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06.12.11 – I have been using the device to restore and maintain my aetheric energy levels. Over a 3-4 month period I have gradually increased the amount of exposure to a point where I can only feel the side effects at the upper limits of my body’s aetheric threshold. I am at maximum exposure at this time for my current design. I am using a xenon strobe light at 20 flashes per second without any of the side effects caused by overexposure. The illuminated xenon tube greatly increases the amount of aetheric energy that is created or extracted from the environment. I am also exposing myself to prolonged illuminated halogen bulbs in the presence of the scalar wave of the device. I expose my drinking water and food to the aetheric energy an have noticed a slight reduction in the rate of deterioration of the food caused by mold and/or bacteria. I have also used the illuminated xenon strobe and device to disinfect the kitchen and bathroom. I do not know if the disinfecting ability is due to the light (possible ultraviolet spectrum) or if the aetheric energy is inhibiting the growth of the bacteria.
    I made an interesting discovery while exposing some really green bananas as I waited for them to ripen. The bananas took about a a week and a half to ripen and what I discovered is that they were unusually sweet and relatively firm. When I had bought really green bananas in the past they started to turn brown before they were edible. This time they stayed mostly green and started to turn yellow just as they began to get soft. I thought it was interesting to note the effects the device can have on food that is still developing and ripening. The aetheric energy extracted by the device may also have positive effects on living plants possible increase in growth and yield. Those of you that are growing herbs (lavender, lemongrass, cat’s claw, or even cannabis) may want to experiment with rates of exposure and how it effects yield and potency.

The image above is of a smaller aetheric device that can be easily made using 1 inch diameter, 1/4 inch thick, 1/4 inch hole Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets www.emovendo.net, a 1/4 inch nylon, brass or aluminum bolt/nut and a horseshoe xenon flash bulb from Radio Shack or other online electronics suppliers. The magnets are bound together with like poles facing each other. The magnets need to be handled with care because they have strong magnetic fields. These large magnets are capable of slamming into each other and pinching your skin between them. The magnets can shatter when they slam together. Be careful! This mini device is a great way to start experimenting with aetheric energy.

The original devices at the top of the image are made with PVC end caps with a 1-7/8 inch inside diameter. The smaller magnets are 3/4 inch diameter, 1/8 inch thick, with a 1/8 inch hole. They are positioned on the PVC cap with holes drilled at 60 degree angles from each other, 3/8 inch from the cap’s edge. In this design the south poles are all bound together. This is important. All magnet sets must be bound together in the same manner for each device (scalar waves are produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase – in this case we are using magnets that are canceling out one another). In this device all exposed magnet faces have a north polarity. All the south poles are touching each other and bound together. The larger magnets are the same magnets used in the mini device and are fastened to the inside center of the cap. Do not use steel parts in the frame or fasteners (copper, aluminum, brass, plastic are best). The device emits more energy because the scalar wave field is larger and stronger. Please experiment and improve on the design or come up with one of your own. A little more info on the device can be found on my blog on Spiritualnetworks.com.

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