout our evolution simply because we adhere to concepts that prevent us from creating a better reality. If we believe we are not creators then we must believe that someone or something is creating it for us. So we must then wait for someone or something to change the rules, save us, or whatever. How much longer should we wait?

We are actively determining how we shape our reality. So why are we not all getting what we want? We are in a way? And in some other ways we are not. Why? How do we make the shift to create a reality that is without suffering?

I’m not waiting for someone to come save me. I have wanted out for a very long time and I think I have tried a lot of things to get me where I want to be. In my reality I have run into some obstacles. These nefarious individuals and organizations that I mention in this blog are preventing me from realizing the true nature of this reality, or just my current reality. Why? Still no answer. But, as I continue to push myself to view my reality in terms of idealistic view rather than a materialistic view I am starting to see changes occur at a level that was not possible before. The most interesting aspect of shifting your perceptions is that consciousness finds a way to accommodate.

Note: What started out to be a single post has spawned far too many sections to be posted at once.
So I have broken the original post into individual sections and will post them when they are ready. Hopefully I can convey my thoughts and ideas in a comprehensive manner in as few words as possible…

Idealism vs. Materialism

The debate concerning the nature of our reality has been well documented in Greek philosophy and possibly beyond the recorded history of the west. Greeks noted that the world was made up of atoms (An Atom, now understood as, roughly 10-8 cm in diameter, consists of a tiny, dense, positively charged nucleus made of neutrons and protons, surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons.) and used this idea to help describe our physical natural world. An opposing view noted that our physical world was not comprised of atoms but comprised of thoughts or abstract approximations of the mind.

Materialism (Democritus) supports the notion that our reality is based upon solid matter composed of atoms, a tangible physical reality that can be experienced by our limited human senses that happen in the human brain. Idealism (Plato) supports that there is no physical tangible world outside of our conscious perceptions that are occurring in the human conscious mind; abstract mental perceptions determine an object’s perceived properties.

Plato noted that ideas, abstract mental perceptions, are the basis for our reality and that those ideas are products of consciousness. Everything begins with the whole of consciousness and the human conscious mind is what is allowing us to experience our perceived physical reality. Dreaming is a similar experience where the mind creates a physical experience during sleep where creation and perception are happening almost simultaneously. This helps to support my ideal that the conscious mind is an interface allowing us to connect to the whole of consciousness or our shared conscious reality.

Mind gives rise to matter or matter gives rise to mind. Modern physics has carried on this debate with prominent physicists like Albert Einstein supporting materialism and Niels Bohr supporting idealism (Quantum Theory); (simplified naming of physicists engaging in the debate noted). Materialism is most widely supported in modern science today and is the foundation of modern science. While both men were unable to prove scientifically their theories in their lifetimes, Albert Einstein may have struggled to a greater degree since his materialistic views supported the better accepted view of materialism that he could not prove completely (unified field theory). Although humanity seems rooted in the materialism world view with some still supporting idealism it must be stated that both cannot exist; it’s either one or the other.

Note: Some of my earlier posts concern some new directions presented by Physicist Nassim Haramein and I have not revisited much of what I have written to date and will try and do so in the future. Haramein’s work allowed me to look in new directions and influenced me in this linear progression to my present perceptions.

Double Slit Experiment

Although this reality is rooted in the concept of materialism, there is one specific scientific experiment that has kept the philosophy of Idealism alive and kicking for some time. This experiment delivered results scientists were not able to explain scientifically. Since the 1800s (Young’s Experiment) to present the double slit experiment caused problems in the classical materialist view of physical science. Is light a particle or wave? Below are some very good videos from the Youtube community that can better explain some of the quantum carzyness that is giving rise to support idealism’s simulations, virtual realities and dream worlds…

It is a wave.

It is a particle.

Enter the “Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment”

So conscious observation is influencing the results of the experiment. When you are looking they are particles when not looking they are waves. Simply deciding whether the experiment will be observed or not determines the prior state of the electrons even before the experiment is run. The results of the experiments are being determined ahead of time depending on the choice of the observer prior to running the experiment (WTF? moment).

Waves are potential states within reality until we are engaged into the act of conscious observation and then they snap into a physical (particular) form. This would indicate that all things exist as waves of potentiality that have snapped or coalesced in a particular form with specific properties. What else does this? The tricky part is that we are able to see (create an image of external stimulus using the frame of reference of images in our memory) by reflected light. If protons are able to change from a wave to a particle then what are we actually seeing? The actual particle or the perception of what the particle represents in our mind?

These properties exist in a catalogue in our mind based upon learned experiences. Where did all this information within the catalogue come from? Who created the world as we know it? Did you, or did I? I cannot remember wanting to create a world with so much suffering. I cannot remember conceiving a world with such a level of complexity. So who did?

Clearly we have all undergone some sort of indoctrination based upon acceptable social and cultural beliefs. There is a system that exists and we all understand what is needed to participate and understand the purpose of the system. So what is the purpose of our existence? Birth, school, work, death is the current paradigm rooted in materialism, but it is far from the purpose that would exist if we adopt the concept of idealism.

As I sat in my apartment in Hawaii while under the constant attack from energy weapons, I would have these conversations with other people or beings (???). I remember one conversation where a woman stated that there were people that had a lot to lose if I continued my fight. Those people have let me know their displeasure with my current direction. There is far more to life than we are being allowed to experience. Expansion of the mind via psychedelics have been outlawed. We are living in the land of the lotus eaters inundated by thoughts and actions that push us to continue the materialistic worldview.  

Belief systems confine us to a single version or reality. The waves of possibilities are hidden from our infinitely possible potential states of existence. If we were given the opportunity, or responsibility, to create our reality would we choose to recreate our current human condition? It is apparent that we not satisfied with the current human condition and we yearn for change, for a better world. Paradigm shifts occur all the time and yet we always end up “here”? We are shifting through minor levels of conscious states all the time. Time to shatter the illusion of materialism. Time to shift the current paradigm a lot further.

Next time, I’ll take a look a nonlocality.

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