A Simulated Reality

Buzzards fleeing after feeding on a carcass as I approach…

Pertaining to this simulation, one of the first questions I have asked has to do with why or the purpose of the simulation. Sadly, I do not have an answer to that question at this time and I may never find an answer. I cannot fallback on some new age rational, it is the utter complexity of the simulation itself that makes understanding it purpose futile. Regardless of the futility of my quest, I am interested in obtaining a better understanding of the simulation.

It is difficult to describe and define what I want to accomplish. My past and ongoing experiences compel me to better understand those experiences. Nothing makes sense anymore. The foundation in which I base my concept of reality has shifted. My inherited paradigm is no longer valid and I question my experiences as well as my own frame of reference. I have woken up to the fact that everything I know is fiction. Now what? Try to throw out everything you have inherited a start with something new?

I am moving toward a concept of conscious simulation. A simulation where there are no deities. A simulation where I have the ability to interact, interfere, manifest and navigate within its physical reality and beyond its boundaries.


What about consciousness? Where does consciousness fit into the framework of a simulation? I am beginning to think that consciousness is the simulation, the framework or operating system.

Where is the simulation executing? Could the simulation be executing in the human mind? Could each sentient being running a unique simulation that is collectively expressed as our shared reality. The phrase “it is all in your mind” could not be more correct in this case.

Running a unique simulation is what we do when we dream and even in our dream state we share similar experiences with people in similar social constructs. What are dreams? Do they connect us to another level of consciousness? Our brain is not always capable of differentiating between dreams and our conscious reality. My experiences confirm that dreams are connected to our daily conscious reality. Dreams could very well be portals to other levels of consciousness (parallel existences). Electromagnetic radiation alters my dream experiences. When I wake up from a negative dream or one where the experience is one of poverty and struggle I can feel the effects of a strong electromagnetic radiation weapon. Are dreams being used to alter my perceptions or behavior in my conscious waking reality?

Consciousness must be executing outside of our mind also. Our natural world is a physical manifestation of consciousness. Everything within consciousness is conscious. Every single element and atom is conscious. If something is not conscious it cannot exist within consciousness (I will try to prove this statement). Consciousness is infinite in depth and in constant state of change. Consciousness has infinite levels where infinite possibilities can exist. Is the human mind our conscious interface to consciousness?


The human mind. What is its purpose? Could the human mind be an interface to our simulated world. Is the human mind a means of accessing the simulation like our digital devices access the internet? When we alter the mind then we can alter our experience, but what is altered? Are our perceptions altered? Is consciousness altered? Do our altered perceptions alter consciousness?

Altered states can be induced by the use of drugs as well as electrical, audio and visual stimulation. There is also the use of ORMUS (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element or M-state element). ORMUS alter, change or induce the energy state of a biological organism. The energy or life force of the biological organism altered by ORMUS is heightened and attracts similar energy to the biological organism. I have used ingested “white powdered gold” crafted by a company formerly called ASC-Alchemy a truly permanently transformative process. Thank you Rose…

A device I use daily produces biologically beneficial energy. I could not have survived without the use of my updated devices. They provide me with enough energy to nullify the negative electromagnetic energy that is directed toward me on a daily and nightly basis. The energy alters and enhances the mind in interesting ways and may be responsible for my current perceptions I now describe.

Psychedelic drugs can remove filtering mechanisms in the mind and expand the mind’s frame of reference. Psychedelics are abundant in the natural physical manifestation of consciousness. They have been used by humanity to understand and navigate our conscious experiences. Their use fosters leaps in human evolution and even our technological advances have been affected by psychedelics. There are reason why the use of psychedelics are illegal in most countries. Most of those reasons come from those that benefit from banning their use.

In my experiences the mind can be disrupted or enhanced which brings about degraded (limited) or upgraded (unlimited) experiences. I have experienced the uncanny access to information that I call ‘knowing’. It is simply receiving answers or information. Answers spill out of consciousness when needed. Answers that did not involve standard cognition or even intuition. These times of clarity have been brief, sometimes only lasting a day. Most of the time when I am in a state of clarity it is often disrupted by electromagnetic radiation.

Ultimately the human mind is a gateway without a firewall. Anyone can access your mind and alter your experiences. American advertising is a prime example of how audio and visual stimulation can alter a person’s behavior. My experiences indicate that there is an active organization within my level of consciousness that uses technology, drugs, chemicals and intimidation to induce fear in order to lower life force energy in order to alter your mind in order to control behavior. Pretty scary shit when you are unaware of what is being done to you.

