Extraordinary Contentment

As you may have noticed that I have not been updating this blog on a regular basis. I really do not wish to engage or reinforce a malformed conscious reality. My focus, now, is to recreate my conscious reality with a more desirable and beneficial construct. 

What prompted this entry was a realization that most of what I feel emotionally is false except for what should only be described as fundamental conscious constant. Out of all the emotions that are possible, contentment is the one emotion that should be allowed to dominate the moments of our lives. I say this because if you allow contentment to become the constant in your life consciousness will respond.
Negative thoughts and emotional responses are in absence of contentment. I have realized that I have unconsciously allowed negative thoughts to enter my mind, so to speak. I allow this to happen when I am not focused upon contentment and being conscious, or attentive. I guess today was the first time I realized I was floating on a raft of negativity upon an ocean of contentment. 
Time to dive in… 

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