08.16.11 (Transfered from original blog)

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08.16.11 – Greetings… Some significant changes have been made and I have again survived the onslaught of those I call the Nameless. I will not go into much detail pertaining to the changes at this time, but I will say that I am at a safer location. The Nameless did all they could to make the transition a difficult. They persisted in their use of the electromagnetic radiation up until the last day. They were also continuing the psychic attacks, but the attacks have not been very effective. 
    The new location is safer for me. I am surrounded by family and friends and it has made a big difference in my health and well being. Even though I am in a safer location it does not mean that I am free of the Nameless. I recently visited with family and some distant cousins. The spouse of the cousin was one of the Nameless. I knew it the moment we were introduced. We could not sustain eye contact with each other and the short conversation we had was strained. We spent the rest of the time avoiding each other, but that did not keep the person from attempting to attack me before they left. They even went as far as taking pictures of me, which is something they do to keep a record of people that are aware of them or that can sense something about them.
    My cousin and the Nameless person have a child together. I am finding that this sort of thing is fairly common. It is as if they are engaged in some sort of breeding program. I might be correct when I once called them “Locum Tenens”. If they are bent on replacing us by breeding us out then they are doing so right in front of our eyes and without our consent. I say they, but I am also implying that I don’t know what they are. They are not like myself and some of the people I know, they are definitely a more evolved human (for lack of a better term).
    The new environment that I am now in is saturated by the Nameless and their minions. I see them and sense when they are near me. It is a strange relationship I have with them. I can pick them out of a crowd. I know that they can hear my thoughts and I have successfully forced them to start looking around as I communicate with them (they can hear me, but I can not hear them). They always have a strained look on their faces when they find out that someone knows who they are. Soon after that encounter, one of them went out of his way to let me know he did not approve of what I did, but I have no fear of them anymore. On one of my more recent excursions I overheard a couple of people say “that’s him, I know that that’s him” as I walked by. I turned to see them watching me as I walked past. I get it, I really do. I’m the anomaly. I have been through this many times. It no longer surprises me nor does it bother me. I go to the stores where they shop and work and they stare at me with that familiar warning written across their faces. I can even surprise some of them when I approach them. Their look of confusion is a dead giveaway. They do not know what to make of me. As I have stated before, I seem to be projecting my thoughts or something else at a higher level. When I used to consume cannabis, whatever I was/am projecting (thoughts or whatever) was/is increased to annoying levels. I still wonder if the campaign to keep cannabis illegal might be backed by the Nameless. Cannabis may amplify or cause some kind of interference with the way they are able to tap into our thoughts. I plan on experimenting with cannabis and how if effects their abilities and or enhances mine some time in the near future. I’ll post my experiences here.
    I feel compelled to ask one thing of them, no, I challenge them to tell me who they are and why I am so different. I challenge them to tell me the role I play in their lives or plans. I challenge them to come clean and let me know what the hell this is all about. I am one person and I know that they exist in greater numbers, so why am I a threat. They are everywhere and they blend in very well. They have been part of every aspect of my life, living in plain view, undetected until I figured it out over the past 10 years. They come in all shapes sizes colors and genders and occupy all kinds of positions and occupations. What do they have to lose in telling me what they are or what they want? Even if they tell me who is going to believe me if I try and tell the rest of the world? 
    Every time I sit down to post an entry in this blog I feel that I have gone over the edge. This sounds more like my own personal version of a Dairy of a Madman.
    I apologize for not posting in a while. I hope to make up for it in the near future. Thank all of you that have purchased my ebook. I have begun the second volume, but I have no clue as to when it will be completed. And again, thank all of you that have sent me love and support.

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