08.19.11 (Transfered from original blog)

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08.19.11 – I have been thinking about the role of the Nameless in our society. We are living in difficult times right now, but they have also been here for a very long time. So can I blame them for the current and past states of chaos, war, poverty and suffering. If they are in positions of control then I have to say that they are not doing such a good job. I have seen them in teaching positions at the university I graduated from. I have recently seen them in the medical profession. I cannot say that either of those institutions are doing a very good job and at a cost that would make educational and medical services available to everyone. Not at this level of consciousness.
    I know that at higher level of consciousness there are vast differences in the way the level function. I have seen a higher level and things are very different than my current level is at this time. It begins to look as if this level is one where we are treated as livestock. Those that I have encountered take on the role of reporting, surveilling and controlling. Much of the control tends to limit the amount that one can ascend to a higher state of consciousness or awareness. When I mention awareness I am not speaking about spiritual awareness (I am redefining spirituality for myself at this time). I am speaking about becoming aware of a reality that is being hidden from us. Unfortunately it may have nothing to do with our notion or concept of spirituality. It may have more to do with conscious awareness at the level of intellectual understanding and perception. The all elusive spiritual self realization may not exist at all. It is beginning to feel as if there are more evolved humans living among us. They are preying upon this notion of spirituality. They are using it against us. We are all seeking some form of understanding concerning the mystical and spiritual. But what may actually exist is far from our current concept of religion and spirituality. If we heard music for the very first time we would think it was divine. We would even go as far to say that the musician was a spiritual being. We would feel that way because it was new to us. Our means of addressing this new sound would be difficult at first. The very first time people saw a movie of a train they thought the train was going to come out run them over. Our mind has difficulty understanding experiences that lack some common point of reference. Most of our extraordinary experiences fall under the umbrella of the mystical or paranormal. Some even are completely disregarded and forgotten. I believe that our current perceptions are misguided. The world we live in is far from the reality of our planet and universe enough to make the movie The Matrix a laughable concept. 
    I went looking for that thing called spirituality and what I have found was spiritual in the beginning, but as my experiences continue there is very little spirituality that remains. On a positive note there are those that are here to help us.

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