Oh My God

A simulation is an easier concept to work with than an organized system of beliefs (aka the R word). A simulation better explains this reality because it is rooted in what can be sensed. In order for a simulation to be properly understood it must do so in the absence of deifying that which we do not understand. If there is no higher power then we are forced to figure out the cause. 80-90 percent of the population has or does believe in a higher power or deity for thousands of years and yet we seem to be on the verge of a war between the followers of those deities.

I have experienced orbs illuminating my bedroom as they passed through and have caught them on video surveillance equipment around my home. What are they? Are they conscious beings from other levels of consciousness? Do they exist to us as orbs of energy because we are very limited by our senses (limited visible light spectrum, limited audio 20-20K Hz) and ultimately limited by our frame of reference. 

I have experienced walking past a person or being that my mind had difficulty interpreting. It is a very uncomfortable experience when your mind struggles to frame visual information with a limited database of stored imagery. My immediate reaction was extra-terrestrial, but that may not be the cause. Extra-conscious beings may better explain what I experienced. 

Most of what I experienced in Hawaii was just a group of people using technology to scare the crap out of me. It worked. I was asking aliens and deities for help every minute of the day. Today, I a bit older and more wise. My last experience with energy sapping technology came from a beat up late model green van parked across the street from my home. The weapon was operated by a portly man in his forties. He was hardly a higher power and he was definitely not an extraterrestrial from what I could see. These attacks are now a rare occurrence because they are ineffective. They are ineffective because they are not viewed as magic, a higher power or alien. 

I have encountered people that can put the fear of God into me, a very uncomfortable fight or flight response. I have also experienced people that are able to stop or stall the flow of energy through my biological energy meridiums. These attacks can momentarily feel like a heart attack. How is this done? How can they read my mind and alter my emotional state? I have encountered some very talented people capable of inflicting harm without touching me. Are they demons or angels? Probably not. They are willing to kill to protect something. What are they protecting?

One thing is certain they are not deities. They are humans acting inhumane, and unfortunately there seem to be a lot of them.

The Real Secret

This simulated reality is constantly vying for our attention. One possible purpose of the simulation could be to provide for us within this existence. For those that are aware of this it is a beneficial relationship. For those that are unaware it creates a simulated reality that resembles a prison for indentured slaves; similar to our current human condition. To this day I have never encountered a person or being of extremely high life energy that was destitute. Most of them were middle class or wealthy. They are talented artists, athletes and professionals. There is something called “the real secret” and it is being selectively shared and used to exploit others; the majority of others. Have you ever tried to live by the philosophies of “The Secret”? How’s that working out for you? Okay? Kind of? Not so well?

This simulated reality has been filled with distractions on every level hoping to keep you occupied and focused on something else. Those people that surveil me once yelled from a passing car, “you could have had anything you wanted”. They did not understand that they do not possess anything that I want. After exiting the void and entering this conscious reality I was on my way to becoming one of them. But, I quickly found out that I could not relate to them and did not want anything to do with them. Within their organization nothing is free, everything comes with some kind of cost. There is a definite hierarchy with a lot of them stepping on others to get to the top.

I want to ascend to a higher state of consciousness and remain there. No one can give that to me. They are beginning to understand that no one can control access to higher consciousness indefinitely. I have already experienced it. I am just unable to maintain it when I am able to achieve it. That is changing too. Everything is in a constant state of change and that is the nature of the conscious simulated reality and it is a very good thing.

Me, me, me…

What is my role in this? I haven’t a clue. I know that there is a good deal of attention in the surveillance of my whereabouts. When I encounter a person or being of higher life energy they take a step back and become very angry; as with brief encounter with a man in the parking lot of Simplay Labs in Sunnyvale California – he was livid. Or they become afraid as if I was going to harm them.

My most recent experience happened at a bank. The woman in front of me was a person of high life force and I could feel it. She became aware of my presence and the usual experience unfolded. We were wired or connected and the feeling of my thoughts not being my own was a point of focus. She conducted her business and then left. When I left there was a police officer parked partially on the median of the road just outside the Bank. I have experienced this in past encounters as well as a swarm of their minions running interference. This usually prompts a WTF reaction. Followed by a why are they so afraid of me?

I have seen higher life force people scatter as I walked through Half Moon Bay California downtown area, stop and quickly turn around and quickly walk away as I walked toward them on the sidewalk at Santana Row in San Jose California, or turn around while cycling on a mountain road after I pass by on my bicycle. Why? I believe the answer lies within the framework of the simulation. I’ll let you know when I receive an answer.

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