Simulation May Not Bee The Right Word

As I struggle to understand consciousness and or conscious reality the word ‘simularion’ might not be the best term to describe our reality.

Simulation connotes something that is similar like a copy, replica or possibly a fake, or something that is counterfeit.
Until I can come up with an appropriate alternative for simulation or better define and understand my relationship with consciousness simulation may be a good place to start, but it fails to adequately describe our shared conscious reality.
Simulation regarding consciousness is not meant to represent a copy. The term virtual reality may be more appropriate, but it connotes replication of a a real or imagined environment via a computer program much like the film ‘The Matrx’. 
I want to use familiar terms and popular cultural terminology, but I must admit they fail to represent what I am attempting to convey. As I proceed I must concede that none of the above clearly represents my view and relationship with consciousness. Unfortunately the word ‘dream’ is a better way of defining consciousness, but it also suggests fantasy and possibly illusion. 
Consciousness may be some kind of simulated virtual dream, but conscious experience is also very tangible and real, for lack of a better term, while also being so much more.
In the past we have heard that we only use 10 percent of our conscious mind’s capacity (in relation to the subconscious an unconscious). It might be better stated that we use less than 10 percent of consciousness. If I am correct in the notion that the human brain is just a memory based interface to the whole of consciousness, then we may just need to expand the amount of bandwidth between the interface and the whole consciousness. Once this happens then we would have access to the infinite possibilities within the whole consciousness itself. A grand awakening indeed…

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