06.11.11 (Transfered from original blog)

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06.11.11 – The attacks have been limited, because I have limited my exposure. As I mentioned in the last post, I am receiving guidance in some interesting ways and I am very grateful to those that are offering their assistance. I can not explain exactly how this is happening, but I am very pleased. Thank you.
    I am a firm believer that we manifest the circumstances of our lives through consciousness. I am still at a loss to how I brought about my current set of circumstances, because it is something that is well outside of anything I could have possibly imagined. I am currently attempting to manifest a better life for myself and everyone else within the construct of this level of consciousness or dimension. The sense that we are all connected through consciousness is growing stronger in me everyday. I know that I can not effect the greater consciousness alone and hope that I can find others that will help. It is clear to me that it is up to us to end all causes of suffering. Conflict, subjugation, exploitation and all the other negative acts and thoughts that seem to exist at levels that are unacceptable for any civilized society.
    One thing that I consistently try to manifest is the a better life for all beings, even those that watch and attack me. But, there is also a feeling within me that there is a greater and higher power involved. It is there waiting and willing to help us if we seek that greater power out. I can not be sure where that greater power resides, but if we are part of the greater consciousness, then that which we seek may very well be hidden within us all. Strangely enough I am now feeling that we are headed for a significant positive emotional event. I have never given into what I used to call New Age rhetoric, so there is still a part of me that remains skeptical of my own feelings. We’ll just have to wait and see.
    I am grateful for the online contacts that I am making. Even though not much is said they have lead me in new and interesting directions. I do not know if I am any closer in understanding what is actually going on in my life or society as a whole, but one day I hope to have an answer. One day we will discover the truth. Right now, for some reason, I believe it will be a positive outcome for everyone. I hope that this feeling does not change. Having those positive feelings keep me sane, or at least allows me to hold on to whatever is left of my sanity.

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