Simple Minds


It has been a while since my last post. I stopped posting regularly because I did not have much to say. The trials and tribulations of being a targeted (gang stalked) individual does not have much variation. The song remains the same today and with my latest assessment of my past and current life, not much has changed. But, there is one thing that has changed and that is my sense of self. But, most important is the manner in which I view my-self within the realms of consciousness.

After five plus years of radiation and intimidation I have gotten used to it, to the point of it being normal. I am not afraid of the rather benign tactics of intimidation. I have found ways to reduce and even eliminate the radiation. Even the attacks on my biological energy centers are limited to the point of being a minor annoyance. 

I have learned the why of my importance in this strange reality. Why so much attention is being wasted on my simple life. Why so many people are being compensated to surveil my daily activity. It is their simple inability to control my actions and thoughts. I started to put it altogether recently. And the one night I thought to be chivalrous and defend a girlfriend’s honor (now a very long time ago) was the key that lead me to my current theory. On that night I challenged a guy that touched my girlfriend inappropriately in a local bar. They guy was no match for me, but when I confronted him he punched me in the face. I pounced, then the bouncers grabbed me and we were both thrown out of the bar. I went after him outside the bar and for some reason I was unable to harm him in any significant way. It was as if I was being inhibited. I could not land a punch. All I could do was to grab him, but I could not inflict any harm even though I was completely sober. My ridiculous attempt to pound him into the sidewalk was broken up by two police officers and we went our separate ways. That night has puzzled me for a very long time. At that time in my life I was being controlled in someway. Since my journey through the void I have become aware of the control they had on me and with that awareness came resistance. With my more recent experiences, that I will describe in later posts, have allowed me to begin to formulate my current premise.

I have grown from my Protestant beginnings through eastern philosophies then settling on something that borders on agnostic atheism. I have tried almost every New Age trick and gizmo to get to attain and sustain some level of ascension or enlightenment. I now am entering a phase that I currently do not have a simple definition for. The only way I can describe it is by using the term simulation. Eastern philosophies have always regarded our conscious reality as a dream and since ancient texts were not familiar with the term simulation, a “dream world” fits the definition of a simulation. I have to admit that after viewing ‘The Matrix’ back in the late 90’s there was something compelling me to pay attention to the simulated environment represented in the film. The key here is the simulated reality, not necessarily what we typically refer to as a computer simulation. It might be more along the lines of ‘Simulacra & Simulations’ a 1981 philosophical treatise by Jean Baudrillard, possibly a simulation without a substrate or definable construct.

I have experienced things I cannot explain and I had believed that I was certifiably delusional (that door is still open). But, I can function normally and go about my, so called, life reasonably well considering these extraordinary experiences. I have had experiences in my dreams that were concluded in my conscious reality while I was awake. My conscious reality and my dreams were dependent upon one another and all I was able to do was to watch it unfold before me. I have moved between levels of consciousness so often that I have become familiar with certain levels as well as the people and their characteristic behavior for that level. Mastering these changes in levels is tricky and their are issues concerning the appropriate time. Life energy (chi, prana, etc.) is crucial to levels of consciousness and those that use microwave radiation as a weapon use it to control access to levels of consciousness.

I have increased the strength of the energy that the original device was able to achieve. I have used this energy to sustain and maintain a level of consciousness within this simulation. I am still within an experimental stage using the devices and understand that the energy that emanates from the devices may be contributing to the experiences I mention above. My new course concerning this blog is to write about consciousness as a simulation. I will attempt to define this conscious simulation and how it might be possible to understand the simulated environment we call consciousness. I will also like to write about my experiences with certain people or beings that seem to be aware of the simulated environment as well as their possible roles in the maintenance of the the simulation for their benefit.

I hope that those of you reading this blog will comment and contribute so we can all explore this simulated conscious environment we call reality.

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