05.15.11 – 05.16.11 (Transfered from original blog)

Posts from original blog www.i-am-xam.com/blog.html.

05.15.11 – Since I have stopped using cannabis, I noticed that there is a difference in my ability to project my thoughts. There may be a connection with white powdered gold and cannabis use, possibly in the way the mind projects and intercepts thoughts. While I was using medicinal cannabis, I had more strange experiences with people that I believe are part of the group I call the Nameless. The volume or strength of my thoughts were more easily perceived or heard by these people. The shock on their faces was unmistakeable as I passed them. I can not be sure, but this may be the cause for keeping cannabis illegal. How THC/CBD and white powdered gold interact should be investigated. There may be some kind of enhancement of cognitive abilities with the use of both substances. Cannabis could also interfere with some of the abilities the Nameless have over the rest of us.

05.16.11 – I went to a sporting event. There were a lot of different people at the event and the crowd was pleasant. I was having a good time. It was good to be out in public again. I noticed that the Nameless were out and about as usual. There were several of them participating in the event. They stood out as usual.
    As the event ended, I noticed one lady that separated herself from the crowd. She was attractive in the higher energy aspect, but not so physically. She was one of them. She stood by herself for a while. There weren’t any people within about ten feet of her. She was not close enough to me to cause me any harm, but I kept tabs on her. I had stayed longer than I intended and I was about to leave when I felt a malevolent presence. Some foreboding feelings quickly came over me. I thought that it was a good time to leave and I did so, almost without thinking. As I left the area the feeling subsided.
    When I got home I thought about what I felt at the event. I questioned my reaction as well as how fast the malevolent feeling ended as I left the area. I have had similar feelings while in my apartment when I was writing my book. I suspect that that lady at the event caused me to feel that way. As I think about Hudson’s description of the Meissner field (aura) it made sense that she would separate herself from the crowd. Anyone within her aura would interfere with her attempt to target me. While she was standing by herself she could then focus on my mind and thoughts in order to project the feeling of malevolence toward me. It worked. I wonder how many others were targeted that day. I am impressed to say the least. I am also fascinated by these encounters I have with them. It is clear that they do not want me around, but I refuse to allow them to control me any more than they already do. The more experiences that I have with them the more I begin to understand what they are capable of. Later that night I did feel some pressure in my chest, but I can’t be sure if it was from my earlier encounter. With the amount of radiation that they have been hitting me with lately I can’t be certain what caused it.
    I do not present a threat to them other than sharing my experiences with anyone interested. The more they attack and continue the surveillance, the more I have to tell. They are turning up the heat on me. They are targeting my head again. The radiation from their technology is a nuisance, but not enough to stop me. I’ll keep posting here as this continues.
    Someone sent me a lot of love last night. Whoever you are I am very grateful. It is nice to feel that there is someone or something out there that is watching over me.

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