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08.22.11 – I recently read an article concerning extraterrestrial contact – Hoping to Contact Extraterrestrials? Think Again. It was more of a warning about extraterrestrial contact than anything else and they did make an interesting and ominous statement: “Just as we did to those beings, the extraterrestrials might proceed to kill, infect, dissect, conquer, displace or enslave us, stuff us as specimens for their museums or pickle our skulls and use us for medical research… “. This might not be too far from what is going on at this time to some degree. As I have been trying to figure out the origin of the people/beings/whatever I have encountered, the term alien extraterrestrials often comes up (at this time I do not have any evidence to support that the Nameless are or have descended from another planet). I then started to think about the term alien and how it is used in our language. We call things alien when we refer to things that are not from our country or planet. When we use the words alien extraterrestrials we are talking about beings from other planets visiting our home planet as if we were the original inhabitants. I am now wondering if that is actually the case. With the beings that I have encountered, and continue to encounter, I am beginning to believe that we may not have been the original inhabitants or native species of this planet. There is too much information that is missing that links us to primitive humankind. The missing link may not even exist. We may be aliens of this planet or some sort of genetic colonization project that was started by the Nameless or some other advanced race of being. These people or beings that I encounter have been here for a very long time. They have been involved in our lives on a daily basis. They have been guiding us by helping to create the stories within our cultures and religions. The alien terrestrial myth may be just another diversion to keep us from the truth that we are the aliens or created by aliens.
    I am an anomaly. On one of my recent encounters with one of the Nameless (or a more sympathetic evolved being), they covertly suggested at a genetic mutation. The message was delivered with a slight air of revulsion. When I consider that I may be a genetic mutation it begins to explain a lot of things. It explains the amount of hatred or “genetic discrimination” that I have endured since exited the void and I have declined becoming part of their organization. I may very well be some kind of genetic mutation that they need to keep monitoring or controlling. I am beginning to think that there are a lot of genetic mutations like myself that have certain traits that are similar to their own. I speculate that that most of them are part of the organization, either knowingly or unknowingly. It begins to make sense to me as I continue to rehash my past experiences. The things I have witnessed and the abilities that allowed me to be above the average in some areas of my life. The opportunities that were presented to me as well as the people that were present in my life at that time. Since I was able to notice what was going on in my life intuitively, or otherwise, I became suspicious and distrustful. Instead of following along or conforming, I diverted my attention away from the secular or material they were providing, or tempting me with, to the spiritual. As I became more interested in the why I am this way and experimenting with psychedelics and white powdered gold I began to encounter the wrath of the Nameless. My persistence brought me dangerously close to evolving into one of them or something close to them. My short lived ability to hear the thoughts of other Nameless was immediately quashed by days of intense electromagnetic radiation to eliminate that ability. They still use that radiation to control and prevent me from evolving and limiting my health. I believe they are stunting my health and eventual physical and spiritual (?) evolution.
    Most of my life I have seen things differently or seen things that others are unable to see. Since I became aware of them, I have always wondered what was going on. It might be that I am a lot more different than I had thought possible. If I am a mutation then what does that make me? A more important question may be what are we? The notion that we are a crop of humans that were grown here on this planet by some of the more intelligent, more evolved humans makes more sense than all the other stories that make our human experience. Our Nameless caretakers and their offspring live among us and weed out the anomalies and mutations (those like myself that have seen beyond the delusion of this reality) so that they can preserve this existence. If this notion has any merit, then we are pieces on a game board being manipulated in some sadistic experiment. We are prisoners of this existence and consciousness is our only exit.
    There seem to be different factions of the Nameless and they may very well be using us in their battle for control. The ancient alien theories purport that our ancient history is rife with evidence of wars between aliens races or among the aliens themselves. Our current state of affairs between nations, corporations and beliefs may be a effect of their conflict. The people I have referred to as time travelers or tourists come to our planet to view the drama and spectacle of this human condition as if we were some sort of zoo. Our news and television programs are only a means for advertising. Our planet sits on the outer edges of our galaxy like an amusement park located in an unincorporated area of a city. They come to watch us struggle through our primitive existence… I could be way off base or spot on, I just don’t know. The Nameless that I had encountered in the past tried to end my life, put me in the hospital or make me crazy (or all the above). Whether or not they are alien beings from another planet, I just can’t say.
     I don’t want to be too negative, so I have to repeat that there are other beings, or evolved humans, among us that are helping us. I know this because they are helping me. I am still here because of them. Maybe they are just helping me to add to the drama of the zoo called planet Earth. Call it divine intervention if you want, but I believe that there may be a more spectacular, albeit a little more mundane, explanation. Our planet may be more of a mixture of nationalities, races and cultures than we are aware of at this time. Highly evolved beings that have been with us throughout our existence have been right along side us. There may be no such thing as aliens or extraterrestrials at all. We may be nothing but a lower form of an alien species from some other origin.
    One word for the next post – Bacteria…

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