05.23.11 – 05.29.11 (Transfered from original blog)

Posts from original blog www.i-am-xam.com/blog.html.

05.23.11 – The strange scenario of my life continues to play out in surreal ways. As I walk through the parking lot of my dentist, I see one of the people I suspect to be watching me leaving the office of my dentist. I nod my head as I walk past him and he does the same. I could not help but laugh. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything we encounter in our lives is for us to experience and acknowledge. There is a purpose to all that we see. What was he doing there? Was it just part of the mind games they play? I am not going to go into some rant about the possibilities of my encounter. I am not going to do that to myself anymore. So far things went well for me at the dentist and I am not suffering from some heart attack or anything else yet. Since all of this started I have learned to analyze people. The dentist and his assistant were acting as if they knew something. Most of the time people can’t hide what they know about you.
    I am the focus of these people, or whatever they are. What is the proper response to this scenario I am involved in? I think about how helpless I was when I was writing the book, being attacked everyday inside my box. Now is not much different. Although I am not attacked as much since I published the ebook, I still feel like I am enclosed in a box. Just a bigger box…

05.25.11 – The attacks continue. I ran the parcourse at a local park and had an interesting experience. Everything was going well until I stopped at a station to perform some exercises. An older man started up a conversation with me about diet. I talked with him and with my usual suspicion noticed that he was repositioning himself in a strange manner. I would move to the left or to the right a little and he would move also. I looked around but, I could not see anything that posed a threat to me. The conversation was pleasant and I didn’t mind the chance to talk with someone. After about 10-15 minutes we ended the conversation and I resumed running the parcourse. After about 2 minutes of running I felt very fatigued. Considering that amount of running I do on the parcourse it was not usual for me to feel so fatigued. I continued my exercise, having to stop a few times to walk to recover.
    The game continues even though I am not a willing participant. I will endure. I will adapt. And, I will post it here for all to see until they finally succeed in ending me…

05.29.11 – The attacks have been minimal the past few days, but as I was working on a blog entry I went to “Mono Atomic Gold -Think Twice” and “White Owl on The Dangers of Monoatomic Gold & ‘Enki’ Aliens” to see if I could find some current information concerning white powdered gold. As soon as I started to read some of the information on the site, the level of electromagnetic radiation that is used to deter me from doing things and punish me rose considerably. I interpreted this as an indication that they do not want me to read the information on the site, so I stayed, read the information, and even contacted the site’s owner for more information.
    I have read that WPG is some kind of tool of clandestine groups wanting to harm others. If this is so then why is the group I have been dealing with opposed to my use of WPG. I seem to have been able to use WPG and become a problem for the clandestine group I call the Nameless. What are they afraid of me discovering? What are they afraid of you discovering? White Owl, if you are able to read this post please contact me.

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