05.18.11 – 05.23.11 (Transfered from original blog)

Posts from original blog www.i-am-xam.com/blog.html.

05.18.11 – I am still alive an well. I have been signing up with other networking sites and posting on the network blogs – Evolver and SprititualNetworks. My assailants were not too happy with my online activity last night and turned up the electro magnetic radiation on me. I am countering the effects with the device as usual. I am reaching out to as many people as possible. I hope to make some connections and some changes as I progress. The more I can connect with others the better. Thanks for all the love I have been receiving. I am very grateful.

05.19.11 – Things are beginning to change. I can see some positive changes in my conscious cloud. I am figuring out ways to keep my energy high. Due to my past and current circumstances, I’ll never stop looking over my shoulder. I don’t expect that the Nameless will ever leave me alone. The Nameless are deceptive people. They have worked their way into my life before as friends and colleagues. I am not going to prevent them from doing that again, but I will be paying close attention to those I let get close to me.
    I am not going to allow myself to become isolated again. I can’t imagine that I will have close friends in the future, but I will make as many contacts with as many different kinds of people I can. Those of the Nameless that have a higher energy level will always stand out in my conscious cloud, it’s their minions that will be more difficult to figure out. I intend to employ the tactic of keeping my enemies closer than my friends. This is not without risk, but it beats the alternative. I will gain more experience engaging them instead of avoiding them.
    I know I can’t be the only one being watched and attacked by these people. I’ll keep posting here as this continues. Keep the emails coming, I’ll reply to all of them.

05.23.11 – The Nameless have begun to fade into the background of my life. I have been doing the things that I need to do according to my interpretation of my conscious cloud. I am rising to a higher level within my current level. I see the improvements in my life as I stay focused. This is presenting some interesting scenarios for me. I am faced with another challenge of determining if I am moving away from the Nameless or moving closer into their realm. I will not be able to determine this until I am well into this new level of consciousness. I had written a blog about the device I have been using to help retain any energy that is being stripped from me via their electromagnetic radiation. I wrote that I began to see that consciousness may have a connection to the concept of multiple dimensions. Ascendance might actually be the movement from one dimension to the next. After posting the blog on Spiritualnetworks.com, I expected them to increase the radiation today as some sort of punishment, but that did not happen yet.
    Everything has been fairly quiet. It is kind of disturbing in a way. I have a dental appointment today that I have postponed for some time. For the past three to four months, I stayed away from all areas of the medical profession for fear that they might be part of the Nameless. Today I have to take a chance and see if this dentist is going to inject me with something that may facilitate some illness in the near future. I have to wonder if the Nameless have planned something for this day. It’s been too quiet for comfort. Paranoid? Yes I am, and I don’t think that I will ever be able to rid myself of this mistrust. Everyone is suspect. I have to accept this as part of my life right now…

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