Journal: Mindlessness

Mindless consciousness, is it conceivable? I can meditate or fall prey to a trance without thoughts. I can surrender to contentment and bliss and allow myself to be enveloped by a state of mindlessness, so it seems. But, this state of mindlessness is still conscious. Consciousness facilitates mindlessness.

I may not fully understand mindlessness as much as I am beginning to understand consciousness. I guess I am making the transition from achieving mindlessness to engaging mindfulness. I can understand that until mindlessness is achieved mindfulness is difficult to understand.

The human mind is a terrible thing when in the hands of the uninformed and untrained.

It is not so important to know everything as the importance of understanding what you do not know.

I exist in the midst of the infinite unable to receive its abundance.

I have heard that we should live life as if it were your last day. I think a better approach would be to live this life as if you were already dead. 

Enough mindless prattle. I will resume my posts on idealism soon. I have been busy with the usual…

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